Aniversario: The Ogg and I

Manhattan, NY – 5.20.2012

Commentary is provided by Gavin Loudspeaker, Leonard F. Chikarason, UltraMantis Black, Bryce Remsburg, Steve “The Turtle” Weiner, and Mike Quackenbush.

Colt Cabana vs. Dasher Hatfield {T}

Cabana and Hatfield circle each other in an old timey boxing pose. They shake hands and then lock-up. Cabana sends them into a criss-cross. He stops Hatfield. Hatfield ducks his slap which Bryce Remsburg calls a first strike. Cabana fails the second time and gets a second strike. Hatfield ends up baiting Cabana into a slap. Cabana catches Hatfield with an elbow to cut off his baseball slide. Cabana crawls under his and Bryce’s legs. Cabana trips Hatfield into a kneeling press for two. Hatfield slides through Bryce’s legs so he can schoolboy Cabana. Cabana kicks Hatfield’s legs far apart so Hatfield can barely stand. Cabana swings, but Hatfield blocks it and delivers an armdrag and underhand chop. Hatfield cradles Cabana to block a suplex. Cabana’s flying hip attack gets a two count. Hatfield backs Cabana to the corner. Hatfield side steps Cabana’s elbow and successfully delivers the baseball slide. Cabana fights out of the Suicide Squeeze. Cabana gets in a few chops before delivering a wind-up punch. The Flying A**hole and a clothesline don’t get the job done. Cabana’s airplane spin dizzies both men. Cabana’s bionic elbow can’t knock Hatfield down. Mark Angelosetti runs out as does <bVeronica. She distracts Bryce so Angelosetti can trip Cabana chest first on the top rope. Hatfield did not see any of this transpire. He picks up Cabana for the Suicide Squeeze and the pin at 6:56. A fun match with a good ending, but really not much to really sink your teeth into. I like the continuation of Angelosetti and Cabana’s issues from last night and anticipate what comes next. **

Angelosetti gets in Cabana’s face about losing. Hatfield doesn’t like his attitude, so he sends Angelosetti to the bad. Hatfield apologizes for Angelosetti’s bad attitude and wants a handshake from Cabana. Cabana is not so forgiving and turns the handshake down.

Saturyne vs. Kagetsu {SG}

Kagetsu backs Saturyne to the corner and throws multiple punches to her face. Kagetsu then dropkicks her. Saturyne fires up. Kagetsu catches her crossbody, drops her, and then drops an elbow. She takes Saturyne back to the mat in a headlock. Saturyne snapmares her out to the floor. Kagetsu comes back in with a springboard. Kagetsu trips Saturyne and kicks her in the side of the head. Saturyne cuts off Kagetsu with a spin kick to the chest. Saturyne spin kicks her in the corner. Saturyne becomes frustrated when Kagetsu kicks out of a quesadora bulldog. After two hard elbows, Kagetsu rolls Saturyne into a shoulder submission while wrapping her leg around Saturyne’s other arm. Saturyne spin kicks Kagetsu to the floor. She crossbody’s out onto her. Saturyne lands another crossbody back in the ring for two. Kagetsu blocks a huracanrana wit a spinning Samoan Drop for the pin at 5:46. Both women brought a lot of energy and got the crowd really into the bout. I really think once Saturyne has a more defined role her real talent will truly begin to shine through. **1/2

Soldier Ant {C} & Green Ant {C} vs. El Hijo del Ice Cream {IC} & Ice Cream Jr. {IC}

