King of Trios 2011, Night III


Philadelphia, PA – 4.17.2011

Commentary is provided by UltraMantis Black, Gavin Loudspeaker, Bryce Remsburg, Tim Donst, Mike Quackenbush, Dr. Keith Lipinski, and Leonard F. Chikarason.

King of Trios 2011 Semi-Final Round
Fire Ant {C}, Soldier Ant {C}, & Green Ant {C} vs. Amasis {OP}, Ophidian {OP} & Hieracon {OP}

Green Ant and Ophidian take it to the mat. After a bit of chain wrestling, they tag out to Soldier Ant and Amasis. They too go to the mat to fight for control. Soldier Ant applies a saluting sharpshooter. Fire Ant tags in and Amasis rolls to his corner to tag in Hieracon. More mat wrestling ensues until Hieracon tags in Ophidian. Ophidian and Fire Ant trade chops. Ophidian slams him and headstands into a headbutt for two. Fire Ant hits the Stop, Drop and Roll. Ophidian takes him over with a headscissors. Soldier Ant and Green Ant come in with Amasis and Hieracon. The Colony deliver stereo back body drops. The Portal roll to the floor as The Colony sets up the Antapult. The Portal break it and Ophidian puts Solider Ant in the Ophidian Death Grip. Soldier Ant breaks the hold. Green Ant puts on a modified stump puller. The Colony attack Amasis in the corner. They give Hieracon a triple boot. Ophidian breaks the Ant Hill and sends Soldier Ant to the floor. Ophidian flies out with a twisting tope con hilo. Amasis drops Green Ant with a spinebuster and Ophidian flies in with a springboard senton splash for two. Ophidian and Amasis drop Fire Ant with the Mummification for two. The Portal triple team Soldier Ant. Amasis and Ophidian go up top but get caught by Fire Ant and Green Ant. Amasis and Ophidian push them off and dive onto Green Ant and Fire Ant on the floor. Soldier Ant drops Hieracon with a TKO for two. Soldier Ant puts him in the CHIKARA Special, but that is quickly broken by Amasis and Ophidian. They deliver a stacked-up superplex for two. Hieracon drops Soldier Ant with the Lightning Spiral for two. Green Ant clotheslines Hieracon and Ophidian and then bodyslams them both simultaneously. Green Ant and Fire Ant hit stereo pescado’s onto Amasis and Ophidian. In the ring, Soldier Ant and Hieracon trade strikes. Hieracon counters a TKO with a DDT. Hieracon hits a shooting star press for two. Soldier Ant brings Hieracon off the top rope with a super reverse TKO for the pin at 16:01. This was a nice showcase of CHIKARA’s two top trios with a crazy finish to boot. This was certainly a step-up from their encounter a couple months back, and the right team won. ***1/4

King of Trios 2011 Semi-Final Round
The Great Sasuke {MP}, Jinsei Shinzaki {MP}, & Dick Togo {MP} vs. Icarus {F}, Chuck Taylor {F} & Johnny Gargano {F}

