Klunk In Love


Kingsport, TN – 10.8.2011

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush, Bryce Remsburg, Tim Donst, Gavin Loudspeaker, Chuck Taylor and UltraMantis Black.

Since Madison Eagles was hurt prior to this weekend, her scheduled match with Jessie McKay has been scrapped. There is no replacement bout so the card now stands at seven matches.

The show starts with Tim Donst’s “Who is the Man?” music video. If you have not seen the video, you should absolutely watch it here.

Chase Owens vs. Archibald Peck

Owens escapes a headlock with a Manhattan drop that sends Peck to the floor. Owens takes him over with two armdrags and dropkicks Peck back to the floor. Owens chases Peck around the ring. Owens takes him to the corner with a series of strikes back in the ring. Peck trips Owens head first into the top turnbuckle. Peck throws Owens face first into the corner and chokes him. Owens blocks a boot, allowing Peck to hit an enzuigiri for two. Owens escapes a side headlock. He clobbers Peck with a punch. Peck kicks Owens and drops him with a blockbuster for two. Peck stomps Owens in the corner and the bottom rope collapses. Peck uses the bottom rope to choke Owens again. Peck looks to hit Owens with the metal portion of a bottom turnbuckle. Owens fights up to block the attack. Owens lands a back elbow and nails a flying forearm. He blasts Peck with a kick to the side of the head after a Manhattan drop for two. Peck rolls to the floor to avoid a rolling forearm. Cabunny pulls Owens off the apron to prevent him from making a springboard move. The crowd LOVES Cabunny by the way. Peck places the bottom rope on Owens’ chest and drops an elbow for two. Owens puts his foot on the middle rope to break a headscissors. Peck hits a leg lariat for two. Owens throws Peck off the top to prevent the Cranial Crescendo. Owens and Peck collide foreheads as they come off the ropes. They trade forearms mid-ring. Peck and Owens go boot for boot. Owens side steps one and connects with a backbreaker for two. Owens counters the drum roll with a hip toss into a neckbreaker for two. Peck counters another strike and forearms Owens in the back of his neck. He side slams Owens for two. Peck follows up with the Cranial Crescendo for two. Owens comes back with a modified TKO and a rolling elbow. Cabunny pulls the referee out to prevent the pinfall. Veronica passes Peck her baton. He nails Owens in the face with it behind the referee’s back. Peck gets the pin at 12:59. I’m thrilled Owens got a long match to showcase his ability since he didn’t get that chance at Young Lions Cup IX. He and Peck had a very good back and forth match that the crowd ate up. Maybe it was Peck’s antics, the rope breaking or Colt Cabunny, but the wrestling was very good as well. ***

”12 Large: Summit” Tournament Match (Block A)
Hallowicked {SE} (4 Points) vs. Ophidian (2 Points)

The bottom rope is now completely gone. Ophidian snapmares his way out of a hammerlock. Ophidian uses his legs to apply a full nelson. Hallowicked escapes and trades pin attempts with Ophidian. Hallowicked runs the ropes to armdrag out of a courting hold. He throws Ophidian with a super snapmare and rolls him up for two. Ophidian drops him with an arm capture armbreaker, then DDT’s Hallowicked’s arm into the mat. Ophidian targets Hallowicked’s arm while keeping him grounded. When Hallowicked gets to his feet, Ophidian kicks his arm and boots him right down. He picks the arm apart some more but can’t manage to get a pin. Ophidian misses a quebrada. Hallowicked hip tosses Ophidian with his good arm. Ophidian dropkicks Hallowicked’s arm for a two count. Ophidian locks his legs around Hallowicked’s arms and leans back on his neck. Ophidian headbutts the arm and drops it over the top rope. Hallowicked blocks his double knees with the Rydeen bomb. Hallowicked brings him to the corner with forearms. He delivers a step-up enzuigiri. Ophidian headstands in the corner but gets caught with a step-up kick to the chest for two. Hallowicked breaks the Ophidian Death Grip by ramming Ophidian in the corner. Ophidian grounds Hallowicked to reapply it, but Hallowicked escapes again. Ophidian rolls through a super snapmare and successfully locks in the Death Grip. Hallowicked rams Ophidian into the corner head first, then takes him over with a step-up Frankensteiner. A yakuza kick gets him two. Ophidian fights off Hallowicked’s shoulders. Ophidian turns the Graveyard Smash into the Duat Driver. Ophidian connects with a 450 splash for two. Hallowicked catches Ophidian coming off the top rope with a kick to the stomach. Hallowicked rolls him up in La Magistral for the pin at 14:28. You have got to love Ophidian’s limb work and how it stunted Hallowicked’s attack plan. He couldn’t get the Graveyard Smash because of it and ended up having to use Ophidian’s vulnerability to sneak in a cradle for the pin. Ophidian yells at the referee claiming he kicked out. Perhaps that aggression is a sign of things to come. ***1/4

