AIW Absolution VI

Lakewood, OH – 6.26.2011

Six Pack Scramble
Sugar Dunkerton vs. Kobald vs. AERO! vs. Maximo Suave vs. Low Rider vs. Sabbath

Batiri members Obariyon and Kodama accompany Kobald. Dunkerton asks for a basketball toss up with Sabbath. AERO, Kobald, and Sabbath attack the other three. Sabbath gives Dunkerton a Jackhammer while the others fight to the floor. Rider hits AERO with a springboard crossbody for two. Rider hits a twisting variation for two. Kobald lights up Rider with strikes. Suave gives Kobald a toreador and armdrags him to the floor. Sabbath slams Suave. Dunkerton slaps Sabbath and drops him with an X-Factor. Dunkerton suicide dives onto Sabbath. AERO follows with a tope con hilo. Rider sky twister presses onto the pile. Kobald spears Suave in the ring for two. Suave back slaps him. Kobald goes to the floor. Sabbath cuts off Suave’s dive and slams Dunkerton. Sabbath clotheslines Rider and slams AERO. They all make a plan on the floor. Sabbath catches AERO mid-air and slams him. Dunkerton and Rider knock him down with a double clothesline. Suave delivers a senton bomb and Kobald hits a slingshot splash. Rider springboards into a doublestomp. AERO rolls up Dunkerton for two. Dunkerton responds with the Bow Chicka Wow Wow. Rider dropkicks Dunkerton and hits the Blu-Ray DVD. Suave drops him with a pump-handle driver. Sabbath breaks the pin. He chokeslams Suave. Kobald dropkicks Sabbath to the floor. AERO drops Kobald with a reverse STO. Obariyon and Kodama pull AERO to the floor and attack him. Kobald hits a springboard splash on AERO for the pin at 8:39. Sabbath is just a big immobile boring dude who contributed little. The rest worked hard, but really had no opportunity to shine. **

Eddie Kingston vs. BJ Whitmer

Kingston is limping as his leg was worked over by Hieracon on the CHIKARA show earlier in the day.Kingston breaks a lock-up in the corner. Whitmer brings Kingston to his knees in a test of strength. Kingston reverses the pressure, bringing Whitmer to his knees. Kingston gets one with a Northern Lights suplex. Whitmer uses his agility to reverse a wristlock. Kingston just forearms his way free. Whitmer trips Kingston and kicks the inside of his bad knee. Whitmer snaps Kingston’s leg against his own foot. Whitmer stomps Kingston’s knee into the mat. Whitmer clobbers him with a diving forearm for two. Whitmer continues to damage Kingston’s bad knee. Kingston boots Whitmer to the floor. He connects with a suicide dive. In the ring they exchange strikes. Kingston gets two with a headbutt. Kingston crucifix pins him for two. He chokes Whitmer on the top rope. Kingston snapmares him into a neck submission, leading to a two count. Kingston delivers a Rude Awakening for two. Whitmer catches Kingston with an exploder suplex for two. Kingston hits a uranage suplex for two. Whitmer hits a Sick Kick for two. Kingston and Whitmer trade chops. Kingston drops him with two Saito suplexes for two. Whitmer goes another exploder suplex. Kingston elbows his way free. Whitmer smacks Kingston and hits a wrist-clutch suplex for two. Kingston eats a kick to the head. Whitmer misses a second. Kingston hits a lariat and the Backfist to the Future. The Sliding D only gets him two. Whitmer blocks a Backfist and hits a stunner. Whitmer STO’s Kingston into the Peruvian Neck-Tie. Kingston taps out at 15:42. This evolved into the slugfest you hoped these two would have. Kingston is such a pro for selling his leg all night long. He and Whitmer did a great job putting on a brawl and making the crowd hotter as the match went on. ***1/4

Kingston says he’s happy Whitmer is back in wrestling as Kingston admired Whitmer when they were in IWA Mid-South. Kingston thanks him for the match. Whitmer says it was an honor to finally get a one-on-one match with Kingston and gives him a handshake and hug. Whitmer puts over the AIW owners and the fans before heading to the back.

“The Chad” Williams comes out with Chest Flexor. Williams was originally scheduled to face Tommy Mercer (Crimson from TNA) tonight, but he did not make the show. Flexor says he sent Shiima Xion to wrestle for TNA in exchange for Crimson not coming to Absolution. He says gives Williams the night off. Tim Donst comes out. He says he hasn’t forgotten about Flexor Industries costing him the TPI. He says although he can’t face Crimson tonight due to his title match, he is sending fellow BDK cohort Tursas out to take Mercer’s sport.

Tursas vs. “The Chad” Williams

A lock-up is broken in the corner. Williams forearms Tursas in the neck. Williams gets in a few punches and stomps. Williams purposefully puts himself between the ropes to avoids Tursas. Williams nails Tursas with multiple punches and rams him head first into the top turnbuckle. Williams hits a big boot. Williams turns to call out Mercer. Tursas catches him with a dropkick. They pummel each other in the corner. The referee gets shoved down as he tries to break up their fight in the corner. He calls for the bell at 3:00, declaring the match a no contest. This was a fine angle to make up for the lack of Crimson. ¼*

Tursas takes out both Williams and Flexor after the bell. The rest of Flexor Industries comes out, and Tursas throws Flexor onto them.

