A Demon In His Pocket


Taylor, MI – 6.25.2011

Commentary is provided by Bryce Remsburg, Dr. Keith Lipinski, Tyler Elkins, Gavin Loudspeaker, UltraMantis Black, and Leonard F. Chikarason.

Gregory Iron introduces himself, noting his cerebal palsy that affects his right arm. He says to most three seconds doesn’t mean a lot but to him it means everything. He notes that he’s come up short in his other CHIKARA matches, but he will finally prevail tonight. His goal is to show Icarus that he’s not handicapped, but handicapable. In the ring, Icarus notes Iron’s blog he posted a few weeks ago before the match. He says he wants Iron to prove that he won’t underestimate him again.

Gregory Iron vs. Icarus {F}

This is a rematch from February. Icarus takes a walk around ringside, yelling that he doesn’t need this match or the fans negative reaction. He re-emerges from the backstage area once the fans chant “don’t come back.” He swipes the back of Iron’s head on the mat. Iron nails a springboard elbow and a clothesline. Icarus goes back to the floor, but this time Iron follows with a dive off the ring apron. Once back in the ring, Icarus dropkicks Iron back to the floor. He throws him face first into the apron twice. He takes a fans personal belonging and chokes Iron with it. Icarus gets a two count back in the ring. Icarus drop toe holds him into a body and headscissors combo. Iron rolls Icarus back for two. Icarus lands a clothesline for two. Icarus slams Iron and hits a legdrop for two. Icarus chokes him with his boot in the corner. Iron and Icarus clothesline one another simultaneously. Iron kicks Icarus’ head into the bottom turnbuckle. Iron delivers the Gimp Slap after a neckbreaker for two. Iron then applies the Crippled Crossface. Icarus eyerakes him to escape. Icarus drops him with the EVO for two. Icarus sets him up for the Blu-Ray. Iron escapes and O’Connor Rolls Icarus for the pin at 8:07. This would have benefited being in Ohio the following night considering the fans would have been more vocal for Iron, but I give them credit for being excited about his victory. Otherwise, this was a step below their previous encounter. **

CLASH Wrestling Showcase
Cameron Skyy, Bryce Benjamin & Joey Marx vs. Gavin Quinn, Tommy Trenzik & Ded Vaughn

Trenzik and Marx exchange wristlocks. Trenzik delivers two shoulder blocks. Marx trips him three times in different ways. Treznik blocks a superkick but gets sent out with an armdrag. Marx follow with a Fozberry Flop. Quinn brings in Skyy and slams him. He drops a knee for two. Skyy responds with a low dropkick for two. Quinn forearms him in the neck. Skyy tags in Benjamin. He flapjacks Quinn and Benjamin flies in with a slingshot senton. Benjamin delivers double knees to Vaughn. Benjamin then gives him a huracanrana. Marx tags in and punches Vaughn’s arm. Vaughn turns him inside out with a lariat. Benjamin helps Marx beat a test of strength with Vaughn. Treznik pours a vial of fluid into Vaughn’s mouth. This gives him the strength to break the test. Benjamin and Marx dropkick Vaughn and Treznik out. Quinn trips Benjamin to prevent a dive. Skyy drops Quinn and goes for Deal Me In. Treznik cuts him off. Quinn accidentally forearms Treznik off the apron. Vaughn punches Skyy, allowing Treznik to give him a neckbreaker on the second rope. Quinn’s team isolates Quinn from his team. Skyy finally gives Quinn a half-nelson suplex and tags in Benjamin. Benjamin ducks Treznik’s attack and drops him face first into the mat. Benjamin gives Quinn a lung crasher. Marx hits the Sweet Tooth. Vaughn breaks the pin and throws Marx to the floor. Treznik drops Benjamin with the Bus Driver and Skyy breaks the pin. Skyy throws Treznik and Vaughn into each other. He drops Vaughn with the Sin City Sparkling. Quinn superkicks Skyy for the pin at 10:19. Quinn showed me the least out of everyone, which considering he’s the CLASH champion worries me. However, both of his partners, as well as Marx and Benjamin had a lot to offer and I’m all for any of those guys in the Young Lions Cup tournament. **1/2

Vin Gerard says it was only a few years ago when he ran CHIKARA. He says the 12 Large: Summit is to reclaim that spot and takes credit for injuring Brodie Lee (although in reality he had nothing to do with it). He tells Hieracon that he should just fly away.