Icarus {F}, Chuck Taylor {F} & Johnny Gargano {F} vs. Obariyon {B}, Kodama {B} & Kobald {B}

As usual, Icarus is begged to not take off his track jacket so that we won’t see his back tattoo. Kobald slaps Icarus to bait him into their corner. All three Batiri members pounce and stomp the crap out of Icarus in the corner. Icarus manages to shove Obariyon to his corner and F.I.S.T. ow stomp the tar out of him. Obariyon shoves Gargano to his corner and he gets stomped silly. Same thing happens with Obariyon once again. Obariyon tags in Kodama, who headbutts and forearms Taylor on the mat. Kodama pulls on Taylor’s hair, which leads to the classic Rudos chain of illegal holds. Referee Bryce Remsburg breaks it up. Kobald knees Taylor in the back from the apron, allowing Obariyon to nail him with a running forearm for two. Taylor gets trapped and mauled in the Batiri corner. Obariyon accidentally knocks Kobald off the apron, allowing Taylor to bodyslam Obariyon and tag in Gargano. Gargano takes down Kodama multiple times before rolling him into a kick. Icarus fisherman suplexes Kodama and Obariyon breaks the pin. Obariyon escapes the Blu-ray and wheelbarrows Icarus into a neckbreaker from Kodama. Kobald comes off the top with a seated senton for two. Taylor and Obariyon trade forearms. Taylor drops him with Sole Food. Obariyon takes the F.I.S.T. Kicks, then a boot from Taylor into a back cracker from Icarus. Gargano’s superkick gets him a two count. Kodama trips Gargano into a knee strike from Obariyon. Kobald spears Gargano for two. Taylor and Icarus trip Kobald and Obariyon off the apron. Gargano slingshot spears Kobald. Icarus double stomps Kobald into a wheelbarrow DDT from Taylor. Gargano lifts Kobald into the Hurts Donut for the pin at 9:57. That finish is so killer that I’m glad F.I.S.T. adopted it from Ronin. This was fine for the time given but nothing blow away or extraordinary. **1/2

