IWC: No Excuses 2011

Elizabeth, PA – 10.22.2011

Super Indy Ladder Match Qualifier
Icarus vs. Façade vs. Samuray Del Sol

Icarus uses Joey Ryan’s theme music for some reason. The winner of this match advances to a four way ladder match in December for the vacant Super Indy championship. Logan Shulo and Matt Cross are already set for that bout. Icarus superkicks Sol and puts a wristlock on Façade. Sol huracanrana’s Icarus. Everyone goes for a quick pin and fails. Icarus flips Façade and Sol out of a triple test of strength. Façade and Sol send him out with a dropkick. Sol springboards back and headscissors Façade to the corner. Icarus shoves Façade off the top rope to the floor and snaps Sol’s neck on the top rope for two. Icarus suplexes him thrice for a two count. Sol headscissors Icarus and wheelbarrows him into a two count. Façade knocks Icarus and Sol down with a springboard senton. Façade springboard moonsaults onto both of them and pins Sol for two. Façade follows them to the floor with a springboard corkscrew splash. Sol flies onto Icarus and Façade with a Fozberry Flop. Icarus superkicks Sol back in the ring. Façade springboard roundhouse kicks Sol. Icarus steals the pin for two. Façade enzuigiri’s Icarus. Sol hits a standing shiranui and Icarus breaks the pin. He delivers the Blu-ray to Sol. Façade breaks that pin. Façade drops Icarus with the Michinoku Driver. He puts him in the Cattle Mutiliation. Icarus taps out at 7:36. Façade’s stuff is so contrived and he did so many springboards that they meant nothing. Icarus and Sol did fine but the focus was on Façade. He’s the winner so that makes sense but this opening the show set a not-so-great tone. **

Super Indy Ladder Match Qualifier
Hallowicked vs. Jason Gory vs. Eric Ryan

The winner of this match also advances to a four way ladder match in December for the vacant Super Indy championship. Gory breaks a double lock-up and throws Ryan and Hallowicked together. Gory sends Hallowicked out with a step-up huracanrana. Ryan escapes a backslide and hits a rolling elbow. He armdrags Gory into a crucifix pin. We get a few quick roll-ups to no avail. Hallowicked and Ryan team up to beat down Gory. Ryan accidentally forearms Hallowicked and Gory takes them both over with some Eddie Guerreroesque moves. Both Hallowicked and Ryan end up on the floor, so Gory tope con hilo’s onto both of them. He brings in Hallowicked for a two count. Hallowicked nails a yakuza kick for two. He super snapmares Gory for two. Hallowicked delivers a step-up enzuigiri in the corner for two. He puts on a reverse chinlock. Gory breaks free and goes for a sunset flip. Hallowicked misses a seated splash and takes a 619. Ryan hits a springboard dropkick to Gory for two. Ryan blasts Gory with a knee strike for two. Gory blocks a 2k1 Bomb and delivers a neckbreaker across his knee. Gory avoids another super snapmare with a headscissors. Ryan tosses Gory up into Hallowicked’s Go 2 Sleep Hollow. Hallowicked powerbombs Ryan onto Gory. Hallowicked and Ryan fight over who goes for the pin. Gory dropkicks Hallowicked, forcing Hallowicked to DDT Ryan. Gory fights both men by himself. Ryan doublestomps Gory on the second rope and suicide dives onto Hallowicked. Ryan pins Gory for two. Hallowicked drops Ryan with a Rydeen Bomb. Gory breaks it up and drops Hallowicked with a Yoshi Tonic for two. Gory comes off the ropes with a lungblower on Ryan and a back splash on Hallowicked. He drops Ryan with a modified tombstone. Hallowicked shoves Gory out and pins Ryan at 11:05. That was only slightly better than the opener. I’ve seen all three guys do much better, so I was disappointed in the bout overall. Hallowicked heads to the four way ladder match in December. **1/4


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