Interspecies Wrestling: Slamtasia 4

Montreal, Quebec, Canada – 11.20.2011

Eddie Kingston comes out to the ring with Sexxxy Eddy. He does his very own ring introduction. He introduces Beef Wellington, who comes out in UFO pants and kickpads with Linkin Park playing as his theme music. Clearly this is him making fun of every 2001/2002 generic indy wrestler. I appreciate that.

Beef Wellington vs. Eddie Kingston

Kingston stalls. Wellington gives Kingston a Rock Bottom since the fans are inexplicably chanting for him. Wellington throws punches at both Kingston and Eddy on the floor. Kingston throws Wellington into the merchandise table and hits his dick. Wellington throws a copy of “Boner Jam” on DVD into Kingston’s face. Wellington knee strikes Kingston back in the ring. He rams his crotch multiple times into Kingston’s face. Kingston catches Wellington coming off the ropes with a Manhattan Drop. Kingston boots Wellington and chokes him with the microphone cord. Kingston brings a chair into the ring. Kingston places Wellington in the ropes and delivers a running forearm. Kingston rubs Wellington’s face whilst applying a Camel Clutch. Kingston bites Wellington when he begins to fight back. He rips Wellington’s mustache off. This angers Wellington, causing him to throw forearms and chops in the corner. Wellington gets his knees up to block an attack. He crossbody’s out of the corner for two. Wellington trips Kingston on the middle rope. He hits the 619. Kingston chokeslams Wellington as he comes off the top rope for two. Wellington rolls into a body block. Wellington is too dazed to follow up after an X-Factor. Montana America, one of Giant Tiger’s followers, oils himself up to distract Wellington. This allows Eddy to hand Kingston a foreign object to put in his pants. Wellington hits the Ass Punch but it hurts his hand. Kingston then hits the FU for the pin at 9:14. Kingston and Wellington’s personalities really made this entertaining. Otherwise it was pretty basic stuff throughout. **1/2

Read my review of the entire show here.


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