Maiden Flight of the Great Condor


Williamsport, PA – 10.30.2011

Commentary is provided by Gavin Loudspeaker, UltraMantis Black, Mike Quackenbush, Green Ant, Tim Donst & Leonard F. Chikarason.

CHIKARA was supposed to hold two shows the final weekend of October – this show, and a show the night before in Reading, PA. Due to a blizzard, the Reading show was canceled. Because of it, this show is a conglomeration of matches scheduled for tonight and the previous night.

Ophidian vs. Kodama {B}

Ophidian rolls up Kodama with a Magistral cradle for two. Kodama lays in a couple boots to the mid-section before laying in strikes in the corner. Ophidian headstands in the corner to counter an Irish whip. He tries to hypnotize Kodama, but Kodama puts referee Bryce Remsburg in the way. Ophidian and Kodama argue and then move the immobile Bryce to the corner to continue their match. Kodama’s pinfall attempt proves worthless. Ophidian lures Bryce into counting for Ophidian, yet only gets two. Ophidian uses the M-Pro comedy spot to break the spell. He gets two with a fisherman’s suplex. Kodama comes out of the corner with a neckbreaker to evade Ophidian’s charge for two. Kodama pitches Ophidian to the floor where he chops him against the ring apron. Kodama legdrops Ophidian on the second rope. Ophidian puts his boot up in the corner. Kodama rakes his eyes to regain control. He hits a slingshot huracanrana for one. A low blockbuster gets him two. Kodama bites Ophidian’s mask. Kodama ducks a spinwheel kick but takes a flying boot. Ophidian hits a barrage of kicks to Kodama’s head and gets two with a standing moonsault. He applies the Ophidian Death Grip. Kodama throws Ophidian into the middle rope to break the hold. He hits a twisting suplex for two. Ophidian counters another slingshot huracanrana with a powerbomb. Ophidian misses a slingshot quebrada, allowing Kodama to go up top. Ophidian follows him up. Kodama rakes his eyes to win the war and hits the flying Blockbuster for the pin at 10:29. This match was designed to show just how far Ophidian has fallen and to continue his losing streak. The match itself was nothing particularly exciting, but totally fine. **

Marion Fontaine introduces himself backstage. He essentially puts over his mustache, complete with cute mustache nicknames.

Marion Fontaine vs. Archibald Peck

Peck is accompanied by Veronica and Colt Cabunny. Peck tells Fontaine to tap out in a headlock. Fontaine shoves his face into Peck’s and it seems Peck is frightened of his facial hair. They fight in a test of strength. Peck gets scared as Fontaine moves his face closer while pushing Peck towards the mat. Fontaine nails a leg lariat and a headscissors. He takes Peck to the corner with three chops. Fontaine sweeps Peck’s leg. He slingshots in with a splash for two. Peck backdrops Fontaine to counter him running the ropes. Fontaine recovers and delivers some multiple knee strikes while singing. Peck pokes him in the eyes. Peck flips to the apron and drops the top rope down to send Fontaine to the floor. Peck misses a pescado. Peck slingshots Fontaine back in the ring and rolls him up for two. Peck also gets two with a backbreaker. Peck targets his attack on Fontaine’s lower back. Peck chokes Fontaine on his middle rope while pulling out Fontaine’s whiskers. Peck delivers a spin-out backbreaker. Fontaine uses his mustache to fire up and escape a chinlock. Peck boots him and it has no effect. Fontaine’s mustache power allows him to get in a flurry of right hands. He hits a flying forearm and a modified Death Valley Driver for two. Fontaine misses a second rope senton. Peck drops him with an Argentine Back Breaker for two. Peck misses the Cranial Crescendo. Fontaine hits a modified Rydeen Bomb for two. Peck blocks a headscissors and delivers the Unchained Melody for the pin at 10:29. The goofiness ended up transitioning into a solid exchange at the end. The final minute or so was quite good with the rest being what you’re used to seeing in a Peck match by now. **1/2

Shane Matthews says he’s been training for the past six months for the Countdown Showdown only to find out it was canceled this weekend. He says he and his partner Jagged are now in a four team elimination match. Jagged comes in dressed up like Road Warrior Hawk and cuts a promo just like him.

