Force 1 Pro: The JT Roberts Tour de Force Tournament

Egg Harbor Township, NJ – 7.8.2011

JT Roberts Tour de Force Tournament Quarter-Final Round
Ophidian vs. Sugar Dunkerton

Dunkerton claims he’ll make a pair of snake skin Converse shoes after the match. This causes Ophidian to kick Dunkerton in the leg. Dunkerton kicks him right back. They each throw some shin kicks, leading the ol’ House Party dance routine. Some other moves leads to more dancing, much like their match from Ohio just a couple weeks earlier. They both get serious and exchange wristlocks. Ophidian pops out of a seated headscissors and applies a headlock. Dunkerton rolls him back for a two count. Dunkerton twists Ophiian’s leg left while stepping on his right. This leads to Ophidian bringing Dunkerton to the mat in a neck-tie headscissors. Dunkerton pops out into a front facelock. Ophidian gets the ropes to break. Dunkerton talks some trash which fires them both up. They each deliver an armdrag before Ophidian headstands in the corner. He baits Ophidian into a leg sweep and a headbutt to the sternum. Dunkerton rolls to the floor and Ophidian rolls out. Dunkerton catches him and punches Ophidian right in the face. In the ring Dunkerton digs his knee into Ophidian’s back while twisting his neck. Dunkerton spears Ophidian in the corner, then follows with a delayed vertical suplex for two. Dunkerton puts on a bodyscissors and elbows Ophidian multiple times in the neck and head. Ophidian escapes and takes Dunkerton out with a string of moves. Ophidian comes off the top with double knees for two. Dunkerton reverses an Irish whip to the corner. He drops Dunkerton on the top rope and nails the Bow Chicka Wow Wow for two. He tells Ophidian to stay down before hitting a short-arm lariat. He hits a discuss version of the Bow Chicka Wow Wow and again only gets two. Ophidian evades some of Dunkerton’s moves, leading to him coming out of a headstand off the top rope into a lungblower for two. Ophidian misses a springboard quebrada. Dunkerton deadlifts Ophidian into a German suplex for two. Dunkerton then hits a Falcon Arrow for two again. Dunkerton and Ophidian trade strikes. Dunkerton goes pops Ophidian into a stunner for two. Ophidian and Dunkerton fight on the ropes in the corner. Ophidian headbutts Dunkerton back to the mat. He hits a 450 splash for the pin at 16:35. I have always said Dunkerton has the capability to be successful as a serious wrestler and this match proves it. I was so impressed by the hard work these two put in, and were it not for Ophidian being knocked loopy this could have been even better. I’ve liked both these guys, but I think even more highly of them after watching this war. This is a match worth seeking out. ***1/2

JT Roberts Tour de Force Tournament Semi-Final Round
Ophidian vs. AR Fox

Ophidian dives onto Fox with a twisting tope con hilo before the bell. Ophidian then hits a springboard splash in the ring for two. He misses double knees from the top. Fox rolls him up for the pin at 0:26. How unfortunate is it that Ophidian got hurt and we couldn’t see this match for real? Seriously, I’d love to see these two have a singles match together. Hopefully we will actually see it at some point. N/R


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