ACE: Anarchy

Union City, NJ – 8.13.2011

Battle Bowl Qualifying Match
Eddie Kingston & FNB vs. Neeno Capone & Thomas Rodriguez

FNB controls and abuses Capone’s arm. FNB shoulder blocks him down. Capone let’s FNB runs the ropes before tripping him for a two count. FNB clobbers Capone with forearms in the back. Capone gets FNB to the floor and fakes a dive. Kingston tags in and shakes Capone’s hand. Rodriguez blind tags in. Capone drop toe holds Rodriguez. They hit tandem kicks on Kingston’s mid-section. Rodriguez comes out of the corner with an enzuigiri and FNB brekas the pin. A facebuster and leg lariat get him two. Kingston beats down Rodriguez and tags FNB in. Rodriguez continues to have the snot beat out of him until Capone jumps in and crotches FNP on the top rope. Rodriguez kicks FNB as he falls through the second rope. Rodriguez walks the top rope into a low corner dropkick for a two count. Kingston tags in and hits a shotgun lariat. He boots Capone to the floor and pins Rodriguez for two. Kingston lights up Rodriguez with chops and boots him as he’s seated in the corner. Kingston pokes him in the eyes to cut off his comeback. FNB pounds on Rodriguez too. Rodriguez responds with springboard double knees. Capone tags in. He boots Kingston twice and hits a tornado DDT. FNB big boots him down. Kingston tosses Rodriguez into the crowd. Capone nails FNB with a leg lariat. Capone hits a running shooting star press for two. Kingston backfists Capone off the top rope and to the floor! Rodriguez eats a Backfist from both Kingston and FNB. Kingston scores the pin at 15:12. Rodriguez and Capone are a team that needs a little more polish, but I think they’re a team prime to get a chance in EVOLVE. They’re exciting, have a good look and are the type of high-fliers that have been catching certain company’s eyes lately. FNB is inoffensive but not very interesting, and Kingston was his usual self. **1/4

In Battle Bowl, FNB ended up eliminating Eddie Kingston. A fellow named Jack Gallow ended up winning the match. Other participants were Dan Maff, Dickie Rodz, Ed Scanlon, Hatch Stevens, Jamal Jackson, Ricky Reyes and Smith James.


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