Fire Ant {C} & Soldier Ant {C} vs. Atsushi Kotoge {O} & Daisuke Harada {O}

Harada gets two with a Gedo clutch. Fire Ant escapes a headlock and grabs Harada’s leg. Harada and Fire Ant reach a stalemate. Soldier Ant tags in when Fire Ant has a wristlock applies. Harada breaks a hammerlock by bringing him to the corner and tagging in Kotoge. They each escape a waitlock and Soldier Ant salutes Kotoge. Kotoge runs around Soldier Ant who continuously turns to keep his eyes on him. Soldier Ant takes Kotoge to his corner. Fire Ant tags in and snapmares Kotoge into a chinlock. He releases to hit a senton for two. Kotoge and Fire Ant go back and forth ending with a flying yakuza kick. Soldier Ant forearms Kotoge off the middle rope and to the floor. Soldier Ant and Harada trade chops. Harada drapes Soldier Ant on the top rope and dropkicks Fire Ant to the floor. All four men end up in the ring. Kotoge hops of Harada’s back to elbow Fire Ant. The Osaka Pro team mock the Colony by hitting a tandem low dropkick to Soldier Ant and then hitting their trademark poses. Kotoge and Harada team up on Soldier Ant until Harada accidentally kicks Soldier Ant into a tag from Fire Ant. Fire Ant comes in with a crossbody. He sends Harada out with the Stop, Drop and Roll. The Colony double hip toss Kotoge and deliver a senton/headbutt combo for two. Fire Ant nails Harads with an enzuigiri and then Revenge of the Ants with Soldier Ant. Kotoge boots Fire Ant and takes Soldier Ant down with a dragonscrew leg whip. Soldier Ant ducks a clothesline and suicide dives onto Harada. Kotoge rolls out and superkicks Soldier Ant. Fire Ant comes off the top with a somersault senton onto everyone. Back in the ring, Kotoge and Fire Ant nail each other with kicks. Fire Ant drops him with a brainbuster and Harada breaks the pin. Fire Ant blocks a German suplex by Burning Down the House. Harada catches him with a hip toss into a knee strike for two. Soldier Ant and Harada exchange forearms. Soldier Ant wins with a rolling variation. Kotoge rolls in from the apron and delivers an ace crusher. Fire Ant and Kotoge fight on the top rope. Fire Ant throws him off with a super fireman’s carry. Soldier Ant hits a diving headbutt. Harada goes for a flying elbow but hits Kotoge by accident. Harada is sent out with the Ants Go Marching. The Colony hit a tandem cradle DDT for two. Soldier Ant dives onto Harada on the floor. Kotoge kicks Fire Ant and delivers a nasty headbutt. Fire Ant ducks an enzuigiri and hits the Yahtzee Kick. He drops Kotoge with the Beach Break for the pin at 16:48. That actually started out a bit slow but REALLY picked up the pace about half way through. I’d love to see a trios match between the two teams with Ultimate Spider Jr returning to team with Kotoge and Harada. The O-Pro team worked hard over these two shows and I hope we’ll see them again soon. ***1/2

Jigsaw says he and Mantis have known each other for a long time but have never been in the ring one-on-one. He mentions that if Mantis wins tonight, he gets a shot at the gold. He then says his frustrations regarding the tournament won’t allow him to let Mantis win and promises a victory tonight.

”12 Large: Summit” Tournament Match (Block B)
Jigsaw (4 Points) vs. UltraMantis Black {SE} (6 Points)

The bottom rope is back! Jigsaw escapes a waistlock into a wristlock. They exchange front facelocks, then chops in the corner. Mantis rolls Jigsaw into a pin out of an alita. Jigsaw hops over Mantis and rolls him into a low dropkick. Jigsaw comes off the second rope with a dropkick. Mantis grabs the bottom rope to break. Jigsaw gets two after a couple kicks to the back. Jigsaw double stomps Mantis after putting his neck on the bottom rope. Jigsaw gets two with a modified backbreaker. Jigsaw kicks Mantis to avoid a corner attack and rolls him up for two. Jigsaw applies a bodyscissors. Mantis grabs the bottom rope which pops the crowd huge. Mantis evades a top rope double stomp. He delivers rapid fire strikes and a full nelson slam. Mantis headbutts Jigsaw from the apron. Jigsaw enzuigiri’s him and goes for a sunset bomb to the floor. Mantis fights his way free. He goes for a huracanrana and ends up powerbombed onto the ring frame. Jigsaw lands the double stomp back in the ring for two. He follows up with the brainbuster for two. Mantis ducks a superkick and schoolboys Jigsaw for two. He drops Jigsaw on his head with a wristclutch suplex for two. Mantis gets two with the Cosmic Disaster. He goes for it again. Jigsaw slips out and German suplexes Mantis for two. He calls for the Jig N’ Tonic. Mantis reverses into the Praying Mantis Bomb. Jigsaw rolls to the floor. Mantis immediately rolls him back in. Jigsaw catches Mantis with a cradle for the pin at 12:48, spoiling Mantis’ title aspirations. This was quite weird, as Mantis really got beaten down the whole time. I’d just assume we’d see him be more aggressive and cunning considering how much was on the line. Regardless, I loved the finish and am happy we will have a one on one title match. ***

