Odyssey of the Twelfth Talisman


Brockton, MA – 9.17.2011

Commentary is provided by Gavin Loudspeaker, Sinn “Kizarny” Bodhi, Bryce Remsburg, Eddie Kingston, Steve “The Turtle” Weiner, Gavin Loudspeaker, Johnny Gargano and Leonard F. Chikarason.

Dasher Hatfield reminds us that it was The Batiri who cheated to cost them their three points at King of Trios. Hatfield takes a vow of silence until he and Sugar Dunkerton win Los Campeonatos de Parejas. Dunkerton says they asked for the Batiri tonight so they can prove that they are the better team. He says The Batiri are nothing but a stepping stone towards their championship reign. Hatfield breaks his vow and hypes up Dunkerton for their bout.

Dasher Hatfield {T} & Sugar Dunkerton {T} vs. Obariyon {B} & Kodama {B}

A brawl ensues between all four men at the bell. Kodama and Dunkerton fight on the floor while Hatfield and Obariyon brawl in the ring. Hatfield baits Obariyon into a kick from the second rope. He crossbody’s Obariyon for two. Dunkerton and Kodama tag in. Dunkerton delivers two atomic drops and a leg sweep for two. Dunkerton dribbles his head against the mat. Hatfield dropkicks Kodama while Dunkerton holds him by the chin. Obariyon brings Kodama outside. The Batiri grab Hatfield’s legs and wishbone them to turn the tide. The Batiri team up on Hatfield, targeting his left leg. Bryce Remsburg misses Hatfield’s initial tag out, allowing the Batiri some time to inflict more damage to Dasher. Hatfield finally fights them off with a double overhead suplex. He tags in Dunkerto who delivers multiple jabs to both Obariyon and Kodama. He boots Kodama in the side of the head then drops him from a Death Valley Driver onto his Converse shoes. Kodama and Dunkerton trade right hands. Kizarny leaves the announcer’s booth and gets on the apron. It backfires, allowing Dunkerton to crotch Obariyon on the top rope. He throws Kodama onto Kizarny. Hatfield drops Obariyon with the Suicide Squeeze. Dunkerton hits a flying elbow drop for the pin at 7:41. I am really impressed with how far both teams progressed since their match in May. You could tell that each team’s synergy and timing has greatly improved. With that, we got a much better encounter this time around. This was a fun way to kick the show off. The Throwbacks now have two points. **3/4

Marshe Rockett {ST} vs. Johnny Gargano {F}

This is a rematch from 2008 when these two met in the first round of the Young Lions Cup VI tournament. Rockett won that encounter. Rockett mocks Gargano’s height by asking for a test of strength. He uses referee Jon Barber as a foot stool but then decides against it. Gargano kicks Rockett in the leg and grabs a wristlock. Rockett chops to escape. Gargano trips Rockett to end a wristlock exchange. Rockett hits a beautiful dropkick but misses a corner splash. He comes out of the corner with a bulldog. Rockett comes off the top with a crossbody for two. Gargano knocks him down with a forearm across the forehead. Gargano twists on Rockett’s leg in the ropes then dropkicks him there. Gargano gives Rockett two spinning toe holds mid-ring. He applies a figure four leg lock. Rockett turns it over, so Gargano grabs the ropes to break the hold. Gargano rolls Rockett into a low kick. Rockett rolls to the floor. Gargano goes for a dive, but Rockett comes back in and catches Gargano with a powerslam. Rockett drops him with a modified gord buster. Gargano cuts off his dive with a slingshot spear for two. Rockett counters a clothesline with a DDT for two. Gargano blocks two ace crusher attempts. Rockett blocks a superkick and chops him twice. Gargano hits a superkick but gets caught with the M-80. Gargano puts his foot on the ropes to break the pin. Gargano puts Barber in his way when Rockett goes up top. Gargano brings him down and drops him with the Hurts Donut for the pin at 9:30. The finish was cheap, but given Gargano’s character and what was to come in his and Taylor’s match tomorrow night (wink wink), this was a really good way to give Gargano momentum. This was just as good as their initial meeting in 2008, if not better. ***