Elimination Match
Fire Ant {C} & Soldier Ant {C} vs. Scott “Jagged” Parker {3.0} & Shane Matthews {3.0} vs. Brodie Lee {R} & Grizzly Redwood {R} vs. Obariyon {B} & Kobald {B}

3.0. wrestle the match in Road Warriors face paint (Jagged comes out with their foam shoulder pads as well). Obariyon baits Soldier Ant into being bitten by Kobald from behind. Soldier Ant hip tosses him hard and comes out of the corner with an elbow strike and a falling saluting senton. Fire Ant tags in and helps Soldier Ant with a double flapjack. Obariyon attacks them from behind and elbows Fire Ant in the forehead. Fire Ant alita’s Obariyon into a Fireman’s Carry. He hits the Stop, Drop and Roll before hitting a dropkick. The Colony hit a senton/headbutt combo for two. Lee and Redwood send the Colony to the floor. 3.0. attack The Roughnecks. They clothesline Lee to the floor and double team Redwood in the corner. Lee blocks Matthews’ headscissors with a sidewalk slam for two. He and Redwood beat down Matthews in the corner. Matthews dropkicks Redwood to tag in his partner Jagged. Jagged dropkicks him as well. He knocks down both Batiri members as they come in. Kobald spears him in the corner and Obariyon follows with a delayed corner dropkick. Fire Ant is also double teamed by the Batiri. 3.0. drop Obariyon with the 3D. 3.0. manage to hit Kobald with the Doomsday Device for the elimination at 7:10. Redwood rolls up Matthews for two. Redwood sunset flips Matthews and Matthews counters into the Boston Crab. Lee big boots Matthews to free his partner. Soldier Ant assists Fire Ant with a springboard somersault senton to Lee and Matthews on the floor. Redwood rolls up Jagged in the ring for the pin at 8:10. Fire Ant crossbody’s Redwood and nails the Yahtzee Kick. Lee pops Fire Ant into a German suplex. He drops Soldier Ant with an STO. Redwood hits a diving headbutt and Lee pins Soldier Ant for two. Soldier Ant back elbows Lee in the corner and Fire Ant enzuigiri him. The Colony deliver Revenge of the Ants. They hit a double cradle DDT on Redwood and Lee breaks the pin. Soldier Ant catches Lee with a huracanrana. Lee dropkicks Soldier Ant to the floor. He hits Fire Ant with the Truck Stop for two. Redwood rana’s Fire Ant to the corner. Fire Ant counters Lee’s attack with a Prawn Hold for the pin at 10:35. It was nice seeing the Roughnecks back since part of me believed Brodie was done with CHIKARA. The Colony winning was fairly predictable, and they now have two points. One more victory and they have got themselves a shot at Los Campeonatos de Parejas. **3/4

Jigsaw vs. Eddie Edwards

Both guys look for control on the mat. Jigsaw trips Edwards, who gets to the ropes before Jigsaw can do any real damage. They duck one another’s leapfrogs. They evade each other’s moves before reaching a stand-off. Jigsaw sends Edwards to the floor with a huracanrana. Edwards evades a baseball slide and nails Jigsaw with a chop. Jigsaw responds in kind leading to a chop battle. Jigsaw grabs the ropes to counter a powerbomb on the chair. Jigsaw suicide dives, sending Edwards into a chair or two. In the ring Jigsaw comes in with a crossbody. Edwards drops him stomach first and delivers a running knee strike for two. Edwards suplexes Jigsaw for two. Edwards nails a back elbow for two. Edwards applies a Gonzo surfboard. Jigsaw flips into a pin for one. Edwards flips out of the corner and rolls up Jigsaw for two. He transitions right into the STF. Jigsaw grabs the bottom rope to escape. Jigsaw hits a fallaway forehead kick in the corner. He drops Edwards with a brainbuster for two. He also gets two with a running knee. Edwards evades a double stomp and comes off the second rope with a Code Breaker. He back suplexes Jigsaw onto his stomach for two. Edwards enzuigiri’s Jigsaw on the apron to block a suplex. Edwards goes up top. Jigsaw enzuigiri’s him into the ring. He delivers the double stomp for two. Edwards superkicks Jigsaw to block Jigsaw’s superkick. Edwards hits the Chin Checker for two, then turns into the Achilles Lock. Jigsaw turns it over into a prawn hold for two. He hits two superkicks before dropping him with the Jig N’ Tonic for the pin at 10:50. Regardless of your opinion on Edwards, that was a very big win for Jigsaw. That was essentially both guys doing their usual stuff, but their usual stuff was very entertaining and meshed into a fun match. ***

Tim Donst says it’s been a long time since he and the Young Lions Cup (which he is holding) have talked to the camera, which he misses (especially the power). He says Hallowicked would also know what that feels like. He says he knows Hallowicked will watch his match the night looking for flaws, but tells Hallowicked to not even bother because he has no flaws. Donst says he’s mad that Green Ant let the Cup that he worked so hard to defend go to another country (Japan). Donst says that tonight, the breakout start of the BDK will break Green Ant.

