Engulfed in a Fever of Spite


Burlington, NC – 5.14.2011

Commentary is provided by Bryce Remsburg, Leonard F. Chikarason, Eddie Kingston, Jakob Hammermeier, Tim Donst, and UltraMantis Black.

Gavin Loudspeaker is conspicuously absent. Therefore, BDK ring announcer Jakob Hammermeier is on announcing duty for the entirety of the evening.

Dasher Hatfield {T} & Sugar Dunkerton {T} vs. El Hijo del Ice Cream {IC} & Ice Cream Jr. {IC}

The Throwbacks were originally scheduled to fight The Osirian Portal, but Amasis suffered an injury that has put him out of action indefinitely. Hijo puts a headlock on Dunkerton after Dunkerton tries to check the basketball to him. Dunkerton switches his head out for the ball, which Hijo does not notice. Junior comes in but Dunkerton cuts him off. Dunkerton switches the basketball out for Junior’s head. Even though The Throwbacks are standing right next to them, Los Ice Creams wrestle each other thinking that they’re opponents. The Throwbacks send them to the floor by ramming their heads together. Back in the ring, Hatfield whips Dunkerton into both Ice Creams in the corner. Junior evades a baseball slide. Hatfield throws their heads together on the floor. Los Ice Creams hide under the bleachers. The Throwbacks go searching but can’t find them. They end up hiding behind a young fan named Taylor. Dunkerton and Hatfield question Taylor. They get ahold of Los Ice Creams and throw them back into the ring. The Ice Creams gain control by isolating Dunkerton from his partner. Dunkerton finally escapes their grasp by slamming their heads into the mat simultaneously. Hatfield valiantly fights off both Ice Creams by himself. Dunkerton brings Taylor to the ring apron. Taylor kicks both Ice Creams in the legs. Dunkerton punches them both down as the fans chant “HE’S HARDCORE!” for Taylor. Hatfield flapjacks Dunkerton onto Los Ice Creams. Both Dunkerton and Taylor pin Los Ice Creams for the pin at 12:03. You can’t boil a match like this down to a star rating, and I’m not even going to try. Just know this was a lot of fun and the crowd absolutely loved every minute of it. N/R

Tim Donst says he’s been looking forward to wrestling Kamikaze Kid tonight for awhile. Donst says that he knows how much fortitude Kid has because he broke his back and came back for more. Donst reiterates that he’s no character, but simply the mat wrestling technician and the greatest Young Lions Cup champion ever. Donst says they hope they kept Kid’s hospital bed warm, because Kid will be seeing it again soon.

Kamikaze Kid vs. Tim Donst {BDK}

Kid is a star of the Carolina wrestling scene and gets a great reaction from the crowd. Donst slaps Kid and rolls him up for two. Donst takes Kid down to the mat. Kid armdrags Donst over and hits a leg lariat. Kid sends Donst to the floor with a huracanrana. Kid grazes Donst with a tope suicida. Kid snapmares Donst and kicks him hard in the kidneys. In the ring, Kid dropkicks Donst in the corner. Donst gut wrenches Kid face first to the mat. Donst delivers two gut-wrench suplexes for two. Donst rolls Kid into a modified Kondo Clutch. Donst suplexes Kid in from the apron for two. Donst slams Kid head first into the mat. Donst rubs his armpits and spits on his hand before chopping Kid. He also twists Kid’s nipples. Donst hitss the Donst Cap. Kid sends Donst into the corner with a wheelbarrow. Kid delivers an overhand chop. Kid enzuigiri’s Donst from the apron. Kid doublestomps Donst in the back of the neck. Kid spears Donst. Kid drapes Donst on the top rope and sentons across his back for two. Kid goes up top. Donst shoves Bryce Remsburg to the ropes so that Kid crotches himself on the top. Donst throws Kid off with a release German suplex. Shockingly, Kid kicks out at two. Donst pulls a shoelace out of his wristtape. Bryce catches him and takes the shoelace away. As Bryce is distracted, Donst pulls out another string and chokes Kid out with it. Kid passes out at 10:19, giving Donst the win. Kid was somewhat of a mess at the start, but really got his act together by the end. He and Donst had a good bout and I think Kid should definitely get another shot when CHIKARA returns to Burlington. **1/2