The sounds of Cypress Hill at a CHIKARA show – this makes me smile. Taylor forearms Togo and kicks him on the mat. Taylor knocks him down with a back elbow. Togo sends Taylor to the floor with an overhead headscissors. Shinzaki and Gargano tag in. Shinzaki cartwheels into a superkick. Shinzaki walks the top rope and comes off with a chop to Gargano’s forehead. Icarus and Sasuke tag in. Icarus gets booed and cheered whenever he enters and exits the ring (respectively; you can figure out which reaction happens when). Sasuke drops an elbow. Icarus boots him in the corner. Sasuke catches his boot and drags Icarus over to tag in Togo. Togo slingshot senton’s in. Togo nails a dropkick for two. Shinzaki tags in. Shinzaki jumps up into a double stomp on Icarus. The fans chant “one more time”, and Shinzaki happily obliges with a Vader splash. Sasuke tags in and Icarus pulls him to his corner. Taylor and Gargano knock him down with stereo basement dropkicks. F.I.S.T. isolate Sasuke in their corner. Sasuke escapes by knocking Icarus and Gargano down with a clothesline. Shinzaki tags in and springboards into a chop on Gargano. He takes out Icarus and Taylor as well. Shinzaki sends Gargano to the apron. Gargano hits Shinzaki with the slingshot spear for two. Shinzaki retaliates with a top rope shoulder tackle. Taylor breaks a powerbomb attempt and Togo clotheslines him down. Taylor rolls him up for two. Togo applies a crossface. Taylor quickly escapes and drops him with a uranage. A series of moves leaves everyone on the mat. Team M-Pro get a two count with a triple sunset flip. Everyone but Sasuke fights to the floor. Sasuke flies out with a top rope somersault senton onto the pile. In the ring, Togo delivers a series of right hands to Icarus. Icarus goes for the Pedigree. Togo backdrops him instead. Togo drops Icarus with a Pedigree of his own and heads up top. Gargano hits Togo with a chair while Taylor distracts the ref. Shinzaki chops it into Icarus’ back. Sasuke hits a senton to Icarus who is seated in the chair. While Icarus has the referee distracted, Taylor throws baby powder into Sasuke’s eyes. This allows Icarus to schoolboy Sasuke and score the pin at 16:13. I’d be more upset at the cheap finish if it wasn’t the most realistic way to get M-Pro out of the tournament and if it didn’t come into play later in the show. This was another very good trios match, and a stand-out weekend for F.I.S.T’s most recent incarnation. The Michinoku Pro guys had three strong outings and I’d love to see them return one day. ***1/4

Ultimate Spider Jr. jumps into frame backstage. He cuts a very energetic promo in Japanese. He has a match with Jigsaw coming up next.

Jigsaw vs. Ultimate Spider Jr. {O}

Both guys roll around to…taunt each other, I guess? Jigsaw and Spider each try a quick pin. They engage in a Lucha sequence that ends with Spider sending Jigsaw to the apron with a rolling spin kick. Jigsaw sends Spider to the floor with a missile dropkick and follows out with a suicide dive. Jigsaw hits a Sweeney-esque fist drop for two. Spider snapmares Jigsaw and kicks him in the back. They engage in a forearm battle. Jigsaw delivers a pair of kicks and another to the back of the head for two. Spider ducks a forearm but gets stomped on. Spider dropkicks Jigsaw to the floor and follows with a tope con hilo. In the ring, Spider hits a frog splash bodypress for two. Spider uses his invisible spider webs to launch himself into a dropkick on Jigsaw. Jigsaw connects with a fallaway kick. He drops Spider with a dangling DDT for two. Jigsaw calls for a brainbuster, but Spider counters with a Falcon Arrow for two. Jigsaw drops Spider with a torture rack bomb for two. Spider evades a doublestomp but gets met with a superkick. Jigsaw drops him with a brainbuster. He hits a top rope double stomp for the pin at 7:51. This unfortunately got lost in the shuffle and didn’t stick out amongst the midst of fantastic matches we’ve seen so far. To their credit, they both worked hard and had a good match, but really had an uphill battle getting the exhausted crowd into the match. **1/4

10-Team Gauntlet Match

Acid Jaz {ST} & Willie “da Bomb” Richardson {ST} vs. Arik Cannon & Darin Corbin

Cannon wins the opening exchange by taking Jaz down with an armdrag. Corbin comes in with a springboard forearm. Cannon takes the cue and targets Jaz’s arm. Jaz fires back with some headbutts. Jaz knocks Cannon down with a hard left punch. Richardson tags in assists Jaz with a DDT to Cannon. Richardson leg lariats Cannon for two. Cannon springboards into a punch. Corbin tries a few running clotheslines. When that fails Cannon assists Corbin with a sliced bread. Jaz breaks the pin and kicks Cannon to the floor. He flies out with a pescado. Richardson brings down Corbin with a second rope Manhattan Drop. Corbin makes the match go into slow motion. Richardson shrugs that off and sends Corbin to the floor with a Pounce. While Richardson is celebrating in slow-mo, Cannon rolls him up for the pin at 5:36.