Dasher Hatfield, The Duke, “Mr. RBI” Izaeh Bonds & Lights Out (Corey Winters & Ben Fruith) vs. Dalton Castle & Da Latin Crime Syndicate (Luis Diamante, Joey The Snake, K. Fernandez & Isaac Montana)

A brawl between all ten men ensues on the floor. In the ring, Winters hits Joey with an enzuigiri. Winters wheelbarrow slams Fruith onto Joey for two. A running leg drop gets Fruith two. Bonds tags in. He and Joey trade wristlocks. Duke tags in and knocks Joey down with double chops. He delivers a fist drop and a big boot for two. Hatfield splashes Joey in the corner. Joey delivers a chinbreaker and tags in Castle. Hatfield smacks his bottom and hits a pair of armdrags. He slams Castle in the corner. He and Bonds run the bases and attack Castle in a tree of woe. Fruith misses a splash in the corner. Castle clotheslines Fruith from the apron and hits the White Castle of Fear (a Vader Bomb) for two. The DLCS and Castle trap Fruith in their corner. They bully the poor guy until he drops Diamante with a tornado DDT. Duke tags in and sends everyone to the floor. Hatfield and Bonds baseball slide them into the barricade. Winters and Fruith pescados onto them all. Duke comes off the top rope with a splash onto everybody. Montana goes for a dive of his own. Hatfield cuts him off. He drops him with the Suicide Squeeze. Diamante breaks the pin. Diamante boots Hatfield into a powerslam from Joey. Joey drops Winters with a reverse DDT. Bonds breaks the pin just in time. Bonds drops Joey with a spinebuster. He hits the Pop Fly (a standing moonsault). Fernandez breaks the pin. He drops Bonds for two. Fruith suplexes Fernandez. Castle breaks the pin and drops Fruith with a spin-out facebuster. Duke breaks that pin. Fernandez chop blocks Duke. Castle does an admirable job attempting a German suplex. Duke catches him with a haymaker instead. Duke drops Fernandez with a Rikishi Driver for the pin at 11:40. I’ll admit I wasn’t the biggest fan of the matches these guys had at times, but as a blow-off this was actually quite good. They kept Duke and Castle the focus which and the good guys stood tall in the end. Fine stuff. **3/4

Absolute Championship
Johnny Gargano (Champion) vs. Tim Donst

Donst earned this title shot by winning the Gauntlet for the Gold in February. Donst goes after Gargano’s arm early. Gargano armdrags him to the mat. Donst applies a pump-handle stretch. Donst grabs Gargano’s leg, but Gargano kicks Donst away to the ropes. They fight for control on the mat. They reach a stalemate. They roll out to the floor where overhand chops and forearms are thrown. Donst pokes Gargano in the eyes and slams his head into the ring apron. Gargano accidentally dives onto referee Jake Clemons. Gargano this time hits Donst with the suicide dive and a cannonball senton from the apron. In the ring, Gargano knee strikes Donst in the face. He delivers a reverse neckbreaker. Referee Jon Barber takes over and counts two. Donst suplexes Gargano onto his face. He delivers two gut-wrench suplexes for two. Donst grapevines his legs and pushes Gargano’s shoulders up. He drops Gargano to the mat and pins him for two. Gargano sends Donst to the floor with an enzuigiri. Gargano tries to crossbody him on the floor. Donst catches him and tosses Gargano into the crowd where he lands on empty chairs. Donst brings Gargano back to the bar area. Gargano punts Donst from a table. Donst drops Gargano with an STO through the table. They come back to the ring area. Gargano Irish whips Donst into a group of chairs. He places a trash can on Donst and throws two chairs at him. They head to ringside where Donst slams Gargano’s face into the ring apron. Gargano spears Donst on the ring apron. Donst delivers multiple elbows. He hits the ropes only to be caught with Gargano’s slingshot spear. Gargano goes for a superkick. Donst ducks and Gargano hits Jon Barber. Gargano suicide dives to the floor, but Donst catches him with an ace crusher. Donst drops him with a Gator Roll. Donst pins him but there’s no referee. One finally comes in and counts Gargano for two. Angry, Donst disposes of the referee with an STO. Referee Dave Dawson comes out. Donst and Gargano immediately toss him to the floor and go back to trading blows. Gargano blocks Donst’s bulldog with a superkick. He puts Donst in the Gargano Escape. Donst picks Gargano up and delivers a super Donstitution. All four referees recover and count two. Donst puts Gargano in the CHIKARA Special. Gargano kicks his way free. Donst delivers another STO and Gator Roll for two. Gargano delivers the Tower of London and the Hurts Donut for two. He puts Donst back in the Gargano Escape. Donst reverses into the CHIKARA special. Gargano gets the ropes. Gargano boots Donst in the face. He hits CIMA’s Perfect Driver for two. He hits the Hurts Donut again, and Donst kicks out at one! Gargano delivers a low superkick for two. The third Hurts Donut scores him the pin at 16:40. This was another war, with both men fighting tooth and nail to pick up the win. The referee gimmick was a unique touch and added a lot of drama to the match. This is proof that these are two of the most solid guys in wrestling today. ***1/2

This show overall was really awesome. Be sure to check my review of the entire event here!


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