ROH on SBG: Episode 34

Baltimore, MD – 4.7.2012

Fire Ant, Soldier Ant & Green Ant vs. Ophidian, El Hijo del Ice Cream & Ice Cream Jr.

To make this CHIKARA Showcase even more authentic, Bryce Remsburg is the official for the bout and UltraMantis Black is joining Nigel McGuiness and Kevin Kelly on commentary. Soldier Ant armdrags Hijo. He salutes to Hijo, who gives him a throat thrust. This brings in Green Ant who gets put in a tandem stretch by Los Ice Creams. Soldier Ant and Fire Ant help turn that stretch around. Ophidian pins all three Colony members to force them to break the hold. Green Ant slams Ophidian. Jr. boots Green Ant to block his dive. Fire Ant and Green Ant boot Jr. and deliver a tandem senton for two. Fire Ant gives Jr. the Stop, Drop and Roll. Fire Ant takes both Ice Creams over. Soldier Ant gives Jr. a saluting headscissors. With Los Ice Creams on the floor, The Colony set up for the Antapult. Ophidian breaks it up. Hijo grabs Green Ant as he hits the ropes. Ophidian and Jr. each land a forearm. Fire Ant antzugiri’s Ophidian and hits the Yahtzee Kick. Fire Ant huracanrana’s Jr. and moonsault presses into a tornado DDT. Soldier Ant’s saluting headbutt follows. Green Ant splashes onto both Ice Creams for two. The Antapult successfully takes out both Ice Creams on the floor. Ophidian comes in with double knees to Soldier Ant. He puts Green Ant in the Ophidian Death Grip. Soldier Ant breaks it. The Colony hit the Ant Hill on Ophidian for the pin at 4:38. That was absolute non-stop action. I was pleasantly surprised in how welcoming the crowd was and how much they seemed to get into the action. This really helped make the Colony look like a force to be reckoned with. Here’s hoping this relationship is not over. **1/2


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