Arik Cannon & Darin Corbin vs. Obariyon {B} & Kodama {B}

Kodama comes out with Obariyon and Kodama. The Batiri dispose of Cannon and double team Corbin. Kodama blocks an Irish whip with a neckbreaker out of the corner. The Batiri continue to work over Corbin until he blocks a Flying DDT by throwing Kodama into Obariyon. He drops Kodama with a spinebuster before tagging in Cannon. Cannon waffles Kodama with a pair of clotheslines and a leaping elbow. Cannon powerbombs Kodama to the corner and turns him inside out with a cothesline. Kodama boots Cannon. Cannon catches Obariyon coming off the top and throws him into the corner with an exploder suplex. Obariyon blocks a brainbuster. Cannon nails him with a hard punch and a superkick. He hits Total Anarchy and Obariyon puts his foot on the rope. Kodama drops Cannon on his head with a reverse huracanarana. He rolls out to tag in Corbin. Corbin hits Kodama with Cruz Control for two. Kodama delivers a back cracker. Obariyon connects with the Flying DDT for the pin at 13:04.

Dasher Hatfield {T} & Sugar Dunkerton {T} vs. Obariyon {B} & Kodama {B}

The Batiri jump The Throwbacks as they slide in. The Throwbacks fire up and deliver a series of punches. Dunkerton bulldogs Kodama onto Obariyon’s groin. Hatfield tags in. Dunkerton punches Kodama into a Dragon suplex from Hatfield for two. The Throwbacks go for the Alley Oop. Obariyon kicks Hatfield in the groin, disqualifying the Batiri at 14:16. The Batiri leave The Throwbacks laying before they leave.

Dasher Hatfield {T} & Sugar Dunkerton {T} vs. Sara Del Rey {BDK} & Daizee Haze {BDK}

Haze throws Dunkerton into the ring post. Sara drops Hatfield with the Royal Butterfly for the pin at 15:18.

Matt Classic & Darkness Crabtree vs. Sara Del Rey {BDK} & Daizee Haze {BDK}

The JP Nichols dream team has come true! Classic insists he and Crabtree work out, but Crabtree can’t hack it. Classic kicks him to the apron. Classic hands his ring jacket and towel to Sara and Daizee, confusing them for ring girls instead of opponents. Classic goes to spank Haze as she throws the jacket back at him. Sara kicks Classic to stop him. Crabtree blind tags in and says he’ll take care of the “dames”. Crabtree looks a little too happy to be in the ring with females. Sara boots Crabtree down for two. Classic gets mad and says that Crabtree is “worse than Pinkie Sanchez”. Sara and Haze throw their heads together, though it does nothing to Classic. Haze and Sara’s attacks on him have no effect. He applies a double claw. Haze spins out into a kick from Sara. Haze gives Crabtree a German suplex for the pin at 20:43.

Brodie Lee {R} & Grizzly Redwood {R} vs. Sara Del Rey {BDK} & Daizee Haze {BDK}

Sara and Haze drop the top rope to send Lee to the floor. Sara takes him out with a somersault senton from the apron. Haze slaps Redwood and chops him in the corner. Haze rolls Redwood into a modified armbar. Redwood picks her up, but Sara knocks him back down with a Koppu Kick. The BDK beat down Redwood in their half of the ring. Lee drags Sara to the floor and throws her into the guardrail. Lee shoves Haze to the corner and then throws Redwood onto her. Lee effortlessly slams Haze and chokes her. Redwood and Lee set up for The Truck Stops Here. Haze evades the attack. Sara kicks Redwood multiple times. Lee catches Sara with the Truck Stop for two. Sara Koppu Kicks Lee into a German suplex from Haze. Redwood breaks the pin. Redwood stops the Mind Trip. He rolls up Haze and puts his feet on the ropes for the pin at 26:32.

Atsushi Kotoge {O} & Daisuke Harada {O} vs. Brodie Lee {R} & Grizzly Redwood {R}

The Roughnecks attack Osaka Pro right away. They make a comeback and send Lee to the floor. They double team Redwood with various kicks. Harada suplexes Redwood and Kotoge splashes him. Lee breaks the pin and cracks Kotoge with a big boot. Redwood and Lee successfully hit The Truck Stops Here but Harada breaks the pin. Lee gets hit with double enzuigiri’s. Harada somersault sentons Lee on the floor. Kotoge boots Redwood in the corner. Kotoge hits the Spanish Fly (or would it be Japanese Fly?) for the pin at 28:56.