Hieracon {OP} vs. Vin Gerard

Gerard jaw jacks with a few fans. He boots Hieracon and throws him to the floor. Hieracon chops Gerard then takes a knee to the stomach. Gerard looks to suplex Hieracon from the ring to the floor. Hieracon blocks and slingshots Gerard into the ring. Gerard blocks an O’Connor Roll. Hieracon gets two with a sunset flip and a crucifix pin. He blocks a kick and lands a dropkick for one. Hieracon synches on a headlock. Gerard manipulates the mask to escape. He kicks Hieracon in the back and slowly rakes his fingernails across it. Gerard drops him with a brainbuster for two. Gerard stretches his back out in the bottom rope. Gerard rams his elbow into Hieracon’s mid-section in the corner. Hieracon evades a charge and kicks Gerard in the elbow. His back is too hurt to execute a backslide. He O’Connor rolls Gerard for two. Gerard rolls up Hieracon for two. Gerard stomps on his back over and over before clamping on the STF. Gerard stomps on his back some more when Hieracon crawls to the ropes. He reapplies the hold and Hieracon taps out at 7:06. Gerard’s working over of the back was something he hasn’t done to often, and I feel it could be foreshadowing a strategy he attempts in the 12 Large: Summit. Hieracon has shown he really needs Ophidian and Amasis to make him interesting to watch. **

Dasher Hatfield tells Sugar Dunkerton that their serious side is coming out and it will help them in their quest for three points. He tells Dunkerton tonight he needs to give Hammermeier a punch in the face to get revenge for his singles loss last month. Dunkerton says he knows they deserve the titles and that the BDK needs to consider themselves stepping stone on their journey to the gold.

Dasher Hatfield {T} & Sugar Dunkerton {T} vs. Tim Donst {BDK} & Jakob Hammermeier {BDK}

Dunkerton takes Donst down in a hammerlock. Donst grabs Dunkerton’s afro to escape. Donst claims he’s better at wrestling and basketball than Dunkerton. Donst then challenges Hatfield to a tip-off, which thrills Hatfield to no end. Hammermeier and Dunkerton serve as hoops in the corner. Hatfield gets the ball, but Donst steals it and slam dunks it in Dunkerton’s arms. Hatfield tricks Donst and gets a slam dunk on Hammermeier as well. Donst spins the ball. Hatfield knocks it out of his hands, but Donst steals it back and scores another basket. Hatfield uses an assist from the fans to play keep away with Donst. Hatfield gets another slam dunk and the fans sarcastically chant “this is wrestling.” Hatfield throws the basketball at Hammermeier’s face which must have sucked. Donst grabs Hammermeier’s arms to prevent him from falling, so Dunkerton naturally slams a ball through their arms which causes the BDK to fall. They give Donst a tandem flapjack. The BDK avoid a baseball slide. Donst slams Dunkerton’s face into the mat and gives Donst an STO. They keep Dunkerton at bay as they beat down Hatfield. Hatfield avoids Donst’s Gator Roll and delivers a rolling neckbreaker. He tags in Dunkerton who gives Hammermeier a flurry of punches. Hammermeier rakes his eyes but then takes an atomic drop and the Bow Chicka Wow Wow. Donst breaks the pin at two. Hatfield chops Donst to the floor. Donst prevents him from suplexing Hammermeier. He delivers a bulldog. Dunkerton bboots Donst into a Dragon Suplex for Hatfield. Hammermeier breaks the pin and gives Dunkerton the Rude Awakening for two. Donst accidentally forearms Hammermeier. Hatfield pops him into an X-Factor from Dunkerton. Dunkerton takes Donst to the floor, allowing Hatfield to give Hammermeier the Grand Slam for the pin at 13:24. Again, Dunkerton proves his matches are at their best when they take a more serious tone in the latter portion. That being said, cutting a pre-match promo about how serious you’re taking things and then kicking it off with a basketball match is poor construction. The match itself was a lot of fun in the end, and The Throwbacks look better than ever. **3/4

