PWS: Refuse To Lose II

Queens, NY – 5.27.2011

Eddie Kingston runs into the previous match (Kris Wreck vs. Sean Static) and attacks one of them. Kingston talks trash to some fans for a few minutes. Kingston says he’s not afraid of his opponent tonight (Sid Vicious). Right after he says that, Sid appears ringside with a stretcher and gets into the ring.

Eddie Kingston vs. Sid Vicious

Kingston acts like he’s tough and puffs his chest out in Sid’s face. After being shoved, Sid slaps Kingston in the face. He chokeslams Kingston for the pin at 0:43. Sid attacks Kingston a couple times outside of the ring after the match. He then gives Kingston a powerbomb twice back in the ring to satiate the fans. Not sure what this was, but this is certainly one of the most pointless reviews on this website. Sorry folks, I’m a completionist!


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