C4 Wrestling: Triumph 2012


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – 4.21.2012

Eddie Kingston vs. Mike Bailey

Bailey controls Kingston by his wrist. Kingston takes down Bailey, but Bailey throws some air kicks to keep Kingston away, then gets to his feet. Bailey manages to escape Kingston’s tight side headlock, but Kingston shoulder blocks him to the floor. Back inside, Bailey back handsprings into a headlock takedown, then sends Kingston to the floor with a headscissors. He follows with a single leg dropkick off the ring apron. Back inside, Kingston grabs Bailey’s face and brings him to the corner. He takes him over with a vertical suplex and pulls at the sides of his mouth. Kingston toys with Bailey by giving him some chops and light kicks when he’s down. Bailey sneaks in a sunset pin, but Kingston kicks out and cuts him off with a back elbow. Bailey gets in some kicks. Kingston throws him down by his hair when he goes for the ropes. He applies a Stretch Plum and gets two with a vertical press. Bailey foolishly throws a chop, and Kingston responds with harder chops and headbutts. Bailey again throws a kick, but this time Kingston catches his leg and tosses him out of a release leg-capture suplex. He chops and headbutts Bailey around ringside. Bailey gets in some desperation kicks in the process. Kingston tries using a crutch, but the referee stops him. Bailey throws some more kicks before being chopped down. Kingston uses a delayed vertical suplex to bring Bailey in from the apron into the ring. Bailey ducks a yakuza kick and spin kicks Kingston in the side of the head. Kingston takes to the floor and Bailey follows with a corkscrew splash from the top turnbuckle. Back in the ring Bailey delivers a hard kick with the bottom of his foot to the side of Kingston’s face. He then lands a running corkscrew splash for two. On their feet, Kingston pulls Bailey into a uranage suplex for two. He drops him with a 2k1 Bomb for two. Bailey blocks the Backfist to the Future. He hits a tornado kick and climbs to the top rope. Kingston gets his knees up to block a shooting star press. He gives Bailey the Backdrop Driver, but Bailey kicks out just in time. Frustrated, Kingston sets up for the Backfist to the Future. Bailey ducks and brings down Kingston in a triangle choke. Kingston tries to powerbomb free but Bailey holds on. Kingston passes out at 16:26. I liked the dynamic of Kingston playing the overpowering bully and Bailey ultimately getting a submission locked in to vanquish him. That’s a story that both men excel in telling, and the submission victory played into that story, while also making the win seem like an accomplishment for Bailey. ***¼


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