Road to Ruin Fest 2012


Philadelphia, PA – 4.21.2012

Dragonfly vs. Mark Angelosetti {T}

They slap each other in the face. Angelosetti shoulder tackles Dragonfly in the corner. He snapmares him into a cradle for two. He chokes Dragonfly in the corner. He drops a knee acorss his chest for two. Dragonfly escapes a chinlock with a chin breaker. Angelosetti responds with a dropkick for two. As Angelosetti argues with Bryce Remsburg, Dragonfly recovers and nails a missile dropkick. Angelosetti gives him a spinebuster for the pin at 3:51. Pretty much an extended squash. *

Saturyne vs. Chuck Taylor {F}

Saturyne brings Taylor to the mat in a wristlock. He grabs her by the hair which the crowd does not approve of. He drops her right on her stomach and chest. Saturyne dropkicks him tot he corner and follows in with a spinwheel kick. A satellite headscissors a spin kick get her two. Taylor boots her down. He goes for a suplex but Saturyne rolls him up for two. He goes for another suplex. This time she small packages him for two. She catches Taylor with a quesadora bulldog. Taylor sends her to the apron to avoid another spinwheel kick. However she’s able to springboard in with a crossbody for two. Taylor catches her spinwheel kick and delivers a backbreaker for two. He suplexes her into a Falcon Arrow for two. Taylor misses a moonsault. Saturyne gets two with another crossbdoy. Taylor puts Saturyne away with the Awful Waffle for the pin at 6:19. Saturyne got in some hope spots and Taylor had the crowd amused, but otherwise there wasn’t much to this. **

Grizzly Redwood vs. Orange Cassidy

The Gentleman’s Club (Chuck Taylor, Drew Gulak & The Swamp Monster) are in Cassidy’s corner. Cassidy slowly approaches Redwood. Redwood chops him down and pins him in 0:14. Awesome.

Fire Ant {C}, Soldier Ant {C} & Green Ant {C} vs. Ophidian, El Hijo del Ice Cream {IC} & Ice Cream Jr. {IC}

Green Ant enters on a skateboard because he’s a boss. Hijo pulls on Soldier Ant’s antennae and pinches his buttocks. Soldier Ant tricks him into saluting. He snaps off an armdrag but then gets slapped out to the floor. Hijo jabs Green Ant in the throat. Los Ice Creams put him in a double parachute hold. Soldier Ant and Fire Ant reverse it. Ophidian covers all of the Colony for a two count. He and Green Ant throw chops at one another with Green Ant getting the better of the exchange. He slams Ophidian and splashes onto him. He and Fire Ant land a legdrop/splash combo. Fire Ant gives Jr. the Stop, Drop, and Roll and a monkey flop. Hijo comes in but Fire Ant is able to take them both out. The Colony send Los Ice Creams and Ophidian to the floor. They look for the Antapult but Ophidian sneaks in and breaks it up. The Rudos end up isolating Green Ant in their half of the ring. He evades a splash from Los Ice Creams causing them to crash in the corner. He also lariats Ophidian and makes the tag to Fire Ant. He hits Ophidian with the Yahtzee Kick. He gives a Frankensteiner and a tornado DDT. Soldier Ant comes in with a diving headbutt. Green Ant splashes onto both Ice Creams. The Colony all hit the Ants Marching dropkick on Hijo. Green Ant and Fire Ant take turns kicking Jr. in the side of the head. It takes him two tries, but Soldier Ant drops him with a TKO. They fight into the crowd. The Colony pull off the Antapult off a band’s stage! In the ring Ophidian drops Soldier Ant with double knees. He puts Green Ant in the Death Grip. Soldier Ant gives him a rolling forearm. Fire Ant comes in and Ophidian is put down with the Ant Hill at 11:16. That ending was exactly what they did in their match on ROH TV. While that match was non-stop action, this incorporated some classic CHIKARA humor and made for a more complete package. **½


2 Responses to Road to Ruin Fest 2012

  1. Hank De Wild says:

    Where did you see this event were you there live or is this avaiable somewhere?

    • Kevin Ford says:

      IIRC, Smart Mark Video aired three of the matches on SMVOD as a test run for a Wrestling is Fun iPPV. I think they went on YouTube for a limited time after the fact, but it’s been so long the details are a bit hazy. However, you can watch the Redwood vs. Cassidy match here.

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