Atsushi Kotoge {O} & Daisuke Harada {O} vs. Scott “Jagged” Parker {3.0} & Shane Matthews {3.0}

3.0. get sent to the floor and Osaka follow with tandem pescado’s. Harada and Kotoge hit a spear/flying kick combo on Matthews for two. Matthews gives Kotoge a Manhattan Drop and Jagged kicks him in the face. 3.0. drop Harada with a double STO. Kotoge springboard dropkicks both of them. Jagged delivers the Gory Special. Harada side swipes a dropkick and hits a modified Go To Sleep. Kotoge rolls into an ace crusher. Harada forearms Jagged to the corner. 3.0. drop Harada with a neck breaker/Samoan drop combo for two. They set up for the Sweet Taste of Professionalism. Harada bridges the ropes to send Jagged to the floor. Kotoge rolls up Matthews for the pin at 32:50.

Atsushi Kotoge {O} & Daisuke Harada {O} vs. KAGETORA {K} & Super Shisa {Z}

Shisa stretches out Kotoge. KAGETORA hits a running dropkick to him. Kotoge gets mauled by the Dragon Gate team until he catches KAGETORA with a huracanrana. Harada gets cut off shortly once coming in. However, he quickly comes back by throwing KAGETORA overhead into Shisa in the corner. Harada gives Shisa two running forearms in the corner. He follows up with a brainbuster. Harada lands a second rope double stomp for two. Shisa rolls Harada into the Alejandro Lock. KAGETORA sits down on Kotoge’s shoulder and stretches out his arms. Kotoge escapes and breaks Shisa’s submission. Kotoge knees KAGETORA in the back of the head. He delivers a sick headbutt. KAGETORA eats a boot from Kotoge. Kotoge hits a frog splash for two. Kotoge and KAGETORA each hit a sole butt. KAGETORA knocks him down with a spinwheel kick. He sweeps the leg and nails Kotoge with an enzuigiri for two. Shisa dangles Kotoge on the ropes so KAGETORA can connect with a running dropkick. Shisa comes in with a top rope dropkick for two. Kotoge doublestomps Shisa off of Harada’s shoulder. Kotoge superkicks Shisa into a Death Valley Driver from Harada. Kotoge superkicks Shisa again. Kotoge pins him at 39:53, although it clearly shows Shisa kicked out at two. Awkward finish aside, this last pairing was the best of the bunch and ended the tag gauntlet on a high note. There were many excellent interactions along the way, but in the end the team that shined brightest was also the team that racked up three points and a shot at Los Campeonatos de Parejas at some point. ***

Madison Eagles is backstage. She says that while everyone may think she’s the best female athlete as the SHIMMER Champion, she disagrees. Eagles says she can’t call herself the best female wrestler in the world until she beats Manami Toyota, which she plans to do tonight.

Madison Eagles vs. Manami Toyota

Eagles knocks Toyota down with a clothesline right away. Toyota traps Eagles in the ropes and dropkicks her in the back. Toyota applies a Muta Lock. Eagles trips Toyota’s and puts on a Muta Lock of her own. She releases. Eagles delivers a clothesline to the corner. Toyota comes off the top rope with a wrist-clutch armdrag. Eagles blocks a butterfly suplex and rolls up Toyota for two. Eagles turns Toyota over in a Chinese torture rack position. Eagles grabs Toyota’s foot and Toyota slides into a pin. Eagles kicks Toyota away, but Toyota sits down on her back while pulling her hair. Toyota nails a top rope dropkick. Toyota sends Eagles to the apron and kicks her to the floor. Toyota goes up top but gets cut off. Eagles baits Toyota into the ring and kicks her in the hamstring and head. Toyota boots Eagles and Eagles responds with a clothesline. Toyota rolls Eagles around on the mat. Toyota goes up and Eagles catches her with a suplex. Toyota fires up and suplexes Eagles for two. Toyota hits a moonsault for two. Toyota sets up for the Japanese Ocean Cyclone. Eagles escapes and takes her over with a fisherwoman’s suplex for two. Eagles hits the Hellbound for two. Toyota catches Eagles with the Queen Bee Bomb. Both women recuperate and knock each other down with double clotheslines. Toyota hits the Japanese Ocean Cyclone suplex for two. Toyota connects with another Queen Bee Bomb for the pin at 11:37. CHIKARA continues to deliver top notch woman’s wrestling. Toyota truly is the greatest female wrestler ever and shows why in every match she has. Eagles has also grown leaps and bounds since coming to CHIKARA and had another strong showing here. Good stuff all around. ***1/4

