New York, NY – 4.19.2011

CHIKARA Sekigun (Jigsaw & Frightmare) (2-0) vs. Facade & Jason Gory (0-0)

Facade flips out of an armbreaker into a headscissors. Facade catches him with a Manhattan drop and a wheelbarrow armdrag for two. Jigsaw takes Facade down with a toreador and an armdrag. He connects with a basement dropkick. Facade O’Conner rolls him for two. He tags in Gory who flies in with a springboard splash for two. Frightmare tags in. Gory wheelbarrows into a sunset flip for two. Frightmare takes him over with a Frankensteiner. He hits a jump-up neckbreaker for two. Jigsaw and Frightmare catch Gory and throw him onto Facade. They hit tandem basement corner dropkicks to Facade and Gory. They follow up with tandem dives. Frightmare drops a senton on Gory for two. Jigsaw drops a Sweeney fist for two. Jigsaw stretches Gory in a Gory Guerrero Special. Frightmare doublestomps Gory while he’s in the submission for two. Jigsaw drops him with a gordbuster. Gory drops Jigsaw with a leg-capture DDT and tags in Facade. Facade gives Frightmare a few strikes and a pop-up kick to the face. Facade sends him to the floor and dives onto both Frightmare and Jigsaw with a springboard senton. In the ring, Facade walks the ropes into a dropkick to Frightmare. Facade legdrops him on the middle rope, and Gory splashes Frightmare neck first on the second rope. Facade connects with a springboard spinwheel kick. Jigsaw breaks the pin. Jigsaw delivers a fallaway kick. Frightmare hits a yakuza kick and Jigsaw drops him with a brainbuster. Frightmare hits the Kneecolepsy and Gory breaks the pin. Gory hits a Yoshi Tonic. Facade and Gory hit a lungblower/German suplex combo. Jigsaw doublestomps Facade to break the pin. Jigsaw superkicks Gory and follows up with the Jig N’ Tonic for the pin at 8:48. Not only was this a nice high flying bout, but it set itself apart from the rest of the matches on the card. Gory and Facade looked good and certainly deserve a second chance. Of course, I’m happy the CHIKARA Sekigun are on a roll. **3/4

Larry Legend asks CHIKARA Sekigun how it feels to be on a role in EVOLVE. Jigsaw claims they’re the best tag team in EVOLVE. Frightmare speaks some gibberish. Jigsaw translates, and says that they will face any team who wants to step up to them.

Read my review of the entire show here.


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