Hallowicked {SE} & Frightmare {SE} vs. Chuck Taylor {F} & Johnny Gargano {F}

F.I.S.T. attack Incoherence before the bell. They send F.I.S.T. out with tandem step-up Frankensteiners. F.I.S.T. walk way so Frightmare won’t dive. Taylor slicks his hair instead of shaking Hallowicked’s hand. Hallowicked rolls up Taylor as Taylor looks for a dropkick. Taylor grabs a courting hold, which Hallowicked escapes with an armdrag. Hallowicked now fakes Taylor out of a handshake. He brings Taylor down to his knees in a forceful handshake. Frightmare tags in and with Hallowicked delivers a tandem hip toss. Hallowicked kicks out his legs and Frightmare sends Taylor to the floor with a basement dropkick. Gargano hits Frightmare with a sole butt. Frightmare pops up into a clothesline. Taylor gives Frightmare a stunner before kicking him into an enzuigiri from Gargano. F.I.S.T. bully Frightmare, preventing him from tagging out while taunting Hallowicked. Frightmare dives over F.I.S.T. to tag in Hallowicked. He yakuza kicks Taylor and super snapmares Gargano onto him. He gives Taylor the Go Too Sleepy Hollow. Gargano breaks the pin. Gargano blocks Go Too Sleepy Hollow but eats a pair of enzuigiris from Incoherence. Hallowicked launches Frightmare into a clothesline on Gargano for two. They teams switch off attacks in the corner. Gargano superkicks Hallowicked for two. Hallowicked goes for the Graveyard Smash. Instead Taylor superkicks Hallowicked into a neckbreaker from Gargano. Taylor throws Frightmare into an ace crusher from Gargano for two. Frightmare sends Gargano out and delivers a tope con hilo. Hallowicked drops Taylor with a Rydeen Bomb for two. Frightmare comes in with a top rope dropkick to Taylor. Hallowicked yakuza kicks Taylor into a neckbreaker from Frightmare for two. Gargano slingshot spears Hallowicked. Taylor hits a lionsault for two. Taylor gives Frightmare the Sole Food. Frightmare delivers a Pele Kick to Taylor and then Gargano. He drops Gargano with the Frightmare on Elm Street for two. Gargano blocks the Kneecolepsy and dives onto Hallowicked. Taylor drops Frightmare with the Awful Waffle for the pin at 11:44. F.I.S.T. looked unbelievably strong two nights in a row, and I would be stunned if they aren’t in line for a title shot against Quackenbush and Jigsaw. The action was hot from bell to bell and all four guys had their working boots on. ***1/4

Ophidian says he will be taking Amasis’ place in the 12 Large: Summit since Amasis suffered a serious injury in a car accident. He’s honored that his first match against Mike Quackenbush, who trained Ophidian and crafted him into the wrestler he is today.

“12 Large: Summit” Tournament Match (Block A)
Mike Quackenbush (0 Points) vs. Ophidian {OP} (0 Points)

As you’d expect, we start off with some chain wrestling. Ophidian rolls out of a half crab and asks for a wrist clutch. Quack takes to Ophidian’s leg instead. Ophidian grabs a butterfly lock. Quack transitions into a wristlock. Quack grabs Ophidian’s leg. Ophidian throws Quack down with a headscissors. Quack sweeps his leg and applies a cross-leg stretch. Ophidian rolls him into a small package for two. Quack sits down and forearms Ophidian to prevent an Irish whip. Quack pontificates as Ophidian taunts him with a headstand in the corner. Ophidian rolls out and schoolboys him for two. He tries a few more pin attempts before bridging back in a leg nelson. Quack powers Ophidian out. Ophidian applies a modified Anaconda Vice. Quack picks him up and slams him to break the hold. Quack sits down on a half crab. Quack drops Ophidian to evade the Duat Driver. Quack rolls him into his own leg nelson submission. Quack puts him in a modified Romero Special. Ophidian escapes, but Quack puts him right into an STF. Ophidian grabs the ropes to escape. Ophidian gives Quack an arm-capture neckbreaker and a divorce court DDT. On the mat, Ophidian hyperextends Quack’s arm. Ophidian applies a straightjacket choke. Quack manages to escape with an elbow smash. Ophidian goes for the Death Grip, so Quack smashes him in the corner. Quack monkey flips him to the opposite corner. Ophidian dropkicks Quack to the floor as Quack handstands in the corner. Ophidian rolls out. Quack palm strikes Ophidian on the way down. Quack places Ophidian stomach first on a beam. Ophidian clutches on the beam and rolls off to give Quack a huracanrana. In the ring, Quack catches Ophidian with a powerslam. Quack knocks him down with an elbow. He drops Ophidian with the Black Tornado Slam. Quack’s arm is in too much pain to go for an immediate pin. Quack moonsaults into a reverse DDT position. Ophidian turns it into the Ophidian Death Grip. Quack gets to the ropes to break. Ophidian brings Quack down into a lungblower. He misses a springboard lionsault. Quack palmstrikes Ophidian and delivers the Quackendriver III for two. Angry, Quack delivers the Quackendriver IV for two. Quack rolls him into the Lightning Lock Beta. Ophidian uses the ropes to break. Ophidian turns the Quackendriver I back into the Death Grip. He bridges forward to apply more pressure. Quack escapes so Ophidian goes up top. Quack follows him up. After some struggle, Quack drops him off the second rope with the Black Tornado Slam for the pin at 17:31. This was a hell of a match. Quackenbush is one of the best when it comes to the game of counter wrestling and Ophidian hung in there every step of the way. Both of them stuck with the body part they worked over and each guy milked it for all it was worth. The fans went nuts for every nearfall and immediately stood and applauded as it was over. Now the rest of the Summit will be playing “can you top this?” ****