The BDK were originally supposed to be Los Ice Creams opponents, but they ended up politicking their way into a different match on the card. Hijo gets in the face of a fan on the stage. He grabs one of Soldier Ant’s antennae to break a headlock. He pinches Soldier Ant in the buttocks and kicks him in the back of the leg. Soldier Ant forces Hijo to salute. Hijo trips him out of a headlock, though Soldier Ant trips him right back. Soldier Ant rolls to the floor to avoid Hijo’s headbutt attempts. Jr. gets in Soldier Ant’s face and gets slapped on the back because of it. He throws Jr. into the cherry on Hijo’s head. Jr. gives Green Ant a cone assisted chinbreaker. Green Ant gives him a quesadora armdrag and a toreador. Green Ant double armdrags Jr. across the ring. Green Ant gets two with a splash. Hijo throws Soldier Ant down by his attenae. Hijo gives him Snake Eyes in the corner and rakes his feet across Soldier Ant’s face. Los Ice Creams continue to do some damage to Soldier Ant. They can’t decide where exactly to position Soldier Ant in the ring for Hijo’s top rope move. Hijo totally misses a splash and Soldier Ant rolls out. Green Ant takes down Hijo with double flying forearms. Jr. cuts off Green Ant’s dive. Soldier Ant stops Los Ice Creams from double suplexing his partner. The Colony hit double dropkicks and tilt-a-whirl backbreakers. Double elbows and slams follow. Soldier Ant gives Jr. a diving headbutt while Green Ant splashes Hijo. Soldier Ant puts Jr. in the regular CHIKARA Special while Green Ant has Hijo in his Green variation. Jr. ends up tapping out at 8:34. If you take the comedy out of this you’re left standing with a pretty basic tag match. Not to say it was bad, but not very engaging or interesting. **1/4

The Bravado Bros. are backstage. Lancelot’s been looking forward to their match because he finds the Sendai sisters kind of cute. Harlem says he’s going to get their grandmother to make them some post match sandwiches, because they’re going to be hungry after their victory.

DASH Chisako {SG} & Sendai Sachiko {SG} vs. Lancelot Bravado {ROH} & Harlem Bravado {ROH}

Ok, The Bravados coming out to a marching band version of “Axel F” is fantastic. This is a first time “Sisters vs. Brothers” tag team match in CHIKARA. Harlem backs Sachiko to the corner and breaks cleanly. A fan gave the Bravados an insult we could not hear, and they get in that fans face. Harlem shoves Sachiko to the canvas. He throws her to the corner out of a collar-and-elbow tie-up. Oh my God you guys, her pouty face. Harlem offers a handshake and an apology. Sachiko instead kicks Harlem and puts on a headlock. Harlem shoulder tackles her in response. Sachiko comes off the second rope to send Harlem out with a huracanrana. She puts Lancelot in a standing Octopus. Chisako does the same to Harlem. Chisako lets Harlem go so she and Sachiko can hit stereo dropkicks on Lancelot. Sachiko pops Chisako into a corner dropkick. Once the Bravados recuperate, Lancelot takes Sachiko to the corner and chokes her with his boot. She comes back with a forearm, but Lancelot picks her up and slams her back first in the corner. The Bravados now arrogantly take control of Sachiko in their corner. They totally disrespect Sachiko, throwing her around by her hair and pulling at her nostrils. Sachiko sits down on Lancelot to block a powerbomb. Chisako comes in with a double stomp! Chisako stomps Lancelot in the corner as well. She hits a running Ace Crusher for two. Lancelot belly-to-belly suplexes her and tags in Harlem. He bicycle kicks the crap out of her. Chisako is able to small package Harlem for two. He gets two with a fisherman’s suplex. She gives him a chinbreaker before Sachiko comes in with a missile dropkick. Sachiko drops Chisako on top of Harlem. Sachiko’s running somersault senton gets her two. Chisako boots Harlem from the apron and snaps his neck on the top rope. Sachiko superkicks him and assists Chisako with a standing Shiranui. Sachiko’s moonsault only gets her two. Harlem comes in to fight them both off. Lancelot buckle bombs Sachiko and Harlem spins her into a Blue Thunder Bomb. Sachiko kicks out! Harlem tags her with a rolling elbow and she kicks out again. The Bravados set up for the Gentlemen’s Approach when 3.0 come out on the stage to distract them. The distraction allows Chisako to missile dropkick Harlem. Chisako gives him a huracanrana for the pin at 14:14. Two nights in a row and the Sendai sisters create really fun matches. It doesn’t hurt that the Bravados are awesome now too. Seriously, this was a really enjoyable match with a great story. Even the 3.0 distraction in the end didn’t hurt the work the two teams put in already. I was expecting this to be good and it surpassed my expectations. ***1/4

