AIW: They Live

Cleveland, OH – 10.2.2011

Archibald Peck vs. John Kermon vs. Tony Kozina vs. AERO! vs. Façade vs. Izeah Bonds

Kozina and Façade reach a stalemate. Kermon and AERO tag in. Kermon eats a dropkick after back elbowing AERO to the mat. AERO sends Kermon out with a wheelbarrow armdrag. Peck sends AERO to the floor and celebrates. Bonds tags in and questions Peck’s tactics. Peck fails to slam the larger Bonds. Bonds drops a cartwheel elbow for two. Peck boots Bonds but gets sent to the corner. Bonds hits a wind-up clothesline. Peck gets chased around the ring. He catches Bonds with a boot. AERO and Façade come in as Bonds suplexes Peck on the floor. Kermon sends Façade out. Façade hits a springboard double clothesline on Kermon and AERO. He then hits a double moonsault DDT onto both of them as well. Peck drop toe holds Bonds into the ring steps. Kozina knocks down Façade and goes up top. Façade dropkicks Kozina onto AERO and Kermon on the floor. Peck knocks Façade down with a leg lariat and suicide dives onto the three men on the floor. Bonds then slingshot senton’s onto them. Façade finally walks the ropes into a springboard cannonball senton onto everyone, causing him to hit the guardrail by accident as well. In the ring, Façade drops Peck with a springboard bulldog. Kermon crotches Façade on the top rope. The ol’ tower of doom combo (which Peck wisely stays out of) sees Façade take the worse beating. Peck pins everybody individually but fails to get a three count. Peck sees the opportunity to hit the Cranial Crescendo on five people at once. Of course, he misses everybody. Kozina pins Peck for two. Peck gives Façade a spin-out gutbuster for two. Kermon hits an inside out suplex on Peck for two. AERO drops Kermon with a wrist-capture reverse STO for two. Bonds delivers a spinebuster to AERO. The Pop Fly gets him two as Peck and Kozina break the pin. Façade German suplexes Peck for two. Façade puts Peck into a modified Cattle Mutilation. Peck taps out at 10:39. Crazy, fun stuff all around. Everyone who needed to stand out did and it was certainly a better showing for Façade than the last AIW show. **3/4

Chest Flexor comes out to introduce his mystery team. He first asks for Johnny Gargano and Tim Donst, his mystery teams opponents, to come out first so he can see the looks on their faces. Dave Dawson is the referee for this match, by the way. Once they’re in the ring, Flexor tells them that this team e-mailed Flexor asking to join Flexor Industries if it meant facing Gargano and Donst. That teams turns out to be Aeroform, who run out and attack Gargano and Donst.

Johnny Gargano & Tim Donst vs. Flip Kendrick & Louis Lyndon

Gargano and Lyndon fight on the floor right away. Donst clotheslines Kendrick to the floor and chops him against the guardrail. Lyndon whips Gargano into the guardrail. Gargano shoves Lyndon into some chairs. Donst also brings Kendrick into the crowd where he bashes him with forearms. Lyndon whips Gargano into some chairs while Donst throws Kendrick face first into the announcer’s table and a wall. Donst clobbers Lyndon with foearms across his face. Lyndon and Kendrick whip Gargano and Donst back first into a wall. Kendrick misses a backflip and gets sent into a wall. Gargano superkicks Lyndon and brings him back into the ring. Donst and Gargano double team Lyndon while Kendrick recovers in the crowd. Flexor distracts Gargano on the floor, allowing Lyndon to somersault dive onto him. Dawson blocks Donst from helping him out. This allows Aeroform to bring Gargano to their corner and beat him down. Gargano manages to catch Kendrick with a slingshot spear, allowing him to tag Donst in. Lyndon however distracts Dawson from seeing the tag. Gargano shoves Kendrick into the Lyndon and drops them both with a reverse STO/DDT combo. Dawson sees Gargano’s second tag out, letting Donst to clean house. He suplexes Lyndon and moves so that Kendrick frogsplashes Lyndon. He gut wrench suplexes Kendrick twice, then Aeroform simultaneously. Gargano suicide dives onto Lyndon and then Kendrick. Donst drops Kendrick with the Gator Roll. Dawson slow counts, giving Lyndon time to break up the pin. Lyndon sends Donst to the floor. Gargano rolls Lyndon into a low enzuigiri. Lyndon pump kicks Gargano in the corner. He moonsaults into a Dragon sleeper. Donst breaks the hold. Donst bulldogs Lyndon. Lyndon responds with an enzuigiri. He looks for a moonsault but Gargano catches him mid-air with a dropkick. Gargano lawn darts him into the corner and nails a running knee strike. Kendrick moonsaults onto him to break the pin. Kendrick hurancanrana’s Donst in the corner. Donst delivers the Donst Cap and German suplexes him out of the corner for two. Kendrick hits a Pele kick. Donst suplexes him into the corner for two. Kendrick huracanrana’s Donst off of Lyndon’s shoulders for two. Kendrick accidentally enzuigiri’s Lyndon. Gargano superkicks both members of Aeroform. Gargano hits Lyndon with the IED. Donst drops Kendrick with an STO. He brings Lyndon off with a super Donstitution. Donst then transitions into the CHIKARA Special. Gargano drops Kendrick with the Hurts Donut into the Gargano Escape. Both Aeroform members are tapping out while Flexor distracts Dawson. Donst gets poweder thrown in his eyes, allowing him to accidentally attack Gargano. Lyndon pins Gargano at 18:50. That was a very good tag match up until the cheap finish. It stinks to get that invested in a match that long only for it to end that way, even if I do understand why it was done. It made more sense in the Beverly match then it did here. Donst and Gargano did a good job as a team and I continue to wonder where this angle is going. ***1/4

Read my review of the entire show right here.


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