Beyond Wrestling: One Day as a Young Lion


Huntingdon Valley, PA – 3.31.2012

Kobald (0) vs. Steve “The Turtle” Weiner (-5)

This is a rematch from “World of Hurt.” Kobald slaps Weiner in the face. Weiner takes off his mask and shoves Kobald to the corner. He gets two with a splash. He dropkicks Kobald to the corner, causing Kobald to the roll to the floor. He baits Weiner into getting his neck snapped on the top rope. Kobald spears him right after and chokes him on the mat. He delivers a neckbreaker for two. A slingshot splash also gets him two. Weiner blocks a Rude Awakening. Kobald gives him a running knee strike and drops his knee across Weiner ‘s face. He chops Weiner ‘s neck before applying a headlock. Weiner escapes and nails a pair of clotheslines. He drives Kobald’s head into the corner. He gets two from a running shell attack in the corner. Kobald dropkicks him to block a palm strike. He gets two with a DDT. Kobald misses a spear. Weiner schoolboy trips him for the pin at 5:42. I really liked the neck work Kobald put in and how Weiner got “lucky” in his victory. Slightly above their first encounter. *1/2


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