New England Showcase Match
Doug Summers, JT Dunn, Amber, Davey Cash & Kris Pyro vs. Todd Sople, Triplelicious, Buddy Romano, Tommy Trainwreck & Devin Blaze

The second team is using the same theme that Anthony Franco and Matt Turner used back in 2005. That’s remarkable. Blaze and Dunn start off. Dunn yakuza kicks him in the head and delivers a swinging neckbreaker. Romano comes in and kicks Dunn to the floor. Summers tags in and eats a clothesline. They go back and forth until Summers sends Romano to the floor with a frog splash. Trainwreck tags in. He and Summers have a pretty clumsy exchange. Trainwreck kicks Dunn in the face. Pyro comes in and moves tepidly with Trainwreck. Pyro sends Trainwreck to the floor with a double clutch armdrag. Blaze tags back in. He and Pyro fight for a hip toss. Blaze hopes off the ropes into an armdrag. They duck each other’s kicks and knock one another to the floor. Cash and Sople tag in. Cash sends Sople out with a huracanrana. Triplelicious tags in and drops Cash with a messy looking tombstone type move. Amber gets a great reaction upon tagging in. Triplelicious applies pressure to her arm, so she uses the ropes to armdrag her way free. She takes him down with a toreador and a headscissors. Trainwreck tags in. Blaze helps him escape an O’Conner roll. Blaze boots Amber in the head. Trainwreck and Blaze damn near paralyze Amber with a terrible double hip toss. Amber gets trapped in the Rudo corner. She kicks Trainwreck and bulldogs Blaze to tag Summers back in. He attacks Romano and Sople in the corner. He brings in Triplelicious and hits a shining wizard for two. Summers and Pyro hit Romaon with the Hart Attack for two. Sople catches Pyro with a Boss Man Slam. Now Pyro is the one who the Rudos team up on. Pyro drops Trainwreck and Blaze with two different DDT’s to finally tag out to Cash. He dropkicks Triplelicious and Romano simultaneously. He knocks Sople down with a forearm and spinwheel kick. Blaze suplexes Cash but Pyro comes in with a doublestomp to break the pin. Trainwreck suplexes Pyro but Dunn frog splashes to break the pin. Triplelicious comes in with a legdrop to break that pin. Summers gives Triplelicious a hangman’s neckbreaker. Romano gives Summers an exploder suplex. Sople palm strikes Cash and delivers a butterfly DDT. Pyro, Amber, and Dunn all dive onto their opponents. Blaze kicks Pyro to block his dive. Pyro suplexes Blaze onto the crowd of people on the floor. Blaze double knees Dunn back in the ring. Dunn hits The Juice (a wheelbarrow back cracker) for the pin at 20:06.

This was basically ten people trying to do a CHIKARA match, except they’re not as coordinated or as in shape as them. The majority of this was pretty sloppy and felt every minute as long as it was. This was billed as being a New England Showcase, but the problem is that with ten people, nobody got showcased. In fact I think the people who got the most ring time were some of the weakest amongst the bunch. I give major kudos for the hometown crowd getting behind them and giving them an extraordinary reaction, but this did nothing for me. *

Jigsaw laments the fact that he’s 0-2 in the 12 Large: Summit so far. He reminds us that Vin Gerard tried to take out Eddie Kingston at Chikarasaurus Rex, but Jigsaw ended up taking Gerard out instead. He says he’s going to take out Gerard once again tonight not only for the 12 Large: Summit but because they have personal history.