Green Ant {C} vs. Tim Donst {BDK}

Donst brings a small pumpkin with him as symbolism for Hallowicked. Green Ant takes Donst down in a spinning toe hold. Donst grabs the ropes to break and rolls to the floor. Green Ant and Donst fight over each other’s legs. Donst traps Green Ant’s legs and digs his fists into the kneecaps. On their feet, Green Ant delivers a quesadora and a leg-trap armdrag to send Donst to the floor. Green Ant follows with a pescado. Tursas makes his way to ringside. He and Green Ant stare each other down. Donst fails to attack Green Ant from behind. Green Ant suicide dives onto him and bodyslams Donst right in front of Tursas. Tursas strips Green Ant off the ring apron while Bryce is distracted. Green Ant lands on his arm, so Donst targets the arm when Green Ant gets back in the ring. Green Ant escapes a chinlock. He drops Donst with an Angle Slam. Tursas grabs Green Ant’s leg behind Bryce’s back. Green Ant gets distracted, allowing Donst to roll him up for two. Donst applies the Fujiwara armbar. Green Ant puts his foot on the rope to escape. Green Ant goes up top. Donst catches him looking for a Super Donstitution. Green Ant headbutts him down and comes off with a splash for two. Donst rolls Green Ant into a submission. Green Ant gets the ropes to escape. Tursas smashes Donst’s pumpkin against Green Ant’s head as Donst argues with Bryce. Donst applies From Donst Til Dusk, causing Green Ant to pass out at 9:28. This was a good backdrop for Green Ant and Tursas’ upcoming singles match at “High Noon”, as well as to further establish Donst’s new submission move and to build him up for the Cibernetico. The match itself really wasn’t anything special aside from the finish. **1/2

Green Ant and Tursas brawl ringside after the match. Staff and other wrestlers break up the melee, but it’s not an easy task. They will meet in two weeks at “High Noon”.

Vin Gerard says he was mathematically eliminated from the 12 Large: Summit when Eddie Kingston beat Fire Ant in NYC. Gerard hints that he purposefully missed his match with UltraMantis Black earlier this month. Gerard says Kingston will be in the main event at “High Noon”and says that it would be a shame if something were to happen to take him out of the show. Gerard says Kingston mathematically eliminated him, so he plans to eliminate Kingston tonight.

”12 Large: Summit” Tournament Match (Block B)
Eddie Kingston (8 Points) vs. Vin Gerard (2 Points)

This is grudge match since Gerard was the main reason why Kingston’s knee has been hurt these past few months. Gerard would attack Kingston during and after his matches because he wanted to collect on a bounty that Claudio Castagnoli put on Kingston to keep him out of the tournament. Kingston tries to bring a chair in the ring but Bryce won’t let him. Kingston brings Gerard to the floor after blocking a cheap shot. Kingston throws Gerard into multiple rows of chairs. Kingston brings Gerard to the top of the bleachers and throws him into the wall. Gerard kicks at Kingston’s knee, but Kingston keeps on him with punches. Kingston chucks a football at Gerard’s chest (literally). The brawl winds up back in the ring with Kingston chopping Gerard in the corner. Gerard rakes his eyes to block a Saito suplex. He puts Kingston in the STF, trapping Kingston’s bad leg. Gerard stomps the back of Kingston’s leg when the hold is broken. Gerard reapplies the STF and Kingston immediately grabs the ropes. Gerard bits Kingston’s hand after jumping down with a toe hold. Gerard drops an elbow on Kingston’s knee as it drapes on the ring apron. Gerard chop blocks Kingston and throws him knee first into the ring steps. He gets a two count back in the ring. Gerard applies the STF again in the middle of the ring. Kingston crawls to the ropes. Gerard picks Kingston up off the mat and eats the Backfist to the Future. Gerard rolls to the floor to prevent being pinned. Gerard throws a wrench into the ring to distract Bryce. Gerard low blows Kingston and puts the STF on again. Kingston gets the ropes again. Gerard pulls Kingston back to the middle of the ring and puts on the STF again. Kingston taps out at 9:47. I loved the story telling here. Kingston’s knee injury saw its biggest challenge in this match with Gerard relentlessly taking Kingston out for no reason but sheer selfishness. It put Kingston over as the injured challenger going into the title match at “High Noon” and is hopefully the beginning of a big relaunch that Gerard’s career needs. ***