Scott “Jagged” Parker {3.0} & Shane Matthews {3.0} vs. 17 {G} & The Shard {G}

17 and Shard try to sneak in but 3.0 are able to catch them. They clothesline the GEKIDO members to the floor. Jagged pescado’s after them. Matthews gives 17 a Manhattan Drop and Jagged boots him in the face. Matthews trips Shard into an elbow from Jagged. Jagged knees Shard in the corner. As Jagged punches Shard in the corner, 17 grabs his arm and forcefully drops it across the top rope. 17 and Shard now target that shoulder and Jagged’s injured ribs in their corner. Even when it seems Jagged is free when he armdrags Shard to the floor, 17 kicks Jagged in the ribs to keep control. Jagged manages to fight 17 off the ropes and nail a rolling elbow. He escapes 17’s fisherman’s suplex and tags in Matthews. Matthews gives Shard a dropkick and goes for the Boston Crab. 17 breaks it as soon as it’s applied. He headscissors 17 and puts him in the Boston Crab. Shard goes for a superkick. Matthews breaks his hold and puts Shard in the Boston Crab. The Bravados run out to attack Matthews from behind, causing the match to end in a DQ at 7:26. This didn’t go on forever before the DQ finish and it made sense. The action itself was quite good too and GEKIDO’s work on Jagged was sound and logical. **1/2

The Brvados and 3.0 fight on the floor. The Bravados take Matthews down and drop Jagged ribs first on the guardrail. They continue to do damage to Jagged’s ribs back in the ring. They kick Matthews to the floor when he tries to come back in the ring. The Bravados give Jagged the Sweet Taste of Professionalism before finally leaving. The Bravado’s tell the camera they attacked 3.0 to prove they’re no joke.

Sara Del Rey vs. Meiko Satomura {SG}

This was originally set for “Joshimania” weekend, but Satomura was unable to make the weekend. Satomura throws out some kicks which Sara is able to evade. Sara snapmares Satomura out of a knuckle lock and kicks her in the back. Sara locks Satomura’s shoulders on the mat. Satomura tries to kick her way free, so Sara stomps on her arm. Satomura goes for a rear-naked choke. Satomura turns it into a headlock when Sara tries to power out. Sara does more damage to Satomura’s arm after bringing her to mat in a top wristlock. Satomura puts on a hammerlock. Sara grabs the ropes quickly, but Satomura then puts on an STF mid-ring. She then kicks out the inside of Sara’s leg. Satomura continues to stretch out Sara’s legs in a few different submissions. Sara rolls out and takes a short break to stretch out. Sara knees Satomura in the side of the head when Satomura goes for her hair. Satomura comes off the second rope with a flying forearm. Satomura kicks her twice in the side of the head. Sara catches Satomura going up top and delivers a superplex for two. Sara axe kicks Satomura in the head and goes for the Royal Butterfly. Satomura backs her to the corner but gets booted for her troubles. Sara wins a kick battle. Satomura pops up with an uppercut. Sara gets her knees up to block a frog splash. Sara gets two with a Northern Lights suplex. She transitions right into a cross armbreaker. Satomura gets the ropes. Sara takes Satomura’s left arm and wrenches it across her shoulder. Sara tries again but Satomura turns it into a sleeper. Sara scrambles to the ropes. Sara boots Satomura three times for a two count. Satomura slides out of a powerbomb. Sara kicks her in the side of the head and successfully powerbombs her for two. Satomura hits a Pele kick to block a German suplex. She cartwheels into a knee strike across the back of Sara’s head. She hits the frog splash for two. Satomura picks up Sara. Sara blocks a suplex and hits a Koppu Kick. Satomura puts on a standing Fujiawara and kicks Sara in the forehead. Satomura spinwheel kicks her. Sara comes back with her own series of kicks. Sara locks her in the Royal Butterfly. Sara suplexes her out of it and only gets a two count. Sara hits the Royal Butterfly suplex a second time for the pin at 16:25. I come out of a little disappointed. The crowd was not nearly as vocal as I expected, and that’s probably because they mostly stuck to mat wrestling instead of striking. While the wrestling was good I don’t think it was the kind of the match the crowd expected or wanted. The final few moments helped pick up the energy and finished the match on a good note. ***

Tim Donst asks Gary from Smart Mark Video how his hair looks. He says they will still be able to see how good it looks after Chikarasaurus Rex. He’s excited to be in the ring with his BFF Delirious once again. He blames Ares for all the Eye of Tyr mind control stuff and claims he told Ares to cut it out but Ares wouldn’t listen. After his team wins tonight, they’re going to celebrate all around Manhattan. He tells Gary that he can’t come.

