CZW: An Excellent Adventure

Philadelphia, PA – 1.14.2012

Philadelphia Street Fight
Eddie Kingston vs. Joker

Kingston and Joker trade forearms before the bell. They boot each other in the face. Joker huracanrana’s Kingston to the floor and suicide dives onto him. They light each other up with chops against the guardrail. Kingston whips Joker into the guardrail and boots him in the face. Joker lays in a knee strike before hitting a cannonball senton into the guardrail. Joker brings Kingston back into the ring. Kingston tries to fight up but Joker keeps him grounded. Kingston and Joker knock each other out with headbutts. Joker knocks Kingston down again when he slaps him multiple times and knee strikes him in the face. Joker brings table into the ring and sets it up in the corner. They each fight for who will put the other through it. Joker suplexes Kingston on his head and lariats him for two. Joker puts Kingston on the table in the middle of the ring. Kingston catches Joker on the top rope with an enzuigiri. Kingston superplexes Joker through the table. Kingston and Joker trade strikes as they get back to their feet dazed. Joker suplexes Kingston on his head again. A running knee strike gets Joker a two count. Kingston Saito suplexes Joker. He hits the Sliding D for two. He Backfists Joker while he’s on the mat for the pin at 9:50. This was an excellent brawl, escalating the violence as it progressed and making both combatants look like tough, but not indestructible, competitors. These were my favorites from either team from the tag match at “Cage of Death XIII” and I’m glad we got this singles match as a follow-up. **3/4

After the match, Kingston grabs the microphone. He says although Eddie Moore was born in New York City, Eddie Kingston was born in the Arena in Philadelphia. He admits he hasn’t always liked the fans, but admits he wouldn’t be anything without them. He says he wants to die at the Arena since that’s where he was really born.


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