Charlotte, NC – 5.11.2012

Jigsaw (1-0) vs. Low Ki (2-0)

Jigsaw slips out of a lock-up in the corner. Ki goes for Jigsaw’s leg but Jigsaw rolls away. Jigsaw bars the arm. Ki backs him to the ropes and chops him. Ki clasps the elbow, causing Jigsaw to grab the ropes quickly. Ki backs Jigsaw to the corner and breaks cleanly. They lock for control n the mat. Jigsaw snapmares his way out of a chinlock. Ki puts on a modified crossface. Jigsaw moves under the rope to break the hold. Ki grabs his leg. He grabs the other one when Jigsaw begins kicking at his own leg. Jigsaw gets a hammerlock while stretching out the other arm simultaneously. Jigsaw sunset flips him for two. Jigsaw key locks his legs. Ki elbows his way free. He kicks Jigsaw in the ribs and in the back. Jigsaw slips out of a suplex and schoolboys Ki for a two count. Ki puts on a bodyscissors. Jigsaw grabs the bottom rope. Ki delivers an uppercut and a chop. Jigsaw tries to leapfrog over Ki in the corner, but it seems Ki’s head hits Jigsaw’s groin as he tries to do so. Ki throws some more chops. Jigsaw goes up top after dropkicking Ki into the turnbuckles. Ki rolls through a crossbody and gets to the ropes. When Ki blocks a brainbuster, Jigsaw places him on the top rope. Jigsaw brings him down with the Leap of Faith for two. Ki sweeps Jigsaw’s legs to block a superkick. He goes for the Ki Krusher. Jigsaw turns it into a small package and gets two. Ki blocks a sunset flip with a double stomp. Ki then hits the Ki Krusher for the pin at 14:25. I’m actually surprised how much offense Jigsaw got in here. The winner was never in question, but at the very least Jigsaw got to show some proficiency against the guy who is basically top dog in the company. ***

With Jigsaw backstage, he wants to know when Jigsaw is going to stop being a luchador and start acting like a real wrestler. These post match promos with Ki burying everybody needs to stop.


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