Grizzly Redwood {R} vs. Daizee Haze {BDK}

Redwood has some new, ridiculous flannel tights. Haze shoves Redwood. Redwood blocks a punch and grabs her by the throat. Haze takes him over in a headlock and pulls his beard. Redwood takes Haze to the corner. She throws Redwood face first into the second turnbuckle. Redwood evades a low dropkick. Redwood tries to log roll Haze, but she jumps over him. Redwood lays in a few punches. Redwood axe handles her in the back as she tries to fight back. Redwood chokes Haze on the mat. Redwood chokes her on the top rope and snaps her back. Haze reverses a delayed vertical suplex with a DDT. Haze gives Redwood a variety of chops and dropkicks him in the corner. Redwood misses a crossbody from the second rope. Haze kicks Redwood in the side of the head. Haze slides out of a suplex. Haze uses referee Jon Barber as a shield. She thumbs Redwood in the eyes behind his back. She German suplexes Redwood for the pin at 6:11. I don’t like the two BS finishes back to back. The match was okay but it didn’t get much a reaction. I guess when the only real story to the match was made in a tag gauntlet the previous month, that’s bound to happen. *1/4

Ophidian {OP} vs. Will O’ The Wisp II

With no Amasis, Ophidian will now be facing North Carolina regular Will O’ The Wisp II. You may recall that former WWE and TNA champion Jeff Hardy was the original Will O’ The Wisp. Wisp gets a small advantage before Ophidian armdrags him into multiple pinning combinations. Ophidian fails to get a three count with each one. Ophidian does a little dancing as a mind game. He rolls up Wisp for two. They go back and forth off the ropes until Ophidian catches Wisp with a leg lariat. Wisp springboards into the riing but gets met with a superkick from Ophidian. Ophidian sends Wisp to the floor and follows with a corkscrew plancha. In the ring, Ophidian goes for a headscissors. Wisp drops Ophidian neck first on the top rope to block and then connects with an enzuigiri. Wisp keeps on top of Ophidian but can’t get a pinfall. Ophidian evades a corner splash. He backdrops him for two. Ophidian enzuigiri’s him from the apron and flies in with a springboard moonsault for two. Wisp nails a dropkick and a back elbow in the corner. Ophidian backslides Wisp for two. Wisp kicks Ophidian in the head. Ophidian cradles Wisp for two. Wisp drops Ophidian with a Falcon Arrow for two. Ophidian evades a twisting springboard splash. He drops Wisp with the Egyptian Destroyer for the pin at 8:41. The finish was great, but was rough for the rest of the bout. Wisp is just clunky and frenetic. Poor Ophidian; at least his Egyptian Destroyer was spectacular. *1/2

UltraMantis Black says he was forced to chase Tursas to Burlington because he interjected himself when Mantis tried to save Delirious from the BDK. Mantis says he will send Tursas back to Scandanavia to rest in an icy grave.

UltraMantis Black {SE} vs. Tursas {BDK}

It takes some effort, but Mantis manages to knock Tursas to the floor with a shoulder tackle. Mantis chops and kicks Tursas ringside. Tursas boots a steel chair into Mantis’ face. Tursas suplexes Mantis in from the apron. Tursas drops a hard elbow. Tursas slams Mantis and puts on a Boston crab. Tursas stretches Mantis back first across the bottom rope. Tursas runs his giant buttocks into Mantis in the corner. Tursas suplexes him and plans his next move in the corner. Mantis kicks Tursas’ legs in an attempt to take him down. Mantis dragonscrews Tursas down. Tursas sends Mantis to the apron. Mantis snaps Tursas’ neck across the top rope and goes up top. Mantis comes down with a high crossbody. Mantis lays in some Mongolian chops. He hooks Tursas for the Praying Mantis Bomb but can’t lift Tursas up. He snaps Tursas’ neck and hits a low clothesline for two. Tursas splashes Mantis in the corner. Tursas goes up top. He comes down with a moonsault but misses! Mantis rolls up Tursas for the pin at 8:30. What an incredible feat for such a big man. Tursas really has improved tremendously, and that finish shows you that. Mantis looks like a major player as he gears up for the 12 Large: Summit and now has a big win over the BDK. **1/2

