Beyond Wrestling: About Time

Danbury, CT – 7.23.2011

Dasher Hatfield & Sugar Dunkerton vs. TJ Marconi & Darius Carter

This was an open challenge from The Throwbacks that Marconi and Carter decided to answer. Hatfield and Carter start off. Carter brings Hatfield to the mat and humps the back of his head. Hatfield cradles Carter, who reverses into a crucifix pin for two. He puts Hatfield in a modified bow and arrow. Hatfield breaks a cravat and armdrags Carter into a headscissors. Carter breaks free and respectfully helps Hatfield to his feet. Hatfield stretches Carter’s back across his knees. Carter escapes. He takes control on the mat. Hatfield prevents Carter from escaping with a piledriver. Hatfield monkey flips Carter, leading to Marconi and Dunkerton tagging in. Dunkerton gets shoved to the corner so he slaps the much larger Marconi. Marconi blocks an armdrag. He allows Dunkerton to try it one more time, so Dunkerton stomps on his foot to deliver a series of armdrags. Carter tags in and gets caught with a hip toss. Their stalemate leads to a singing of the Wayans Brothers theme song. Disgusted with themselves, they tag Marconi and Hatfield back in. Hatfield uses the ropes to win a test of strength. Hatfield cradles Marconi to escape a backdrop. Hatfield headscissors Marconi to his corner. Hatfield baseball slides him after putting him in a tree of woe. Marconi throws Hatfield to the mat to escape a headlock. Carter and Marconi double team on Hatfield for a minute, until Hatfield slips out of a neckbreaker from Marconi and knocks him down with a low boot. Dunkerton comes in and gets in a strike exchange with Carter on the floor. Carter shoves Dunkerton back first into the ring post, allowing him to gain control in the ring. Dunkerton manages to sneak out of Carter’s offense and tag in Hatfield. He blasts Marconi with some hard slaps and impressively suplexes him for two. Hatfield goes for the Suicide Squeeze. Marconi slips out and hits the Sleeping Beauty punch. He brings Hatfield down to the mat for two. Dunkerton missile dropkicks Marconi. Hatfield pops Carter into an X-Factor from Dunkerton. Marconi breaks the pin. Marconi double chokeslams The Throwbacks. They roll to the floor where Marconi whips Carter onto them. Carter and Marconi go for a Doomsday Device. Hatfield victory rolls Marconi for the pin at 19:40. Both teams got a lot of time, made the most of it, and put on a really fun match. This really was a match that I had no expectations for and ended up really impressing me. ***1/4


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