“12 Large: Summit” Tournament Match (Block A)
Jigsaw (0 Points) vs. Vin Gerard (2 Points)

Gerard makes a quip about being the true “Last of a Dying Breed” since Eddie Kingston is on commentary. Jigsaw mocks Gerard’s flabby physique by doing some sit-ups. Jigsaw does more sit-ups to escape Gerard’s leg hold into a headlock. Gerard rolls into a pin forcing Jigsaw to release. Jigsaw does sit-ups after locking Gerard’s legs in a figure seven. He kicks Gerard and breaks the hold. Jigsaw armdrags Gerard into a kick to the head. Jigsaw sunset flips Gerard from the apron, then crucifix pins and Gedo clutches him for two. Jigsaw goes through the same pin sequence again. The fans mockingly chant “STIGMA” at him. Jigsaw baits Gerard into the pin sequence again. Gerard blocks it the fourth time, so Jigsaw sends Gerard to the floor and follows with a suicide dive. In the ring Jigsaw digs his knee into Gerard’s back and stretches his arms back. Gerard blocks the stunner and drops him with an STO. Gerard tackles Jigsaw’s knees and applies pressure to it in the corner. On the floor Gerard puts Jigsaw in the STF. Gerard waits till the 11 count to release, then kicks Jigsaw’s leg some more. He back rakes Jigsaw and slams his leg against the ring apron. Gerard stalls enough for Jigsaw to roll him up for two. Jigsaw trips Gerard and goes for the Stunner. Gerard block so Jigsaw falls back and kicks Gerard in the head. Jigsaw elbows and kicks Gerard in the corner. He comes in with a corner stomp for two. Gerard kicks out Jigsaw’s knee and hits an enzuigiri for two. Gerard blocks the brainbuster and backfists Jigsaw. Kingston has to be held back at the commentation station. Gerard mocks some of Kingston’s mannerisms some more. Jigsaw however comes back with a pair of kicks and a brainbuster for two. Gerard ducks a low superkick and turns Jigsaw into the STF. Gerard misses the Sliding D and eats a low superkick for the pin at 12:48. I really like how Gerard spent so much time on Jigsaw’s body part, but his arrogance got the best of him and cost him the match. Jigsaw put in a good effort but Gerard seemed a little off. Regardless, they told a good story and got a good reaction throughout. Kingston has to be held back as Gerard exits the ring. **3/4

Ophidian says the Osirian Portal has been in a state of fluctuation due to his string of losses, Amasis’ injury and Hieracon’s world tour. His confidence however is not shaken, and dedicates his presumed victory over Chuck Taylor to Amasis.

Ophidian {OP} vs. Chuck Taylor {F}

This is billed as a battle of “Rey de Voladores” tournament winners. Ophidian won the 2010 version while Taylor won the inaugural tournament in 2007. Taylor boots Ophidian after taking a wheelbarrow armdrag. Ophidian catches him with a flying boot, sending Taylor to the floor. Taylor takes a drink of water then boots Ophidian when he re-enters the ring. Taylor delivers some strikes in the corner. Ophidian headstands in the opposite corner, then comes down with a backslide for two. Ophidian rolls him into a Magistral cradle for two, then leans back on top of Taylor’s back and neck. Taylor powers out, so Ophidian Gedo clutches him for two. Ophidian looks to Skin the Snake but Taylor dropkicks him to the floor instead. Taylor delivers some strikes around the corners of the ring. Ophidian looks to come off the apron but Taylor superkicks him instead. In the ring Ophidian bits Taylor in the chest. Taylor shoves him away and delivers a suplex. Taylor applies a headscissors. Ophidian keeps trying to escape, so Taylor turns to his knees and skullf*cks him. Ophidian armdrags Taylor to break a modified abdominal stretch. Ophidian fights up with some forearms. He connects with a spin kick knocking both men down. Ophidian armdrags Taylor to the corner. He delivers double knees and then a modified Code Breaker. He follows Taylor to the floor with a twisting tope. Ophidian kicks Taylor from the apron. He hits a top rope legdrop for two. Ophidian goes for Déjà vu but gets caught with two back breakers and a powerslam for two. Taylor misses a moonsault. Ophidian rolls up and DDT’s Taylor for two. Taylor hops out of the corner to avoid a shoulder attack. Taylor kicks Ophidian in the middle rope, then delivers an inverted DDT onto the ring apron. Taylor hits a uranage and low superkick for two. Ophidian moonsault presses into a prawn hold for two. Taylor cracks him with a boot. Ophidian wheelbarrows off Taylor into the Duat Driver. He misses a 450 splash but hits Ganki for two. Ophidian applies the Death Grip. Taylor breaks in the corner and drops him with an inverted Awful Waffle for the pin at 14:16. This was not the high flying affair you would expect from a match billed as a battle of Rey de Voladores winners, but it was still a very good encounter. Taylor’s aggression and cunning outdid Ophidian’s flash and panache. It was a great way to make Taylor seem like a legitimate threat to the Campeonatos de Parejas, and Gargano coming out for a hug at the end was a nice little touch. ***1/4