Hallowicked {SE} vs. Delirious {BDK}

Tursas is in Delirious’ corner. Delirious looks at Hallowicked with some recognition of who he is, specifically the stem atop Hallowicked’s mask. Delirious dives at Hallowicked’s legs, but Hallowicked keeps moving about. Delirious touches the stem and seems to begin snapping back to reality. Delirious attacks Hallowicked at Tursas’ demand. Hallowicked doesn’t fight back, but instead continues to try and make a breakthrough with Delirious. Delirious pitches Hallowicked to the floor. Hallowicked runs back into the ring. Tursas peps talk Delirious. Delirious runs back in but gets taken over with a step-up Frankensteiner. Hallowicked sends Delirious back to the floor. Tursas hands Delirious a chain. Delirious throws it into the ring. The referee disposes of it as Hallowicked gets back in Delirious’ face. Delirious back elbows Hallowicked as Hallowicked comes off the ropes. Delirious goes for a backdrop on the apron. Hallowicked blocks but gets driven face first into the edge of the ring apron. Back in the ring, Hallowicked suplexes Delirious over. Delirious delivers a chinbreaker for two. Delirious rams his elbow into Hallowicked’s neck while he twists on it. Delirious drops Hallowicked with a neckbreaker for two. Delirious delivers two Rude Awakenings for two. Hallowicked and Delirious trade forearms on their knees. Hallowicked grabs Delirious beard, frustrated that Delirious doesn’t recognize him. Hallowicked then hits the Rydeen Bomb for two. Hallowicked hits a step-up enzuigiri and schoolboys Delirious for two. Delirious kicks Hallowicked in the side of the head. Hallowicked nails a yakuza kick for two. Delirious hits the Panic Attack and Shadows Over Heck for one. On the floor, Tursas stretches out Hallowicked in a Gory catapult. Hallowicked slingshots in and rolls up Delirious for the pin at 11:17. This was very story driven, but it worked. There was solid action throughout and I am now even more eager to see what will happen with Delirious when all is said and done. **3/4

Hallowicked tries some more to remind Delirious of who he is, but Tursas quickly takes him away. Delirious proclaims “stem!” over and over again, as that what he would refer to Hallowicked as at times when they were a tag team. It looks like maybe part of the Eye of Tyr’s spell is cracking.

Icarus and Johnny Gargano are backstage. Icarus is reading “American Psycho” for some reason. Icarus doesn’t like that people are now surprised when F.I.S.T. scores major victories (ala making it to the finals of King of Trios), so he believes they need to prove a point. He says they will do just that tonight as they take on Mike Quackenbush and Frightmare.

Mike Quackenbush & Frightmare {SE} vs. Icarus {F} & Johnny Gargano {F}

Quack soaks in the cheers from the crowd as they boo Icarus. Quack forearms Icarus to the corner then baits him into a quebradora. Gargano and Frightmare tag in. Gargano stomps on Frightmare as he drops down. Frightmare armdrags Gargano and then takes him over with a step-up Frankensteiner. Frightmare comes down with a clothesline. Quack tags in and kicks Gargano in his mid-section. Icarus knees Quack from the apron. Gargano sends Quack to the corner where he tags in Frightmare. Frightmare comes in with a top rope dropkick. Icarus leapfrogs over Frightmare and Gargano catches him with a slingshot spear. This gives F.I.S.T. the opening to wear down Frightmare. F.I.S.T. cuts Frightmare off multiple times and even distracts the referee from seeing a tag. Frightmare manages to dive over Icarus and tag Quack in. Quack delivers a few chops and a pair of running elbows. He kicks Icarus but gets met with a sole butt from Gargano. Quack bulldogs Gargano out of the corner. Quack sends F.I.S.T. to the floor (with Icarus on Gargano’s shoulders), then dives out to knock them both down. Quack drops Gargano with the Black Tornado Slam for two. Gargano kicks Quack in the face. Icarus and Gargano give Quack Shooty McGee for two. Frightmare comes down onto Gargano with a crossbody. Frightmare drops Icarus with a jump-up neckbreaker. He also hits a standing shooting star press. Gargano breaks the count. Icarus gives Quack an enzuigiri. Frightmare boots Icarus. Quack superkicks Gargano into a crucifix bomb from Frightmare. Frightmare hits the Kneecolepsy, but Icarus pushes Quack into Frightmare and Gargano to break the pin. Icarus low blows Quack on the top rope as Gargano distracts the referee. Icarus delivers a super Manhattan Drop for the pin at 14:04. By far the best match of the night, although the finish left something to be desired. Essentially what you’d expect out of both teams. ***

Jakob Hammermeier says he told Claudio Castagnoli that he would ensure that Eddie Kingston doesn’t make it to the 12 Large: Summit. He has Tursas in tow, so we’ll see what kind of damage Jakob is capable of.