UltraMantis Black {SE}, Hallowicked {SE} & Frightmare {SE} vs. Tim Donst {BDK}, Jakob Hammermeier {BDK} & Delirious vs. assailANT {G}, combatANT {G} & deviANT {G} vs. Obariyon {B}, Kodama {B} & Kobald {B}

This is Frightmare’s first match back from his injury. He was last seen at “Martyr Yourself to Caution.” This is Delirious’ first match since the 2011 Cibernetico. Hammermeier soaks in Frightmare’s “Welcome Back” chants for himself. Obariyon and Hallowicked start off. Obariyon blocks the Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. Hallowicked gives him a Manhattan Drop and a step-up enzuigiri. The Super Snapmare sends him across the ring. Donst tags in. Hallowicked gets dragged out and in comes assailANT. He Cactus clotheslines himself and Donst onto the stage. Mantis snaps off some armdrags and a slam on Kodama. In comes Delirious after Mantis monkey flips Kodama. deviANT dropkicks Mantis out of the ring. Delirious chokes deviANT because of it. Frightmare crossbody’s Delirioous. Delirious gives him a chinbreaker and combatANT sends Delirious out. Frightmare hits combatANT with an Ace Crusher. Hammermeier chop blocks Frightmare’s leg that just healed. Mantis sends Hammermeier out. The Swarm all get their shots in on Mantis. deviANT and combatANT go after his mask quite aggressively. Hallowicked drops down the top rope to send combatANT out. Hallowicked comes in and gets clotheslined out immediately by Donst. deviANT attacks Mantis from behind and The Swarm continue their onslaught. The Batiri break their cover and get into it with The Swarm. The Batiri send them to the floor and deliver triple pescados. Donst and Hammermeier dive onto them. Delirious went for one too but got tripped by Hallowicked. Hallowicked gives him a step-up Frankensteiner. Delirious trips him for the Panic Attack. Donst slams Hallowicked’s head into the mat repeatedly. Delirious gets in Mantis’ face while wearing down Hallowicked. The Batiri get in on the fun of beating down Hallowicked. assailANT blind tags Kobald when Hallowicked whips him into the ropes for a Rydeen Bomb. The Swarm accidentally double enzuigiri assailANT from the apron, and Frightmare tags in. He takes out all three Swarm members. He drops Hammermeier with the Frightmare on Elm Street and Donst breaks the cover. Frightmare dropkicks a bunch of oncoming Rudos and scare them with a scream. Moves and finishers ahoy! Mantis almost gets the win on deviANT with a Praying Mantis Driver, but Hammermeier breaks the count. Ophidian slips in to spit red mist into Mantis’ eyes, but Mantis turns and it’s Hammermeier who takes the mist. Mantis looks to go after Ophidian, but Delirious takes him out with a double choke bomb. Hallowicked boots Delirious and gets attacked from behind by Donst. Obariyon takes advantage by giving Hammermeier the Flying DDT for the pin at 15:49. This was a very successful blending of storylines and great wrestling. The BDK/Envoy teams were the focus of the issue but the Swarm and The Batiri did not feel like cast-offs. I’m happy the Batiri got the win and hopefully this means they will direction again soon. ***1/2

Eddie Kingston says he and his opponent tonight, Jigsaw, helped build CHIKARA to what it is today. Although they’re as close as brothers, the Grand Championship is very personal to him. He says Larry Sweeney in the belt. He tells Jigsaw that he will have to kill him to take the belt from him.

