AIW: Straight Outta Compton

Cleveland, OH – 4.6.2012

Compton Street Fight
Johnny Gargano, Tim Donst & BJ Whitmer vs. Flexor Industries (Chest Flexor, “The Chad” Williams & Bobby Beverly)

Whitmer smashes Beverly with a trashcan. Donst goes after Williams while Gargano gets his hands on Flexor. Donst puts Williams in a trashcan and tips it over. Donst chokes him back in the ring while Gargano chops Flexor. Whitmer chokes Flexor with a towel. Gargano enzuigiri’s Flexor while Donst lifts him up for a brainbuster. Flexor kicks out. The Tecnico team takes turns throwing chops at him. They even twist up his nipples. Beverly brings Whitmer to the floor and whips him into the barricade. Whitmer and Donst bring Beverly and Flexor into the crowd. Donst suplexes Beverly onto the floor. Gargano lawn darts Flexor into the bottom turnbuckle. Gargano lawn darts him into a trashcan. Donst throws Williams against the box office table. The fight spills out to the parking lot with the Tecnicos well in control (Gargano has now joined them). Gargano slams Beverly into an attached bed of a truck. Donst somersault sentons off the truck onto Williams and Beverly! Flexor, who is bleeding profusely, angrily runs out and takes down all three of his opponents. He even throws Donst onto the hood of a car. Flexor shoves Gargano and Donst into the trunk of the car after punching out the driver. Flexor Industries bring Whitmer back into the arena. Although it seems like Flexor Industries will have things easy, Donst and Gargano make it back. Donst suicide dives after Williams. Gargano clotheslines Flexor to the floor. Gargano rolls Beverly into a low enzuigiri. He waterwheel slams and enzuigiri’s him for two. Beverly and Gargano trade kicks. Beverly catches him with a backbreaker. Donst breaks the pin. Donst gives him a bulldog. He gives him a Gator Roll. Williams pops him up into a spinebuster. Whitmer blocks Flexor’s chair shot. Beverly nails Whitmer with a chair shot from behind. Beverly drop toe holds Whitmer face first into that chair as well. A table is set up between the ring apron and the barricades. After fighting amongst both teams, Donst finally puts Williams through the table with a Death Valley Driver. Flexor low blows Gargano from behind. Beverly smashes a beer bottle over Whitmer’s head to get the pin at 17:37. Nothing beats the novelty of seeing wrestlers fight outside and all around an arena. This had that, and a lot more. I love the building of Whitmer/Beverly throughout the match and a few spots that made Donst seem as if he was one of the top guys in the company (which as of now he is). The surprise finish left something to be desired, but if nothing else it makes me look forward to another match like this between both teams. ***1/2

Read my review of the entire show here.


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