With that result, Mike Quackenbush (Block A Winner) vs. Eddie Kingston (Block B Winner) is officially the main event for “High Noon” with the winner becoming CHIKARA’s first ever Grand Champion.

Tim Donst says that the BDK won last night as a team in spite of Ares and Claudio not being around. Donst gives the credit for that victory to himself for leading the team to victory. He mentions how he went from being a nobody to the greatest Young Lions Cup champion ever and promises to become even greater after tonight.

Mike Quackenbush, Eddie Kingston, Green Ant {C} & Sugar Dunkerton {T} vs. Tim Donst {BDK}, Tursas {BDK}, Jakob Hammermeier {BDK} & Delirious {BDK}

Green Ant and Tursas start off. Donst and Delirious ambush Green Ant’s partners. Tursas goes for the Kruez Bomb but gets cut off by Kingston. Kingston’s chops have little effect. He hits an enzuigiri and dropkicks Hammermeier off the apron. Quack and Green Ant send Tursas to the floor with stereo running headbutts. Donst and Delirious attack them from behind. Quack and Green Ant send them to the floor and follow with stereo suicide dives. Dunkerton trips Hammermeier and dribbles his head into the mat. Dunkerton twists Hammermeier’s hair. Quack, Green Ant and Kingston all take turns working over his arm. Kingston Northern Light suplexes him for two. Dunkerton slams him and drops a trifecta of elbows, ending the third one with a Fargo strut. Dunkerton goes for a sunset flip. Delirious saves him by bulldogging Dunkerton. Tursas splashes Dunkerton on the back. Donst takes control, raking Dunkerton’s eyes across the top rope. Donst and the rest of the BDK cut the ring in half and beat down Dunkerton while mocking his other teammates. Dunkerton is able to come off the second rope and deliver an X-Factor to Delirious. The rest of the BDK attack his partners so that he can’t tag out. A body block by Tursas sends Dunkerton to the floor, legally tagging Green Ant in. Green Ant throws Tursas on the ropes, causing the middle rope to break. Green Ant uses the opening to dive onto all four BDK members. Quack chops Hammermeier to the corner. He hits a couple elbows and a low boot. Quack suplexes Hammermeier into an Atomic drop by Green Ant. Quack palm strikes Hammermeier allowing Green Ant to turn him into a cloverleaf. Delirious looks to save but Quack puts him in his own cloverleaf. Tursas knocks both Quack and Green Ant town. He and Donst hit a neckbreaker/slam combo on Quack for two. Quack shoves Donst to the floor to avoid a Gator Roll. Quack cannonballs off the apron onto all four BDK opponents. Kingston lights up Tursas with strikes in the ring. Kingston nails a rolling forearm and a lariat to his neck and throat to knock him down. Delirious knocks down Kingston. Dunkerton drops him with a butterfly lock. Hammermeier drops him with a neck breaker across his back. Green Ant takes him out and Donst Gator Rolls him. Quack rolls Donst into the CHIKARA Special. Delirious saves him. Kingston and Delirious exchange strikes. Kingston Dragon suplexes him. Tursas splashes Kingston to break the pin. Green Ant goes for a bodyslam. Hammermeier and Donst fight him off and send him to the floor. Dunkerton tries to fight them both off. He drops them with a double X-Factor. Tursas dropkicks him to the floor. Kingston Saito suplexes Donst while Green Ant and Tursas brawl on the floor. Donst ducks the backfist, causing Kingston to accidentally hit Quack on the apron with the move. Donst drops Kingston the with Donstitution for the pin at 20:43. This all leads me to believe that Donst is going to lead the BDK, or at least certain members next season. Two pinfall victories in back-to-back Atomicos matches has got to mean something. Kingston accidentally hitting Quack with the Backfist right after we found out that they would be in the main event of “High Noon” for the title was pretty nifty as well. Action wise, this was on point with the eight man from last night even with the rope break. ***1/4

