IWC: Winner Takes All 2011

Elizabeth, PA – 12.10.2011

IWC Super Indy Championship – Ladder Match
Hallowicked vs. Matt Cross vs. Façade vs. Logan Shulo

Hallowicked earn this shot in October back at “No Excuses 2011.” Hallowicked goes for the ladder after knocking Façade and Cross down. In the ring Shulo boots Façade. As Hallowicked and Cross fight over the ladder, Shulo dives onto Hallowicked. Shulo and Hallowicked continue to fight on the floor while Cross and Façade battle in the ring. Façade dives onto Shulo. Hallowicked and Cross do a little Lucha sequence, ending with Cross giving him some armdrags and a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Shulo, Cross and Façade all attack Hallowicked in the corner. Façade walks the top ropes and huracanrana’s Shulo to the floor. Hallowicked and Shulo fight over a ladder. Façade slides out and gets wacked with the ladder. Cross kicks the ladder into all three men. Shulo shoves Cross into a ring post with the ladder. Façade stomps the ladder into Hallowicked and Shulo’s faces. Façade stops Cross from climbing the ladder. He runs up the ladder himself but Cross knocks him down. Hallowicked sets up the ladder in the corner after knocking Cross down. After much fighting, neither guy is able to toss their opponent on it. Shulo trips Cross to the floor and shoves him into the barricades. Hallowicked gives Façade a step-up enzuigiri. Façade shoves Hallowicked into the ladder. Hallowicked evades his splash. Façade however its able to hit a spinwheel kick. He backdrops Shulo onto the ladder. Façade lays Hallowicked onto a ladder and lionsaults onto him. Shulo hands a ladder on the bottom rope. He double stomps Façade’s neck onto it. Cross enzuigiri’s Shulo and hits the shooting star press. Hallowicked is now placed on a ladder between the ring and the barricades. Façade misses an Arabian Face Buster, with the ladder collapsing under him. Hallowicked shoves Cross off a ladder in the ring. Cross drop toe holds Hallowicked onto it and stomps his face. Once Cross has set up the ladder, Hallowicked has recovered enough to battle with him near the top. Façade slingshot dropkicks the ladder, sending Cross and Hallowicked crashing down. Façade and Shulo now fight atop the ladder. Façade stomps Shulo, who falls onto another ladder. Façade grabs the title to win the match at 16:27. This has some nifty spots sprinkled throughout, but there was a little too much dead air between those spots for my liking. Hallowicked and Cross really didn’t do as much as you would think but still served their purpose and added more “star power” to the bout. Façade looked crisper than usual and his victory felt like a genuinely big moment. ***1/4


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