“12 Large: Summit” Tournament Match (Block B)
UltraMantis Black {SE} (2 Points) vs. Eddie Kingston (0 Points)

Kingston knocks him down with a shoulder bock. They do a little bit of lucha before reaching a stalemate. Bryce has to remind him that he learned all this back in 2002. Neither man can get control in a collar an elbow tie-up. They exchange chops in the middle of the ring. Mantis headbutts Kingston in the chest to the floor. Mantis follows out with a cannonball senton off the apron. Mantis Mongolian chops him. They exchange forearms around the ring. Mantis shoves Kingston shoulder first into the ring post. Mantis gets a two count in the ring. Kingston drops a knee to Mantis’ neck from the second rope for two. Kingston traps Mantis’ arm while cranking Mantis’ neck. Vin Gerard comes out to watch the match, just like he did last night with Kingston’s match against Cabana. Kingston boot scrapes Mantis’ face. He drops Mantis with the Rude Awakening for two. Kingston twists his neck whilst pulling his right arm back. Kingston gets distracted by Gerard momentarily, but drops Mantis with an STO. Gerard grabs Kingston’s leg as he hits the ropes. Mantis drops Kingston with a DDT. Gerard forcefully tells Mantis to get up and Mantis tells Gerard that he doesn’t need his help. Mantis back elbows Kingston and drops him with a full nelson slam for two. Kingston blocks the Cosmic Disaster. He hits an enzuigiri and a yakuza kick. A lariat gets him two. Mantis gets in a chin breaker before delivering the Cosmic Disaster. He gets a three count, but Kingston’s foot was on the ropes so referee PJ Drummond voids the decision. Mantis goes for the Praying Mantis Bomb. Kingston rolls out of it twice. Kingston headbutts Mantis off the second rope. He nails the Sliding D for two. Kingston applies the Guillotine Choke. Kingston puts his body weight on top of him. Mantis escapes with a gord buster. Kingston dros him with a Saito suplex. He hits two Backfists to the Future for the pin at 11:56. The false finish was brilliant, as Drummond made the pin when Claudio had his feet on the ropes the night before. Him not repeating the mistake was a nice touch. This had a tough time following the previous match, but both guys worked hard and did an admirable job. ***

Gerard chop blocks Kingston before sprinting to the back. Mantis checks on him and Kingston alerts him that he heard a pop. He tells a ringside attendant to get a doctor as the camera fades to black.

