Interspecies Wrestling: Burger King of the Ring

Danbury, CT – 7.23.2011

No Disqualification
Twiggy vs. Eddie Kingston

Kingston’s goal here is to wear down Twiggy, who is the #1 contender to the ISW Championship which Kingston’s stablemate Giant Tiger currently holds. The fight starts on the floor. Kingston alerts us that Tiger, as champion, used his power to make this match a No DQ match. Kingston goes to shove a cupcake in Twiggy’s face, but Twiggy shoves it in his face instead. He throws a chair at Kingston, but Kingston throws Twiggy into the ring post. Twiggy comes back with a crossbody off the apron. Kingston delivers a Manhattan drop and yakuza kick back in the ring. Kingston drops him with a delayed vertical suplex. Kingston gives him an Attitude Adjustment to screw with the crowd. Kingston moons the crowd and chokes Twiggy with his belt. Twiggy blocks Kingston’s punches in the corner with a sunset bomb. Twiggy lays in a few punches, only to be knocked down with the Backfist to the Future. Kingston purposefully picks up Twiggy to keep the match going. Twiggy superkicks Kingston thrice and heads up top. Twiggy splashes Kingston for two. Kingston lariats Twiggy for two. Kingston goes for a Saito suplex. Twiggy forcefully escapes the hold. He ducks another lariat and backslides Kingston for the pin at 10:04. Kingston was more abrasive then he gets to be at times in CHIKARA, and it’s clear that he is a great foil for smaller guys, especially when it comes to making them look like a true threat. Kingston did just that with Twiggy, building his momentum towards his title shot at Slamtasia 4. **1/2

Sweet N’ Sour Special – A Tribute to Larry Sweeney
Hallowicked & 2.0. (Jagged & Shane Matthews) vs. Jolly Roger & F.I.S.T. (Icarus & Gran Akuma)

Icarus comes out in long blonde wig, Akuma is wearing his mask, and both F.I.S.T. members are wearing their original gear in an homage to their look when they first became a team years ago. Hallowicked is wearing his first mask design as well. Everyone wore pink boas. Eddie Kingston and Jigsaw are on commentary for this match.

Roger punches Jagged instead of participating in a test of strength. Roger takes him down with a pair of armdrags and a dropkick. Roger suicide dives onto him. Akuma and Hallowicked tag in. As you would expect, we get a classic Lucha exchange between them ending with the classic M-Pro comedy spot. More Lucha ends with Akuma taking Hallowicked down with a headscissors. Icarus and Matthews tag in. Icarus does a strut but gets attacked by Matthews from behind. Icarus takes him down with a headscissors and dropkick. It is so weird hearing Icarus being cheered these days. Hallowicked accidentally chops his own partners. Roger flies in with a crossbody. Hallowicked again chops his partners again. 2.0. yell at Hallowicked, and they get taken down with a crossbody from Akuma. 2.0. hit a 3D on Akuma. They continue their Dudley homage with a “Wassup” headbutt to Akuma’s crotch. Jagged and Akuma’s buttocks become exposed, much like Sweeney’s would back in the day. Icarus tags in and takes out everyone on the opposing team. He huracanrana’s Hallowicked for two. Hallowicked gives him the Michinoku Driver for two. Icarus goes for a Shiranui. Hallowicked blocks with a headlock. A string of headlocks is formed ending with Jagged giving everyone a DDT. Akuma gives Jagged a tornado DDT for two. F.I.S.T. and Roger triple suplex their opponents. Matthews gives Roger a swinging neckbreaker for two. Roger blocks a clothesline and drops Matthews with the Walk the Plank for two. Akuma and Icarus double hip toss Hallowicked off of a Connecticut Belt set-up. Akuma dives onto Jagged and Hallowicked. Roger gives Matthews the ’68 Comeback Special. Icarus follows up with the 12 Large elbow for the pin at 11:15. In so many ways this was a great tribute match to Sweeney. I loved seeing a 2004 type CHIKARA six man again, and all it did was make me ache for Akuma and Roger to come back. Really fun stuff. ***1/4

You can watch the six man tag in full here.


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