Gerard doesn’t let up on Kingston’s knee after the match. He keeps the STF on as Kingston yells at Gerard that he is going to kill him. Once Gerard is finally taken care of, Bryce informs him that he is suspended. Gerard goes backstage while ring crew and Bryce help him to the back. Gerard however runs back out attacks Kingston’s knee with a steel chair. In the process, Gerard throws senior official Bryce Remsburg to the floor. That act, in addition to attacking Kingston after the match would lead to Gerard being fired from the company.

The Throwbacks are backstage. Dasher says they will get their fourth straight victory and Los Campeonatos de Parejas tonight. Dunkerton says they are prepared to take what is rightfully theirs. Dunkerton says this golden opportunity is everything they have worked for and wanted.

As it turns out, Johnny Gargano was unable to make the show due to travel issues. Chuck Taylor says that because of this, the Campeonatos de Parejas won’t be defended tonight. Bryce Remsburg however says that Director of Fun Wink Vavassuer called him and says that the title match is still on and that F.I.S.T. member Icarus will take Gargano’s place. This precedent was actually set when Icarus and Gran Akuma were champions and Chuck Taylor stood in for the injured Akuma. When that happened, Delirious and Hallowicked won Los Campeonatos de Parejas. Will The Throwbacks be as lucky tonight?

Campeonatos de Parejas
Chuck Taylor {F} & Icarus {F} vs. Dasher Hatfield {T} & Sugar Dunkerton {T}

This is F.I.S.T’s second defense of the titles. Icarus is so unprepared that he is wrestling the match in track pants, sneakers and a F.I.S.T t-shirt. Taylor and Icarus attack The Throwbacks right at the bell. Hatfield crotches Taylor in the corner and sends Icarus into him. Taylor falls head first into Icarus’ groin area. The Throwbacks double flapjack Icarus. Hatfield Manhattan Drops Taylor and Dunkerton rams his head into the mat. Dunkerton holds him in bridging choke allowing Hatfield to baseball slide into him. Taylor feigns being fouled. This allows Icarus to roll-up Hatfield to secure the first pin at 1:33. The Throwbacks send F.I.S.T. to the floor. Hatfield double baseball slides them. Dunkerton suicide dives onto them. Taylor throws Dunkerton’s arm into the ring post while Icarus dropkicks Hatfield for two. F.I.S.T. double team Hatfield as Dunkerton recovers. Hatfield blocks a double suplex. He underhand chops Taylor and back suplexes Icarus. Dunkerton tags in and knocks F.I.ST. down with clotheslines and back elbows. Dunkerton hits a flip neck breaker on Taylor but Icarus breaks the pin. Dunkerton blasts Icarus with the Bow Chicka Wow Wow and Taylor breaks the pin. Icarus chops Dunkerton’s arm that Taylor threw into the ring post. He drops it on the top rope as well. Taylor misses a lionsault, allowing Hatfield to slingshot Oklahoma Roll Taylor for the second pin at 7:47.

Hatfield eats F.I.S.T Kicks and the Shooty McGee for two. Taylor boots Dunkerton into a back cracker from Icarus. Hatfield breaks the pin. Hatfield gives Taylor a Jackhammer for two. Icarus goes for the Shiranui. Hatfield turns it into the Suicide Squeeze. Dunkerton follows with a flying elbow. Taylor manages to break the pin. Taylor accidentally boots Icarus. Hatfield rolls up Taylor for a two count. Hatfield pops Taylor into an X-Factor from Dunkerton. Icarus blocks Bryce from making a three count. Icarus nails Hatfield with a loaded fanny pack behind Bryce’s back on the floor. Icarus distracts Bryce so that Taylor can nail Dunkerton with the fanny pack as well. Taylor only gets two after that shot. Taylor gives Dunkerton’s arm the Awful Waffle. He then puts Dunkerton in the Gargano Escape! Dunkerton grabs the ropes but Icarus kicks his arm off. Dunkerton passes out at 11:57. I give these guys all the credit in the world. Even without Gargano, they managed to put on a really entertaining, dramatic match. The Throwbacks really have stepped up as a team and I hope this match helps others recognize that fact. ***1/4

