ROH: Unity

Chicago Ridge, IL – 4.28.2012

The Colony (Fire Ant, Soldier Ant & Green Ant) vs. Jay Lethal, Adam Cole & TJ Perkins

Gavin Loudspeaker does the ring introduction for The Colony. Lucha Rules are in play. A coin toss determines that CHIKARA official PJ Drummond will be the referee for this match. Green Ant controls Lethal by his arm. He gets one with a seatbelt pin. Lethal rolls him up for one. Green Ant gives Lethal a quesadora armdrag and dropkicks him to the floor. Perkins and Fire Ant come in as the legal men. Fire Ant rolls Perkins to the corner. Perkins huracanrana’s him to the floor and fakes a dive. Cole puts Soldier Ant in a headlock. Soldier Ant turns it into a full nelson. Cole escapes. Soldier Ant snapmares him into an arm-capture schoolboy. Soldier Ant salutes Cole after he breaks a headlock. Cole catches him with a Manhattan Drop and a Northern Lights suplex for two. Green Ant gets cut off by Cole as he comes in. Green Ant enzuigiri’s him into Fire Ant’s dropkick. Green Ant dropkicks him in the side of the head. Soldier Ant delivers a Samoan Drop. Lethal chops Soldier Ant against the ropes. The Colony deliver triple dropkicks in the corner. The ROH team regroups on the floor. Perkins counters the Antapult by pulling Fire Ant down. The ROH team triple superkick Fire Ant for two. Perkins, Lethal and Cole isolate Fire Ant in their corner. Lethal foolishly dropkicks Fire Ant to the floor, which brings in Soldier Ant. He sends Lethal out with a headscissors. The Colony suplex Cole and Perkins. They roll to the floor. Soldier Ant and Green Ant antapult Fire Ant onto all of Team ROH. Lethal gets attacked in the corner. Lethal kicks Soldier Ant. He goes for the Lethal Injection. Fire Ant grabs his legs, and Soldier Ant and Green Ant each dropkick him. Perkins gets tossed out when trying to save his partner. Fire Ant sentons Lethal, Green Ant splashes him, and Soldier Ant falls with a headbutt for two. Lethal sends Green Ant to the floor. He gives Fire and Soldier Ant the Lethal Combination. Cole dropkicks them both. He enzuigiri’s Soldier Ant and delivers a running knee for two. Cole gives him a brainbuster on his knee. Fire Ant breaks the pin. He tilt-a-whirls into a DDT for two. Perkins gives Fire Ant a neckbreaker. Green Ant dropkicks Cole to the floor. Perkins baits Green Ant to the floor. He goes for the ropes and accidentally knocks PJ Drummond down. He recovers, and Soldier Ant dives out onto Cole and Perkins. Lethal then dives onto Green and Soldier Ant. Perkins trips Fire Ant into the STF. Soldier Ant breaks it. Green Ant flapjacks Perkins. Soldier Ant, Green Ant, and Lethal all miss their dives off the top rope. Cole superkicks Fire Ant into a cradle from Perkins. Drummond is tied up with Cole and Soldier Ant fighting and can’t make the count. Green Ant shoves the cradle the other way. Drummond turns around to count Perkins shoulders to the mat, giving The Colony the win at 15:08. That was the fast, exciting match this needed to be. I thought the Colony really got the chance to shine. Then again, they also had the three guys who meshed the best with their style to help out. Wonky finish aside this was a whole lot of fun. ***1/2

ROH World Tag Team Championship
The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) (Champions) vs. Jigsaw & Hallowicked

Hallowicked and Jigsaw earned this shot back “The Homecoming 2012” when they defeated The Briscoes in a Proving Ground match. Gavin does the ring announcing for Hallowicked and Jigsaw. Since it’s an ROH title match, ROH official Paul Turner will be the referee. The fans are MUCH more hostile towards the CHIKARA team in this match then they were in the Colony bout.

Mark wastes no time laying in shots to Hallowicked. Hallowicked dishes out a running forearm. Mark gives him a running knee strike. Jay tags in and boots Hallowicked in the corner. The Briscoes double clothesline and double boot him, knocking down Jigsaw in the process. Hallowicked sends Jay out with a step-up enzuigiri. He suicide dives after him. Mark comes off the apron with a dropkick to Hallowicked. Jigsaw gets ready to dive. Jay boots him. Jigsaw sends Jay to the floor and Fosbury Flops onto the Briscoes. Jigsaw throws Jay into the barricades while Hallowicked and Mark trade forearms. Hallowicked and Mark throw each other into the barricades too. Mark throws Hallowicked into the ring post. The Briscoes are in full control on the floor now. In the ring, Hallowicked side steps Jay’s crossbody. Jigsaw comes in. Jay trips him and throws him into the barricades. Mark boots Hallowicked off the apron. The Briscoes wisely keep on top of Jigsaw back in the ring. Mark does a weird dance on the second rope into a senton. Jigsaw slips out of a suplex and tags in Hallowicked. He chops the crap out of Jay. M Hallowicked enzuigiri’s Mark. Jay boots Hallowicked before he can hit Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. Jay lariats Hallowicked. The Briscoes get two with the Redneck Boogie. They call for the Doomsday Device. Hallowicked however sends Jay into Mark. Jigsaw pushes Mark through the timekeeper’s table. Jigsaw comes off the top with a clothesline. Hallowicked jackknife pins him for two. Jigsaw uses Sweeney’s fist drop for two. Jigsaw ends up winning a forearm exchange with Jay. Imagine that. Mark recovers on the floor as Hallowicked has Jay in a sleeper. Jay elbows his way out of the CHIKARA corner. Mark uses Redneck Kung Fu on both of them. He enzuigiri’s Jigsaw and gives Hallowicked a rolling Death Valley Driver. He shotgun dropkicks Jigsaw for two. He gets two again on Jigsaw with a Iconoclasm. Hallowicked whips Jay into the barricades. Jigsaw gives Mark a brainbuster for two. Hallowicked Rydeen Bombs Mark. Jigsaw German suplexes him for two. Jay throws multiple jabs at both Hallowicked and Jigsaw. They end up double booting him. Hallowicked accidentally knocks down Turner as he goes for Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. Jigsaw superkicks Mark. Referee PJ Drummond runs out to make the two count. Jay ends up accidentally punching him. Jay clotheslines Jigsaw inside out and superkicks Hallowicked. The Briscoes give Jigsaw the Doomsday Device. Referee Todd Sinclair counts two. The Colony and the ROH trio come out to support their respective sides. All four men throw blows at one another. Mark and Hallowicked get sent up out with kicks. Jay drops Jigsaw with a Death Valley Driver for two. Jigsaw small packages him for two. Jay gives him a spinebuster. Mark delivers the Froggy Bow for the pin at 16:40. This was a slight step-up from their Homecoming match. The referee nonsense was unnecessary, but did add a nice moment of drama towards the end and called back to the previous “Synergy” match. The Froggy Bow getting the win sort of took the wind out of this matches sails since no one expected it to be the finish. Nevertheless, this was a strong way to end the show. ***1/2

The five CHIKARA guys stand-off with the five ROH guys. Everybody shakes hands. Everyone leaves The Briscoes alone in the ring. Jay says he knows there has been history between them, but if any company was going to share the spotlight with ROH, he’s glad it was CHIKARA. He thanks the fans for coming out.

You can read my review of the entire “Unity” show here.


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