AIW: Nightmare Before X-Mas 5

Cleveland, OH – 12.23.2011

AIW Tag Team Championship
Aeroform (Flip Kendrick & Louis Lyndon) (Champions) vs. The Batiri (Obariyon & Kodama) vs. Irish Airborne (Jake & Dave Crist)

Lucha rules are in effect, meaning no tags are necessary. One member from each team is in the ring at all times. Flexor Industries is in Aeroform’s corner. The Batiri dive onto Aeroform as they circle the ring (before the bell). Irish Airborne follow suit. The Airborne double team Kendrick back in the ring. They do the same to Lyndon, Kodama and Obariyon in that order. Aeroform attack the Aiborne from behind. They send Dave to the floor and hit an enzuigiri/gamengiri combo in the corner. Dave breaks a pin after a reverse huracanrana/German suplex combo. Kodama trips Dave into a knee strike from Obariyon. They double knee strike Dave for two. They follow with a wheelbarrow neckbreaker. Lyndon talks Obariyon into double teaming Dave. Lyndon takes out Jake and Kendrick helps Obariyon attack Dave behind referee Jake Clemons’ back. Obariyon and Lyndon continue to team up on Dave until Dave takes them both out with simultaneous reverse DDT’s. Jake tags in. He knocks down Kendrick and gives Kodama a neckbreaker. He slams Kendrick in the corner. Lyndon throws him to the floor. Jake throws Lyndon into a clothesline from Kodama. Jake crossbody’s Kodama for two. Lyndon holds Jake for Obariyon. Obariyon accidentally gives Lyndon the Flying DDT. He goes for the pin anyway but Jake breaks it up. The Airborne double team Obariyon in the corner. Kodama gives Jake the flying Blockbuster. Kendrick breaks the pin. Lyndon dropkicks Kodama off of Kendrick’s shoulders. Obariyon breaks the pin. Obariyon hits a reverse Go 2 Sleep. The Airborne give Obariyon the Irish Coffee. Lyndon kicks Jake away and pins Obariyon for the win at 9:04. With more time this could have been just as epic as some of the other recent AIW thee team matches, but for what we got it was just slightly above average. **3/4

No Disqualification
Johnny Gargano vs. Dave Dawson

Special Guest Referee: Tim Donst

In case you forgot, Dawson is Flexor Industries referee who’s been screwing with Gargano the past few months. Last month, Flexor made it seem like Donst had joined Flexor Industries, which Gargano didn’t know whether to take as being legitimate or more mind games. He is the special referee for this match, so we presumably will find out where his loyalty lies in this match. Surprisingly, Dawson comes to the ring alone.

Dawson is apprehensive to attack. He slaps Gargano, then makes Gargano chase him around the ring and to the back. Gargano comes back with Dawson. The Chad runs out and attacks Gargano. Donst chases him off. This process repeats with Louis Lyndon and Flip Kendrick. Gargano accidentally superkicks Donst, bringing out Aeroform, The Chad and Bobby Beverly to beat down Gargano. Chest Flexor and Sassy Stephie join in. Stephie ties Gargano’s hands behind his back. Façade runs out to stop Dawson from hitting Gargano with a chair. Eric Ryan, Jake Crist, BJ Whitmer and Rickey Shane Page all run out to even the odds. Dave Crist climbs up to a basketball hoop and moonsaults onto everyone! That is, everyone but Gargano and Dawson. Gargano got his hands untied, but puts them behind his back to trick. Dawson. Gargano stops Dawson’s chair shot. He superkicks Dawson after trapping his arms in the ropes three times. Gargano lawn darts Dawson into a steel chair in the corner. Per the fans request, Gargano does it a second time. Gargano nails Dawson over and over with a chair. Donst makes his way out and counts Gargano’s pin at 10:14. That was a fine ass kicking that Gargano dished out and a great way to build to Flexor Industries being kept under control. Dave’s basketball hoop moonsault was pretty awesome as well. This was a feel good way to end AIW’s final show of 2011. ***

Donst immediately attacks Gargano after counting the pin. Flexor Inudstries pull Donst out of the ring before a skirmish can commence. Donst heads to the back while the rest of Flexor Industries carries Dawson to the back.

You can read my review of the entire show here.


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