Sara Del Rey reminds us that she defeated Claudio Castagnoli at Chikarasaurus Rex, but then Claudio left her and Daizee Haze laying. She knows that all the BDK members take their orders from Ares and she plans to get retribution on him tonight.

Sara Del Rey vs. Ares {BDK}

Ares has some words with Sara and she yells right back at him. She kicks away at Ares’ arm and knocks him down with one to the chest. Ares gets in a couple strikes before Sara keeps on him with chops. Ares rakes her eyes and chops her in the corner. Sara shoves him away and boots him in the chest. She kicks him in the back for two. She rolls up Ares for two. Sara traps Ares in the ropes and delivers multiple chest kicks from the apron. She sends Ares to the floor with an armdrag to block a punch. She throws him face first into a chair then against the ring apron. Ares catches his breath once Sara gets back in the ring. She keeps going for a kick as Ares gets close to the ring. He looks to head to the locker room but Sara grabs him and throws him into the ring apron. She places Ares in an office chair and kicks him away (while Kingston sings some Dead or Alive). Ares throws Sara into the ring post. Jakob Hammermeier distracts the referee while Ares rams Sara’s back multiple times into the ring frame. In the ring, Ares headbutts Sara in the chest for two. Ares twists on her neck and rakes her eyes. Ares drops her with a twisting neckbreaker for two. He drops a fist for two. Ares runs the ropes and applies a chinlock. Sara breaks it but Ares throws her down by her hair. Sara escapes a Samoan Drop by throwing Ares head first into a middle turnbuckle with a roll-up. Sara knocks him down with a rolling forearm and three big boots. She Koppu Kicks him for two. She knee strikes Ares presumably looking for a suplex. She let’s go and kicks Ares, sending him to the floor with one final knee strike. Sara comes off the apron with a somersault senton. In the ring she DDT’s Ares and rolls him into a Guillotine choke. Ares grabs the ropes to escape. Ares gets a chinbreaker in and then drops her with a spinning suplex for two. Ares gets two with a Blue Thunder Driver. Ares misses a somersault senton off the top rope. Sara stomps on his head for two. Ares goes for a Samoan Drop but Sara instead transitions into the Dragon Sleeper. Ares breaks in the corner. She goes for a triangle choke. Ares powerbombs her, but Sara applies the hold on the mat anyway. Ares taps out at 16:49. I loved Sara’s utter dominance over Ares for the majority of the match. It proved without a shadow of a doubt that she was above the BDK and could now move on to bigger and better things. Ares played his role well and also deserves credit for a great match. ***

“12 Large: Summit” Tournament Match (Block A)
Mike Quackenbush (4 Points) vs. Icarus {F} (4 Points)

Icarus goes for Quack before the bell. Quack side steps the attack and chops Icarus in the corner. Quack sends him to the floor and follows with a tope con hilo. Icarus tries to hide in the crowd. Quack finds him and throws him back in the ring. He sweeps Icarus’ leg and drops double knees on his chest. Icarus rolls to the apron and berates a fan. He snaps Quack’s neck on the top rope and hits a top rope dropkick. Quack small packages Icarus for two. Icarus knocks him down with a clothesline. He legdrops Quack twice for a two count. Quack escapes a headlock. He connects with a running crossbody for two. Icarus drop toe holds Quack on the middle rope and leaps onto Quack’s back and neck. Icarus slams Quack chest first on the ring frame. Quack gives him a quebradora on the floor. Icarus legdrops Quack’s neck as Quack tries to come back in the ring. Quack catches Icarus’ top rope legdrop and puts him in the sharpshooter. Icarus gets the ropes to escape. He thrusts his hands into Quack’s throat and applies a choke. He then chokes Quack with his own wrist tape. Quack blocks a monkey flip and turns Icarus over in a reverse figure seven. Icarus crawls to the corner to escape. He throws Quack’s face into the second turnbuckle. Quack blocks the Pedigree with a backslide for two. Icarus blocks the Black Tornado Slam with a roll-up. Quack blocks the roll-up with the CHIKARA Special. Icarus taps out at 6:59. That was a super effective match for the time allotted. It was a nice competitive sprint that made both guys look strong. **3/4

