Acid Fest 2

Philadelphia, PA – 7.10.11

Eddie Kingston & Monsta Mack vs. Jon Dahmer & Eddie Valentine vs. Sabian & Joker

Kingston and Sabian exchange words before the match. Kingston throws Sabian to the mat like he’s nothing. Sabian dropkicks Kingston in the gut for one. Joker tags in and grabs a wristlock. Kingston slaps Joker and Joker responds in kind. Kingston smiles and tags in Dahmer. Joker fails to take Dahmer off his feet. Joker knees him in the gut. Dahmer blocks one to the head and shoulder blocks Joker down. Joker slaps Mack to tag him in, and Valentine tags in as well. Mack headbutts Valentine in the chest and backdrops him. Valentine and Mack trade forearms. Valentine powerslams Mack, then barely gets him up for a second slam. He drops Mack face first and tags in Joker. Joker gets in a few shots, but Mack headbutts Joker to the floor. Mack throws Joker off the top rope when he tries coming back in. Joker tags in Sabian who comes off the top with knees to Mack’s neck. Kingston and Sabian trade words with one another. Mack fires up from Sabian’s strikes and slaps him silly in the corner. Dahmer tags in and throws blows at Sabian as well. He pounds Sabian in his corner and tags in Valentine. Dahmer and Valentine hit a sidewalk slam/elbow drop combo for two. Sabian snapmares Valentine into a kick for two. Mack tags in and throws Valentine overhead with a suplex. Joker and Sabian team up on Dahmer on the floor. Joker cuts off Mack on the top rope. We get a tower of doom spot with everyone aside from Kingston involved. Kingston takes Valentine and Dahmer down. He and Joker rock each other with forearms and chops. Kingston hits him with the Backfist to the Future, but Sabian hits a top rope dropkick so that Kingston can’t make a over. He sends Kingston out with a DDT. Mack looks to press slam Sabian. Sabian slips out but takes the Rikishi Driver. Dahmer and Valentine double suplex Mack for two. Valentine ducks Kingston’s back first. Dahmer and Valentine hit a modified Doomsday Device for the pin at 12:50. The crowd is deadly silent for the finish because there was no story to keep them compelled. Kingston and Joker being the only truly enjoyable people in this match. Just a mess of a match. *


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