Eddie Kingston vs. Jakob Hammermeier {BDK}

Kingston fights Tursas as he comes out to the ring. Hammermeier runs to attack but gets caught. Kingston gives him chops around ringside. Tursas throws Kingston stomach first into the ring frame. Hammermeier chops Kingston in the ring to mock him. Kingston reverses and delivers repeated chops in the corner. Tursas grabs Kingston’s boot, allowing Hammermeier to drop him with a DDT for two. Hammermeier chokes Kingston with his shirt. Tursas then chokes Kingston with his belt on the bottom rope as Hammermeier distracts Jon Barber. Kingston delivers an Alabama Slam. Tim Donst leaves the commentation station to yell words of encouragement to Hammermeier. Hammermeier uppercuts Kingston in the back of the neck. Kingston jumps on him with a Thesz Press. Kingston gives him a belly-to-belly suplex. Donst distracts the referee so that Tursas can give Kingston a running crossbody. Kingston manages to kick out at two. Donst distracts the referee again. Kingston shoves Hammermeier into Donst then dives onto Donst and Tursas on the floor. Hammermeier gives Kingston a Rude Awakening for two. Kingston hits the Backfist to the Future for the pin at 5:34. Kingston runs through yet another BDK member even with the odds stacked against him. An entertaining bout all around, giving Kingston momentum as he heads into the 12 Large: Summit. **1/2

Kingston does the Flair strut and woo. He thanks the fans before leaving.

Fire Ant {C}, Soldier Ant {C} & Green Ant {C} vs. Obariyon {B}, Kodama {B} & Kobald {B}

Bryce Remsburg handles ring announcing duty for this bout. The newest members of each group, Green Ant and Kobald trade holds. Soldier Ant tags in and brings Kobald to the mat. Soldier Ant puts Kobald in a surfboard, then places him into a Gory Stretch from Fire Ant. Green Ant takes Kobald down in a butterfly stretch. Kobald thrusts Green Ant in the throat and tags in Kodama. Green Ant takes him down with an armdrag. Green Ant and Fire Ant take him down with a double hip toss and a splash/senton combo for two. Obariyon tags in. He gets whipped to the Colony’s corner. Fire Ant and Soldier Ant give him a fireman’s carry/headbutt combo for two. Soldier Ant slams him for two. Obariyon delivers a chin breaker and a running forearm. Soldier Ant gets bullied by The Batiri until Soldier Ant hip tosses Obariyon. Soldier Ant flips Obariyon into an atomic drop by Green Ant. Green Ant puts on a modified stump puller. Kodama attacks Green Ant and Soldier Ant attacks Kodama. Obariyon kicks Soldier Ant away and delivers a flying DDT to Fire Ant on the apron. Kobald attacks Green Ant while Kodama knocks Soldier Ant down with a big boot. The Batiri decide to target Green Ant, not allowing him to tag out to his fellow hormigas. Green Ant side steps a spear from Kobald and tags in Soldier Ant. It doesn’t take long at all before The Batiri take down Soldier Ant and keep on top of him. Green Ant comes in but gets put in an abdominal stretch by Kobald as Kobald puts a sleeper on Soldier Ant. Soldier Ant and Green Ant both fight their way free. They send Kobald and Kodama to the floor. Obariyon gets met with a springboard attack from Fire Ant as Soldier Ant and Green Ant dive onto Kobald and Kodama. Fire Ant nails the Yahtzee Kick and a brainbuster for two. All three members of The Colony press slam Obariyon onto Kobald and Kodama on the floor. Soldier Ant and Green Ant Antapult Fire Ant onto the entire Batiri. Kobald baits Soldier Ant into a kick from Kodama. Kodama delivers a hard neckbreaker. Green Ant slams Kodama hard. Obariyon gives Green Ant the inverted Go To Sleep. Fire Ant delivers the Heat of the Moment to Obariyon. Obariyon connects with a middle rope flying DDT for two. Fire Ant kicks Obariyon as Obariyon perches on the top rope. Fire Ant throws him off with a super fireman’s carry. Kobald prevents Fire Ant from giving Obariyon a Beach Break. Obariyon and Kobald lift Fire Ant into a back cracker from Kodama. Green Ant gives The Batiri a double clothesline. Soldier Ant and Gren Ant give Obariyon the Ants Marching DDT. Kodama accidentally drills Obariyon with a kick to the face. The Colony give Kodama the Ant Hill for the pin at 19:20. This was a nice showcase of The Batiri’s trios skills. Kobald was an improvement over Kizarny, making this better than their match from the first night of King of Trios. There was plenty of good action overall and the fans seemed to have a ball watching it (hence their “please come back” chant after the show). A good way to cap off an otherwise sub-par show. ***1/4


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  1. I’m a latecomer to Chikara and I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog while getting caught up. Almost at 2012!

    Btw, I hated the kid with the whistle at this show.

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