Osaka Pro: 2011 Tennozan Tournament

Osaka, Japan – 12.18.2011

In late 2011, Jigsaw made his way over to Osaka Pro for roughly a month, longer than any other CHIKARA wrestler has spent overseas in Osaka Pro. Due to his extended time period, Jigsaw was able to compete in Osaka Pro’s annual Tennozan tournament.

In the first round (11.27.2011) Jigsaw defeated Black Buffalo in 9:24 with a top rope double stomp. Buffalo’s signature baseball bat weapon almost came into play multiple times, but in the end had no effect on the matches outcome. Jigsaw would move onto the second round (12.4.2011) to face The Bodyguard. The Bodyguard is much larger than Jigsaw, so it came as some surprise when Jigsaw caught Bodyguard with a crucifix pin at 6:45 to advance. The Bodyguard even shook Jigsaw’s hand after the match. Jigsaw would also win in the third round (12.11.2011) against Orochi, again using the top rope double stomp to pick up the win at 18:58. Jigsaw’s next match up would be in the semi-final round against Kuuga. The winner of this match moves onto the tournament finals to face Daisuke Harada. (Although none of the matches above were shown in full, brief clips were shown during a Tennozan highlight reel on Japanese television).

2011 Tennozan Tournament Semi-Final Round
Jigsaw vs. Kuuga

Jigsaw overhand slaps Kuuga after taking a sole butt. Jigsaw enzuigiri’s Kuuga to the floor after a chop exchange. Jigsaw holds onto the ropes when kicking Kuuga from inside in the ring. He then hits a suicide dive. Kuuga throws Jigsaw into a ring post. Kuuga brings out a pile of chairs from underneath the ring. He sends Jigsaw face first into the chairs with a tornado bulldog. Jigsaw recovers in time to beat the twenty count on the floor. Kuuga spits in Jigsaw’s face. Kuuga snapmares him and goes for the mask. Jigsaw quickly gets to the ropes to stop him. Kuuga goes for a Tiger Driver. Jigsaw escapes and lights up Kuuga with a series of kicks. Jigsaw gives Kuuga a yakuza kick in the corner. Kuuga back elbows Jigsaw and comes off the second rope with a bulldog. Jigsaw shoves Kuuga to the corner to avoid another Tiger Driver. He sets up Kuuga on the top rope. Jigsaw superkicks him into a reverse tree of woe. Jigsaw then hits him with a coast-to-coast dropkick for two. Jigsaw hits the top rope double stomp for two. Kuuga rolls to the floor. Jigsaw goes for a suicide dive, only for Kuuga to hit him with a chair. Kuuga sets up a chair in the corner and whips Jigsaw back first into it. Jigsaw manages to roll up Kuuga for two. Kuuga comes back with a spin-out uranage for the pin at 8:15. You can tell from the crowd reaction alone that Jigsaw won over the fans during his tour. They seemed genuinely thrilled when he was close to winning and upset when he lost. It’s a shame this didn’t get more time, but they definitely made every moment count. For the record, Harada would defeat Kuuga in the finals to win the tournament. **1/2

I’d like to give a huge thanks to Jonathan from Osaka Hurricane, who’s results and consultation were very helpful in me keeping track of Jigsaw’s progress in Osaka Pro.


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