Grand Championship
Eddie Kingston (Champion) vs. Jigsaw

We start off with them trading arm holds. Kingston contemplates going for the leg but puts on a side headlock instead. Jigsaw reverses. Kingston forearms Jigsaw in the face. That brings upon a forearm exchange. Jigsaw kicks out Kingston’s bad knee, one that’s been worked over for over a year now. Jigsaw single leg grapevines the leg. Kingston puts on a chinlock, so Jigsaw drops an elbow on the leg. Jigsaw kicks out the leg once again when Kingston tries to get up. Jigsaw slams the leg against the edge of the ring. Jigsaw boots the leg as it’s trapped in the second rope. Kingston throws Jigsaw stomach first to the mat. Jigsaw dodges a corner attack and calls for the super brainbuster. Kingston sets Jigsaw on the apron and delivers a diving clothesline to send Jigsaw to the floor. He follows with a suicide dive. Kingston snaps Jigsaw’s neck across the top rope. This gives Kingston more time to recover. Kingston drives Jigsaw’s neck into the back of his skull for two. Another neckbreaker gets Kingston two. Kingston throws a few headbutts in the corner. Kingston’s suplex only gets him two, because his leg is too hurt to keep a bridge. Kingston and Jigsaw slap each other until Kingston becomes angry and throws more headbutts. Jigsaw sends Kingston to the apron and sends him out with a fallaway enzuigiri. A baseball slide sends Kingston into the front row. Jigsaw flies onto him with somersault senton! Chops are dished out by Kingston in the crowd. Jigsaw and Kingston exchange strikes back by the bar area. That seems appropriate. Back in the ring Jigsaw nails a missile dropkick. Kingston kicks out. Jigsaw ducks the Backfist. Jigsaw kicks Kingston in the head and German suplexes him for two. Jigsaw sets Kingston up for the super brainbuster again. Kingston fights it off with a tornado DDT. Kingston Tiger suplexes him and nails a shotgun lariat. Jigsaw kicks out. Jigsaw superkicks Kingston to block a yakuza kick. He puts Kingston in the tree of woe and nails a coast-to-coast springboard dropkick. Jigsaw can’t believe Kingston kicked out. Jigsaw calls for the brainbuster. Kingston slaps him and hits the Backdrop Driver. Jigsaw kicks out of the Sliding D, surprising Kingston and also tiring him out. Kingston goes for a Saito suplex. Jigsaw grabs the ropes to block. He kicks Kingston in the head a few times before delivering the double stomp. Kingston kicks out, but just barely. Jigsaw runs at Kingston. Kingston catches him with a rolling elbow. He drops Jigsaw neck first on the top rope and hits a Sliding D to the back of Jigsaw’s head. Jigsaw kicks out, causing Kingston to cry out in frustration. They rapidly trade blows, tiring themselves out in the process. Kingston’s leaping enzuigiri sends Jigsaw to the corner. Jigsaw hops over Kingston, superkicks him and goes for the super brainbuster. Jigsaw hits it and Kingston still kicks out! Jigsaw tries for the Jig N’ Tonic but cannot muster the strength. Kingston goes for the Backfist. Jigsaw ducks it and schoolboys Kingston for two. Kingston finally hits the Backfist to the Future twice. He hits it a third time to the back of Jigsaw’s head for the pin at 21:47.

I adored this from bell to bell. They each had a strategy and kept it for the majority of the match. Kingston was just a little more persistent in targeting Jigsaw’s head than Jigsaw was. He was splitting his attention between Kingston’s head and knee and it ended up costing him the bout. The false finishes made the crowd come alive and you felt Jigsaw could have taken the belt on multiple occasions. Not to mention Jigsaw’s super brainbuster being built up only for Kingston to finally kick out of it. The emotion was through the roof. There’s so much here to love and enjoy. There is no better way for CHIKARA to end their Aniversario weekend in Manhattan than with this match. ****1/4

Kingston says he had a horrible week because Sweeney was on his mind. However, he got to be in the ring with one of his closest friends and he hopes the fans enjoyed it. Yes we did Eddie. He tells Jigsaw he loves him to death. He sends the crowd home with a heartfelt thank you.


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