Resistance Pro: Black Friday


Chicago, IL – 11.25.2011

RPW Tag Team Championship Tournament – First Round
Hallowicked & Matt Classic vs. Kyle O’Reilly & Tony Kozina

Kozina and Hallowicked trade wristlocks. Kozina takes Hallowicked down for a one count. Hallowicked takes him over with a hip toss. He wrenches on the wrist. Classic is too distracted to tag in. Kozina takes Hallowicked over with a Frankensteiner and tags in O’Reilly. He lights up Hallowicked with kicks. Hallowicked snaps off another Frankensteiner. Classic again is unavailable for a tag. O’Reilly delivers a dropkick. Team Ambition isolates the Nightmare Warrior. Hallowicked gives Kozina a step-up enzuigiri and O’Reilly a yakuza kick. O’Reilly accidentally forearms Kozina. Hallowicked hits Go 2 Sleepy Hollow but Kozina breaks the cover at the last minute. O’Reilly and Kozina double team Hallowicked some more. Classic reaches out but it’s too late as Hallowicked taps out to O’Reilly’s butterfly lock at 6:53. That was about as entertaining and seeing two guys beat up Hallowicked can be, which is to say not all that entertaining. *½

Icarus vs. Jay Bradley

Bradley shoves Icarus to the corner. Icarus gets two with a tornado clutch. Bradley throws some knees and strikes before tossing Icarus across the ring. Icarus’ dropkick doesn’t faze Bradley. Bradley nails a lariat for the pin at 1:33. Far be it from me to question what somebody does with their money, but why would you bring Icarus all the way out to Chicago just to beat him in 90 seconds? I guess it makes Bradley look like a monster, but why not do that against someone else? Whatever. ¼*

RPW Tag Team Championship Tournament – First Round
Gran Akuma & Teddy Hart vs. Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe

Hart is nowhere to be found at first. He comes in just a few moments later to no fanfare to speak. Akuma and Jay start off going back and forth. Akuma takes Jay down with a headscissors. Jay punts him in the stomach and forearms his back. Mark and Hart tag in. Hart blocks a couple kicks. He flips over and powerslams Mark for two. Hart flips into the ring from the apron but gets caught by Jay’s superkick. Hart powerbombs Mark onto his knees. Jay nails him with a running boot. Akuma fallaway kicks Jay in the face. He tries an Asai moonsault but the Briscoes pull him out to the floor. Mark sends Hart into the ring post while Jay chops Akuma. Hart makes his way up into the VIP section of the Excalibur night club. Mark follows him up. Mark superplexes him back into the ring! The Briscoes bully Hart until he rolls under a clothesline and tags in Akuma. He throws some kicks at Jay before delivering the Cheetah Swipe. Jay tries coming back with a boot but gets caught with a German suplex. Akuma does the deal with a Falcon Arrow. Mark breaks the pin. Akuma gives him the mp4. He follows up with a frog splash for two. Jay boots Akuma into a Dragon suplex from Mark. Akuma gets attacked by the Briscoes for a few minutes before landing a high crossbody on Mark. Hart comes in and drops Jay with a DDT. He gives Mark a cradle DDT. He drops Jay with a flipping underhook piledriver. Hart uses the ropes for a piledriver on Mark. He DDT’s Jay again. Hart moonsaults off the VIP balcony onto both Briscoes on the floor. This move did some damage but caused Hart to hurt his knee. Akuma sets up Mark on the top rope. He gives him a spider suplex but Jay boots Akuma to keep him in a tree of woe. The Briscoes then put him away with a Doomsday Device at 14:25. Say what you will about Hart, but he can still wow a crowd when he’s on. Akuma looked excellent in his first match back since “High Noon” and the briscoes delivered as they usually do. Really fun match. ***¼


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