PWS: Super Card 2012


Rahway, NJ – 3.9.2012

Eddie Kingston vs. Kevin Matthews

Kingston drags Matthews to the floor and they fight around the crowd. They fight up into the blecahers where Kingston takes control. He backdrops Matthews near the concessions stand. Ringside Kingston gets sent into the guardrails. Kingston superplexes him into the ring, officially starting the match. He gets two with a Northern Lights suplex. Matthews blocks the Backfist and hits the Check Out (basically the Shellshock) for two. He goes for a slingshot splash and Kingston gets his knees up to block. He puts down Matthews with the Backfist to the Future. Devon Moore hits the ring. A guy in a Michael Myers mask low blows Kingston, ending the match in a DQ at 2:18, though with the pre-match brawling it went about 6 minutes. That was a waste of my time. DUD

Elimination Match
Gran Akuma vs. Samuray Del Sol vs. AR Fox vs. The Amazing Red vs. Brian XL vs. Devon Moore

Moore attacks Akuma before the bell. Akuma responds with some armdrags. He sends Moore out with a dropkick. Sol sends Akuma out. Fox and Sol flip out of each others attempts at offense. Sol kicks Fox from the apron and backflips to the floor. Fox follows with the kick flip moonsault. Moore and Akuma put the boots to them. XL and Red engage in some Lucha and reach a stalemate. XL decides to dive onto everyone the floor. Red is about to do the same when Sol trips him. Sol does a step-up twisting senton to the floor. Akuma enzuigiri’s Sol from the apron and knocks him down with a discuss clothesline. He puts on a modified seated surfboard. Red breaks it. He snapmares Akuma into a dropkick for two. Akuma responds with a backbreaker and a Boston Crab. Red escapes and takes Akuma down with a satellite headscissors. XL dropkicks Akuma in the corner. He hits a slingshot senton. Fox drops XL with an Ace Crusher. Moore kicks him down, then get spinwheel kicked by Sol. Sol then gives Akuma a standing shiranui for the pin and elimination at 7:12. After that elimination, I’ll cover the rest of them in succession. Fox drops XL with an Ace Crusher. He gives Sol Lo Mein Pain. Moore stupidly breaks the pin, then gives Sol a brainbuster for the elimination at 8:04. A Spanish Fly from Red and XL takes out Fox at 9:12. XL small packages and pins Moore at 9:34. This leaves XL and Red. Red kicks out of a springboard tornado DDT. Red throws an enzuigiri after XL ducks two. The standing shooting star press gets him two. Red gets the pin and the win with a top rope double stomp at 10:53. My expectations were high considering the participants involved, but it wasn’t even a crazy spot fest like you would expect. These commentators are also the worst I’ve ever heard. They didn’t know people’s names (Gran Akuma and AR Fox aren’t new, people.) Also, whose brilliant idea was it to have Akuma, Del Sol, and Fox be the first three eliminated? You have seen way better, and also far worse. **½


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