Pro Wrestling Revival: Round 1


Laurel, DE – 5.4.2012

Jigsaw vs. Azrieal vs. Aden Chambers vs. Andy Ridge

Jigsaw trips Azrieal out of a wristlock. He goes for the legs but Azrieal grabs the ropes. Azrieal boots Jigsaw instead of accepting a test of strength. Jigsaw evades him in the corner and armdrags him into a basement dropkick. Chambers and Ridge tag in. Ridge gets in some chops. Chambers rakes his back but takes a kick to the chest afterwards. He goes to the floor and Ridge pescado’s after him. Jigsaw sends Azrieal out to the floor and suicide dives after him. Ridge throws more chest kicks to Chambers. Chambers catches one and delivers a chokeslam. Things turn into a tag match with Jigsaw and Ridge partnering up against Azrieal and Chambers, with both teams attempting to isolate one of their opponents. Azrieal and Chambers end up isolating Ridge. Ridge eventually gets in a double dropkick. Jigsaw tags in and high crossbody’s onto both opponents. Jigsaw dropkicks Chambers and superkicks Azrieal for two. Chambers shoves him off the top rope and to the floor. Chambers misses a double stomp. Azrieal drops him with an Ace Crusher. Ridge breaks the pin. He kicks Azrieal after trapping him in the ropes. Jigsaw and Ridge trade strikes. Jigsaw elbows him into a German suplex. Chambers breaks the cover. He enzuigiri’s Jigsaw. Azrieal blind tags in as Chambers gives Jigsaw a Death Valley Driver. Azrieal double stomps Chambers for the pin at 13:38. That felt a lot longer than it was. I give kudos to everyone for inconveniencing themselves to make legal tags but outside of that this was moves, moves, moves. **

Eddie Kingston vs. Adam Flash

The crowd is firmly behind Flash. Kingston is very impressed with his hip toss and armdrag. Flash responds in kind. Kingston retreats to the corner and claims tight pulling and hair grabbing. He thumbs Flash in the eye and delivers two knee lifts. He bites Flash on the ear. Kingston gets two with a suplex. He chokes Flash with his bare hand. Flash throws some chops but Kingston bites him right in the face. They each throw some chops in the corner. Once again Kingston thumbs Flash in the eye. Flash gives him a neckbreaker and a DDT. Ruckus and Sabian of the BLK Out come down. Sabian drops Flash with a jump up Complete Shot as Ruckus distracts the referee. Kingston pins Flash at 7:17. Kingston channeling Sweeney is really fun to watch. This went absolutely nowhere though, clearly just a set-up match for BLK Out vs. Briscoes in the main event. ½*


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