Fire Ant {C}, Soldier Ant {C} & Green Ant {C} vs. Tim Donst {BDK}, Tursas {BDK} & Jakob Hammermeier {BDK}

Tursas and Green Ant stand-off allowing Hammermeier to attack Green Ant from behind. Green Ant wins the exchange, but Donst attacks him from behind after putting Hammermeier in an arm hold. Donst pitches Green Ant to the floor. Fire Ant tags in and Lucha’s the crap out of Donst. He sends Donst out with a fireman’s carry. Fire Ant goes for a dive but is caught off by a dropkick from Tursas. Soldier Ant stands up to Tursas. Even though he gets booted, Soldier Ant stays strong and jumps on his back with a sleeper hold. Tursas spins until he’s able to throw Soldier Ant off. Soldier Ant ducks a boot and sends Tursas to the floor with a headscissors. Hammermeier back rakes Soldier Ant. Soldier Ant slams Hammermeier, then salutes as Green Ant and Fire hit a senton/legdrop combo. Soldier Ant headbutts him for two. He gives Donst a chinbreaker. The Colony all attack Donst in the corner. Donst suplexes Fire Ant to the corner. Tursas knocks Soldier Ant and Green Ant down with simultaneous clotheslines. Donst keeps Fire Ant and Green Ant on the floor, then helps Tursas with a double team takedown on Soldier Ant. The BDK does a bit more damage until Soldier Ant evades Hammermeier’s knee drop. Green Ant tags in and beats down Hammermeier. Donst however comes in and drops Green Ant across Hammermeier’s knee with an STO. Tursas then senton splashes Green Ant for two. Green Ant gets bullied by the BDK in their half of the ring. Green Ant makes a comeback by giving Donst a headbutt from the second rope. Fire Ant tags in and gives Hammermeier a crossbody. He hits Tursas with an antzuigiri. Fire Ant drops Donst with a swinging DDT. He sweeps Hammermeier into a dropkick on Tursas. He Burns Down the House (on Hammermeier) then the Colony hit the triple dropkick to Tursas and Hammermeier in the corner. Fire Ant gets Antapulted onto Tursas on the floor. Soldier Ant and Green Ant suicide dive onto Donst and Hammermeier on the other side of the ring. Soldier Ant Northern Lights suplexes Hammermeier for two. Green Ant goes for a diving headbutt. Donst tries to catch him with an ace crusher but ends up mis-timing the attack. Green Ant tries to sunset flip Tursas to avoid a Razor’s Edge. It fails, so Tursas tries a seated splash. That too fails, allowing Green Ant to hit a running headbutt to him. He goes for the Cloverleaf. Hammermeier cuts him off with a neckbreaker. Fire Ant hits Hammermeier with the Yahtzee Kick and drops him with a brainbuster. Donst breaks the count and suplexes Fire Ant. Soldier Ant hits a top rope headbutt on Donst for two. Soldier Ant applies the CHIKARA Special. Tursas breaks the hold. Soldier Ant takes care of Donst while Green Ant lays in strikes to Tursas. Green Ant drops him with a neckbreaker. Green Ant lariats Hammermeier. The Colony execute the Ant Hill on Hammermeier for the win at 17:11. A lot of mistiming prevented this from be anything extraordinary, but the crowd’s reaction to the Colony was out of this world and really helped the match out. The Colony and Donst really kept this match together. ***

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