Sara Del Rey vs. Tursas {BDK}

Green Ant is on commentary. Tursas he isn’t wasting his time on some weak woman and commands her to surrender. Sara lays down for Tursas, baiting him in for a kick to the shoulder. She continues to kick Tursas as the bell rings. She boots Tursas. She goes for another and gets slammed by Tursas instead. Tursas drops an elbow and chokes her on the middle rope. Tursas belly to back suplexes her. Tursas keeps turning his attention to Green Ant, foolishly. Tursas puts her in a bear hug. Sara headbutts her way free. She comes off the ropes and runs into Tursas’ massive frame. Tursas misses a somersault senton off the middle rope. Sara kicks Tursas in his head and chest while he’s on his knees. She clobbers him with axe kicks to the back of his head. She gets two with a Magistral cradle. Sara nails a Koppu Kick. As she goes to the corner, Tim Donst runs out. She takes him out with a rolling senton off the apron. Sara climbs up again. Jakob Hammermeier shoves her off the top rope. With that, Bryce calls for a disqualification at 5:14 giving Sara the victory. All of this was a backdrop for “High Noon” stuff. It was pretty good for what it was, but did feel somewhat pointless. **1/4

Hammermeier chokes Sara with his tie and gives her the Gute Nacht (the Rude Awakening). The BDK leave Sara laying the ring. Sara recovers and challenges Jakob to a match at “High Noon” since Donst and Tursas already have matches. Jakob would end up accepting the challenge.

Hallowicked {SE} & UltraMantis Black {SE} vs. Jakob Hammermeier {BDK} & Delirious {BDK}

Hallowicked takes Hammermeier to the floor and brings in Delirious. Mantis tries to remind Delirious of who he is. Delirious sends Mantis out and focuses back on Hallowicked. He fails to take out his knee. Delirious looks at Hallowicked with familiarity. Hallowicked grabs his arms and Mantis tries talking to him. Hammermeier attacks them from behind. Hallowicked takes him over with a couple armdrags and a body slam for two. The Envoy deliver a double hip toss for two. Mantis rams Hammermeier’s face into the corner. He hits a senton splash for two. Hallowicked tags in. Hammermeier drops neck on the top rope and Delirious mauls him from behind. The BDK isolate Hallowicked in their corner. Hallowicked escapes their grasp with a yakuza kick to Hammermeier. Mantis purposefully avoids Delirious and sends him to the floor. Hallowicked follows with a pescado. Mantis full nelson slams Hammermeier for two. Hallowicked super snapmares Hammermeier. Mantis follows with a Perfect snapmare and a low clothesline for two. Delirious clotheslines Hallowicked multiple times in the corner. Hallowicked nails the step-up enzuigiri. Delirious thrusts him in the throat when Hallowicked tries to talk some sense into him. Hallowicked nails a second enzuigiri. Hammermeier drop toe holds Hallowicked to the corner. Delirious hits the Shadows Over Hell. Mantis breaks the pin. Hammermeier counters the Cosmic Disaster with a neckbreaker across his back for two. Mantis pump-handle suplexes Delirious onto his head. The Envoy volley Hammermeier between them with forearms. Delirious trips Mantis off the top rope. Hammermeier drops Hallowicked with Gute Nacht. Delirious gives Mantis the Panic Attack. Hammermeier drops Mantis with Gute Nacht. Hallowicked pushes Delirious onto them to break the pin. Hallowicked Rydeen Bombs Delirious and then Hammermeier. Delirious breaks the pin. Hammermeier accidentally forearms Delirious. Delirious becomes angry. He charges at Hammermeier with a clothesline. Hammermeier ducks, causing Delirious to head towards Mantis. Mantis catches Delirious with a small package for the pin at 15:07. This was a fun tag match to end the show, but I think this should have been the semi-main event and the Campeonatos match should have gone on last. Like most everything else, this was much more about the build to the Cibernetico and “High Noon” than the match itself. That’s fine, but it does give the show a filler vibe. ***

There was a recent PWG review I read that gave referee Rick Knox kudos for officiating every match on the card. I extend the same kudos to Bryce Remsburg, who was the referee for every match on this show. Not an easy feat, especially after being shoved to the ground by Gerard. I also give kudos to Gavin Loudspeaker, who in addition to ring announcing did commentary for the majority of the show. My hat is off to you gents.


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