Osaka Pro: Saturday Night Story ~ Violet September Series

Osaka, Japan – 9.23.2011

Eddie Kingston & Tadasuke vs. Shigehiro Irie & Kazuaki Mihara

The match is joined in progress with Kingston and Tadasuke double teaming Mihara. Irie and Mihara sit down on Tadasuke and Kingston to avoid stereo sunset flips. Kingston knocks both men down. Tadasuke hits the Last Ride on Mihara for the pin at 0:57 shown of 12:29. Kingston being apart of the Joker stable was a great idea. As the (unofficial) CHIKARA ambassador, him teaming with the current Young Lions Cup champion was a great idea as well.

Green Ant is with Fire Ant. He says he has seen how tough Harada is before and he can’t wait to take the Osaka Pro tag titles tag titles off of him and Kotoge.

Osaka Pro Tag Team Championship
Astushi Kotoge & Daisuke Harada (Champions) vs. Fire Ant & Green Ant

Green Ant armdrags Harada into a seatbelt pin for two. Harada armdrags Green Ant. Green Ant avoids a trip and hits a dropkick. Fire Ant tags in and double hip tosses Harada. The Colony hit a splash/legdrop combo. Harada rolls out to tag in Kotoge. The Colony hit Revenge of the Ants, sending Kotoge to the floor. Kotoge and Harada take the advantage, double teaming both Colony members separately. Harada and Kotoge attack Green Ant’s arm. Green Ant hops to the apron. Fire Ant tags in. Green Ant dropkicks Kotoge from the apron. Fire Ant hits the Yahtzee Kick and a brainbuster for two. Fire Ant gets two with a somersault senton. The Colony isolate Kotoge in their corner. Kotoge nails Fire Ant with a dropkick allowing him to tag in Harada. He forearms Fire Ant and back elbows Green Ant. He overhead suplexes Fire Ant onto Green Ant. Harada double stomps Green Ant on his stomach and then on his back for two. Harada Northern Light suplexes Green Ant for two. Green Ant springs off the second rope with a headbutt to the chest for two. He puts Harada in the Cloverleaf. Kotoge forearms Green Ant but Green Ant won’t let go. Green Ant eats a headbutt and sends one right back at Kotoge. They headbutt each other simultaneously. Fire Ant flies in with a crossbody. He Burns Down the House with Kotoge, only to be knocked down with a springboard elbow from him moments later for two. Harada suplexes Fire Ant. Kotoge springboard splashes him for two. Fire Ant sends Harada out with a headscissors. He hits a springboard hilo onto both Kotoge and Harada. Fire Ant helps Green Ant drop Harada with a torture rack slam for two. Green Ant puts Harads in the CHIKARA Special. Kotoge fights off Fire Ant and breaks the hold. A double cradle DDT from the Colony is followed by a top rope senton and a diving headbutt. Harada manages to kick out at two. Kotoge and Fire Ant brawl on the middle rope. Green Ant hops off their shoulders and splashes onto Harada. Kotoge breaks the pin. Kotoge superkicks Green Ant after a failed roll up. He catches Fire Ant coming off the second rope with a superkick too. He hits a tilt-a-whirl DDT and a moonsault on Green Ant for two. Kotoge hits the Killswitch. Fire Ant breaks the pin, and Kotoge pitches him to the floor. Green Ant gets pummeled with strikes and kicks. Kotoge gets two with a low superkick. Kotoge tope con hilo’s onto Fire Ant. Harada and Green Ant trade forearms. Harada hits a rolling variation for two. Harada delivers a hip toss knee strike. Kotoge kicks Green Ant from the floor into Harada’s bridging German suplex for the pin at 18:36. This was nearly on par with the Harada/Kotoge vs. Colony match from Kingsport. The Colony got to showcase a lot and came off as formidable foes on the tag champs’ home turf. I wish more of this Osaka Pro footage would be released. ***1/4


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