PWS: Fight Night 2011

Ronkonkoma, NY – 8.20.2011

Eddie Kingston vs. Carlos Colon Jr.

Colon is better known as WWE star Carlito. Before the match, Colon has an interaction with a wrestler named Heltor Skeltor who Colon calls gay and spits apple in his face. Kingston attacks Colon from behind. The bell officially rings as Kingston continues his beating on the floor, hitting on a lovely fan in the front row in the process. Colon whips Kingston into the guardrail. Kingston chokes Colon while he’s seated in a chair. In the ring he snapmares Colon into a chinlock. Colon recovers and gives Kingston ten punches in the corner. Colon whips Kingston t the opposite corner. He misses an attack, crotching himself in the corner. Kingston boots Carlito from a seated position for two. Kingston chokes him on the middle rope. Colon ducks a clothesline and hits one of his own. He knee strikes Kingston to the mat and hits a back elbow from the second rope for two. Kingston delivers an atomic drop/big boot combo for two. Kingston calls for the Backfist. Colon ducks and delivers a spinning neckbreaker. Skeltor gets on the apron to distract the referee. Kingston kicks Colon in the nuts and small packages him for the pin at 7:39. That was just as average as any of Carlito’s WWE matches were. The weak finish didn’t help either, but at least their crowd interactions were entertaining. **

Just to make sure the fans go home happy, Carlito gives Kingston the Back Stabber after the match.

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