ROH: The Homecoming 2012

Philadelphia, PA – 1.20.2012

Proving Ground Match
The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) vs. Jigsaw & Hallowicked

If Jigsaw and Hallowicked defeat The Briscoes, or outlast the 20 minute time limit, they will get a shot at the ROH Tag Team titles (currently held by The Briscoes) in the future. Mark brings Jigsaw to the mat with a waistlock, transitioning into a side headlock. Jigsaw kicks Mark in the back and rolls him up for two. Mark headbutts Jigsaw in the corner. Jigsaw hops over and armdrags him into a dropkick. Hallowicked tags in. He and Jigsaw double dropkick Mark for two. Hallowicked does some damage to Mark’s arm. Jigsaw and Hallowicked each come off the top with a double axe handle while the other holds Mark’s arm. Jigsaw stomps the arm and gets a two count. Jay blind tags in. Mark whips Hallowicked into a clothesline from Jay. Jay boots Jigsaw off the apron for the heck of it. The Briscoes double team Hallowicked in the corner, with Jay once again knocking Jigsaw to the floor. Hallowicked catches Jay with a boot from the apron. Hallowicked turns Jay’s leapfrog into a roll-up for two. Hallowicked sends Jay to the floor and tags in Jigsaw. Hallowicked tries to suicide dive onto Jay. Jay catches him with a forearm. Mark throws Jigsaw aside so he can dive onto Hallowicked. Jigsaw kicks Mark out to the floor. He goes for a dive but Jay stops him with a spinebuster. The Briscoes go to work wearing down Jigsaw. Jigsaw sends Mark into Jay. Jigsaw superkicks Mark. He goes for a tag, but Jay pulls Hallowicked off the apron and throws him into the barricade. Jay also pushes Jigsaw off the top rope onto the timekeeper’s table. When it doesn’t break, Jay double stomps Jigsaw through the table. The Briscoes seem content with a count out victory if they can get it. Jigsaw makes it back in the ring just in the nick of time. Mike Quackenbush makes his way ringside. He ensures to some officials that followed him out that he won’t interfere. He begins to pound the mat in support of Jigsaw. Other CHIKARA roster members make their way ringside in spurts: Frightmare, Dasher Hatfield, The Colony, Saturyne and UltraMantis Black. The Briscoes meanwhile are still pounding Jigsaw two-on-one. The support of his brethren allows Jigsaw to fire up and tag in Hallowicked. He gives Jay the Go 2 Sleepy Hollow and Mark a step-up enzuigiri. He Rydeen Bombs Mark but Jay breaks his pin attempt. Jay boots Hallowicked to the corner. Jigsaw tags in and missile dropkicks Jay. He gives Mark a flurry of kicks. Mark headbutts Hallowicked repeatedly and turns his mask around. Jigsaw German suplexes Mark to stop him. On the floor, Jay gets in Saturyne’s face, seemingly disapproving of a women being ringside. Hatfield comes to her aid but gets punched for it. Jay throws Saturyne into the ring. Fire Ant flies in over Jay to distract him. This allows Jigsaw to superkick Jay for the pin at 13:58. The involvement of the other CHIKARA roster members added a lot to this match. Their involvement got the crowd to wake up, picked up the pace of the match and added the factor of unpredictability to make it much more exciting. This was still competent and enjoyable before that, but the ending certainly made up for some of the less engaging portions earlier in the bout. ***

Jay says what just happened was bullshit. He says they didn’t sign up to fight baseball players, bitches and Looney Tunes. He tells Jigsaw and Hallowicked they just signed their death warrant, because when they meet in Chicago on April 28th, they’re going to die. UltraMantis Black takes the microphone. He says all of the CHIKARA folks came here because they’re family and wanted to support their brothers. Mark throws a chair at them, but it hits no one. Mantis says he didn’t like that the Briscoes did not respect the mask, which is sacred to them. Mantis says if they want to mess with something that’s sacred to them, they will take something that is sacred to the Briscoes: the ROH tag team titles.

You can read my review of this entire show here.

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