Green Ant and Tursas continue to brawl, including Tursas hurling a chair towards Green Ant. They finally get broken up. The BDK head to the back while Kingston looks frustrated in the ring.

Backstage, Sara Del Rey says she knows Kana’s an amazing athelete. She knows it will be a challenge to beat her, but since she’s the Queen of wrestling, she’s looking forward to that challenge.

Sara Del Rey vs. Kana

Sara blocks some kicks and rolls to the floor when Kana grabs her leg for an ankle lock. By the way, the middle rope is back but has been replaced with the bottom rope. We’re now back to having no bottom rope for the match. Sara trips Kana and twists on her ankle. Kana grapevines Sara’s leg. Sara grabs the ring apron to break. Kana grabs a standing Fujiwara armbar. Sara rolls out and grapevines Kana’s leg again. Kana reverses. Sara kicks Kana’s neck area, forcing Kana to relinquish the hold. Sara sits down on Kana’s leg. Kana kicks Sara’s face and grabs her leg. Sara breaks free and dropkicks Kana to the corner. Kana slaps Sara, and Sara responds with a kick to the chest. Kana snapmares Sara and Dragon kicks her. Angry, Sara tries for the same. Kana rolls away to avoid the kick. Kana brings her back to the mat in a key lock. She goes for the Fujiwara. Sara turns it around and applies it herself. Kana slips out and twists Sara’s ankle. Sara kicks Kana as he’s against the ropes. Kana trips her into a side headlock. Kana rolls out of a headscissors back into the headlock. Sara powers out with a suplex for one. Sara suplexes her again for two. Kana goes for some rapid strikes. Sara headbutts Kana to stop her, then boots her in the face. Kana recovers and gets the Fujiwara on successfully. Sara positions her foot under the ropes to escape. Kana chops Sara in the chest multiple times. Kana forearms her out of the corner and low dropkicks her in the side of the head. Kana roundhouse kicks her in the side of the head. Sara uses the last of her energy to deliver a Koppu Kick. Both women slowly recover. Sara and Kana aggressively throw forearms. Kana goes to Sara’s left leg. Sara knees Kana and axe kicks her for two. Kana hits a German suplex. Sara connects with a rolling forearm. Kana delivers a sliding boot. Sara locks in a modified crossface to block Kana’s submission attempt. Sara then puts Kana in a sleeper hold bodyscissors. Kana turns it into a grapevine ankle lock. Sara gets the middle rope. Kana kicks Sara multiple times. Her kickpad flies off, leaving her exposed foot and shin. She kicks Sara right in the head with it. Kana picks up Sara, and Sara turns a suplex attempt into a German suplex for two. Kana transitions right into a key lock. Sara fights free. Kana knocks her back down with a roundhouse kick for two. Sara kicks Kana in the shoulder to block an armbar. She throws her with a butterfly suplex for two. Sara follows with a piledriver for the pin at 18:11. If memory serves me correctly, this is the first time a singles match between two women has main evented a CHIKARA show. Well, if ever a match deserved it, it’s this one. These two beat each other mercilessly, twisted each others’ limbs and never let up for a second. Sara got lucky by blocking the armbar, then using two devastating offensive maneuvers to end up the victor. If stiff, relentlessly striking is your cup of tea, then by all means search this match out. ***3/4


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