Fire Ant {C}, Soldier Ant {C} & Green Ant {C} vs. Claudio Castagnoli {BDK}, Sara Del Rey {BDK} & Tursas {BDK}

Ares was supposed to be in this bout, but had to drop out for family related reasons. Sara Del Rey takes his spot. Claudio clobbers Green Ant with a forearm and biels him out of the corner by his attenae. Green Ant avoids a legdrop and twists his wrist. Claudio shoves Green Ant to the BDK corner where he tags in Sara. He tags in Fire Ant after reversing a headlock. Fire Ant rolls her through a headlock for a two count. Soldier Ant tags in and rolls her up for two. Sara tags Claudio back in and boots Soldier Ant in the stomach. Claudio lifts him into a pin attempt for two. Green Ant tags in and twists Claudio’s arm. Tursas boots Green Ant from the apron. He tags in and pummels Gren Ant in their corner. Tursas bends him back first over his knee. Sara tags in. Green Ant tags out to Soldier Ant and drops Sara into an atomic drop from Green Ant. Fire Ant dropkicks her. Green Ant puts on a modified stump puller. Claudio breaks the submission for Sara. Green Ant small packages Claudio for two. Green Ant sunset flips Claudio for two. Claudio slams him and drops an elbow. Green Ant and his teammates string together a series of moves on Claudio. Sadly, this only gets them a two count. Claudio and Sara team up on Soldier Ant in the corner. Soldier Ant pushes him back to the corner and tags in Fire Ant. Claudio nails him with a European uppercut. Fire Ant monkey flips him for two. Soldier Ant tags back in and delivers double big boots with Fire Ant. A saluting elbow drop gets him two. Green Ant tags in and slips out of Claudio’s slam attempt. Soldier Ant comes in with a high crossbody for two. The BDK try to trap Soldier Ant, but he rolls out allowing Fire Ant to come in with a crossbody. They send Sara and Claudio to the floor with dropkicks. Tursas catches Green Ant’s crossbody and runs him into Soldier Ant and Fire Ant. He slams Green Ant and drops an elbow for two. The BDK trap Green Ant in their corner, wearing him down while egging on the other Colony members. Green Ant makes a comeback by ducking a big boot from Sara and dropping her with a springboard headbutt. Soldier Ant tags in and gives Tursas and Claudio repeated forearms. Soldier Ant sends Claudio to the floor with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Fire Ant knocks down Sara and gives Tursas an antzuigiri. Soldier Ant dropkicks Tursas to the apron. Soldier Ant and Fire Ant dropkick him to the floor. Fire Ant is Antapulted onto Tursas. Claudio and Sara whip Soldier Ant to the corner. Fire Ant crossbody’s Sara as Soldier Ant gives Claudio a DDT. Sara kicks Fire Ant from the mat. Fire Ant gives her a fireman’s carry and the Yahtzee kick. She comes back with a Kappou kick. She hooks him for a Royal Butterfly but Fire Ant “Burns Down The House” instead. Tursas gives him a one-armed backbreaker for two. Tursas turns him inside out with a shoulder block. Soldier Ant delivers a diving saluting headbutt for two. Soldier Ant hooks Tursas in the CHIKARA Special. Tursas escapes, but Soldier Ant transitions into a Fujiwara armbar. Tursas escapes and hip tosses Soldier Ant into the corner. He drops an elbow for two. Tursas takes him over with a suplex. Green Ant lays in a flurry of overhand chops to Tursas. Green Ant ducks a running crossbody. Claudio prevents Green Ant from slamming Tursas and pitches him to the floor. Fire Ant and Soldier Ant double hip toss Claudio into Tursas, sending both of them out. Fire Ant gives Sara an antzuigiri. He and Soldier Ant hit the Ants Marching neckbreaker and Claudio breaks the pin. Fire Ant hits Claudio with the Heat of the Moment and Soldier Ant delivers a saluting forearm. Soldier Ant dives onto Sara and Fire Ant dives onto Tursas. Fire Ant and Soldier Ant then both dive onto Tursas. Green Ant hits an ultra huracanrana on Claudio for two. He delivers a bodyslam and a leg drop for two. Claudio nails him with Swiss Death and the U.F.O. for two. Frustrated, he goes for the Ricola Bomb. He escapes and puts Claudio in the Cloverleaf. Claudio taps out at 26:08. I can not stress how huge a victory this is for Green Ant. This to me set him up as the clear favorite for the Young Lions Cup tournament. I don’t know what this crowd’s problem was but they made little noise for the whole match until the end. Their crowd reaction really could have made this special, but we’ll just settle for it being a good main event. ***1/4

The fans chant “King of Trios” as the Colony relish their huge victory.


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