Jigsaw (0-0) vs. AR Fox (2-0)

Although Jigsaw has been in EVOLVE multiple times, this is his first singles match. Before the match, he thinks the crowd for making CHIKARA a success in the Arena. Fox controls Jigsaw by his arms. Jigsaw trips Fox and puts him in a surfboard stretch. Fox claps his arms against Jigsaw’s head to escape. Jigsaw puts Fox in a Gory Special. Fox forearms Jigsaw when he’s released. Jigsaw delivers a toreador before armdragging Fox into a dropkick. Fox leapfrogs Jigsaw and hits a dropkick of his own for two. Fox clotheslines and double stomps Jigsaw in the corner. Fox gets two after a split-legged senton splash. Jigsaw slams Fox on his face. He knee strikes Fox to the floor and suicide dives onto him. Jigsaw gets two back in the ring. Jigsaw dropkicks Fox’s neck for two. Fox blocks an Irish whip. Jigsaw sole butts Fox to finally move him. Fox hits a stunner, then kips up into an Ace Crusher. Jigsaw sends Fox to the apron. Fox snaps Jigsaw’s throat on the top rope and springboard dropkicks him to the corner. Fox hits a modified cannonball senton in the corner for two. Fox trips Jigsaw on the second rope. He hits a Death Valley Driver and swanton bomb for two. Jigsaw bicycle kicks Fox to block a brainbuster. Jigsaw gives Fox a brainbuster of his own for two. Jigsaw evades a spring-back Ace Crusher. Jigsaw superkicks Fox for another two count. Fox dropkicks Jigsaw to the floor to stop his top rope attack. Fox follows with a springboard 450 plash. He places Jigsaw on the ring apron and delivers a dropkick from the top rope. Fox brings Jigsaw back in for a two count. Jigsaw small packages Fox for two. He enzuigiri’s and German suplexes Fox for two. Fox enzuigiri’s Jigsaw after placing him on the top rope. Jigsaw counters the Lo Mein Pain by suplexing Jigsaw off the ropes. Jigsaw superkicks Fox for the pin at 11:11. That was an awesome finish to a very fun, athletic contest. I really do think Jigsaw has grown over this past year and no one has really noticed. The fact that he got a win over an undefeated guy who’s on the rise and won the Style Battle says a lot about Jigsaw’s potential future in EVOLVE. ***

Lenny Leonard congratulates Jigsaw on his big win. Jigsaw thanks all the fans for coming out to support wrestling’s final night in the ECW Arena. Jigsaw says the fans haven’t seen everything Jigsaw has and they can expect to see a lot of him in 2012.

You can read my review of the entire show here.


2 Responses to EVOLVE 10

  1. Jason says:

    Small question why is it you didn’t review Garganos match?

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