Eddie Kingston is backstage. He’s angry for losing to Claudio Castagnoli in Brooklyn. He says he’ll continue to work hard and get angrier. He says while Tozawa has been traveling the US for awhile, he’s never seen anyone like him. Tozawa says he will pay for Claudio’s transgressions.

Eddie Kingston vs. Akira Tozawa {DG}

Kingston takes Tozawa over in a modified hammerlock. Tozawa transitions into an ankle lock and Kingston grabs the bottom rope to break. Kingston takes Tozawa down in a headlock and mocks his chanting. Tozawa reverses into a headscissors and tells Kingston to shut up. Kingston and Tozawa trade chops. Kingston elbows Tozawa to the floor. Kingston goes for a suicide dive but is cut off with a kick from Tozawa. Tozawa strikes Kingston while Kingston is on his knees. Tozawa stomps him in the corner. Kingston takes him over with a belly-to-belly suplex. Kingston lands a discuss forearm for two. Kingston stretches Tozawa’s mouth open and stomps on his mid-section. Kingston applies a Dragon choke. Kingston delivers another suplex for two. Kingston side steps a bicycle kick. Tozawa kicks out his leg and sends Kingston to the floor with a kick to the head. Tozawa suicide dives onto him, then immediately goes back into the ring to hit a second one. Tozawa then flies out with a somersault senton. Tozawa misses the Apron Kara Tozawa but does hit a back senton. Tozawa drops Kingston with a Saito suplex for two. Kingston boots Tozawa in the head. He hits an arm-capture German suplex for two. A Northern Lights bomb scores Kingston a two count. Kingston heads up top but gets caught by Tozawa’s bicycle kick. Tozawa bicycle kicks him in the back of the head before hitting a German suplex. Kingston turns Tozawa inside out with a lariat. Kingston nails the Sliding D for two. Kingston tells Tozawa that he is going to die. Tozawa retorts with another bicycle kick. Tozawa elbows his way free from a suplex. Kingston nails him with the Backfist to the Future and a Backdrop Driver for the pin at 12:47. Stiff brawling be thy name. This was exactly what you would expect from these two guys. There was no one more befitting to answer Kingston’s challenge than Tozawa and I’m glad we got to see it. ***1/4

2011 Rey de Voladores Finals
El Generico vs. The 1-2-3 Kid

Kid taunts Generico on the mat. Kid uses Bryce Remsburg to flip out of a wristlock and armdrags Generico over. Kid kicks Generico in the chest and hits a spin kick. Generico rolls out of the corner to avoid a Bronco Buster. Generico takes Kid down with a variety of armdrags. Kid sends Generico to the floor and follows out with a tope con hilo. Generico launches Kid crotch first into the barricade. Kid makes it back into the ring before the twenty count. Generico slams Kid for two. Generico misses a split-legged moonsault. Kid torques Generico’s neck. Generico breaks but gets met with a spinwheel kick from Kid. Kid rakes Generico’s eyes and Generico retaliates with a leg lariat. Kid goes to the ring apron. Generico yakuza kicks Kid hard to the floor. Generico hops onto Kid with a reverse springboard moonsault. Generico throws Kid back in the ring and comes in with a crossbody for two. Generico ducks a spin kick and delivers a Blue Thunder Bomb for two. Kid blocks a yakuza kik with a kick of his own. Kid then blocks a huracanrana with a powerbomb for two. Generico follows Kid up top. Kid slips off into a cradle for two. Kid grazes Generico with a spin kick. Kid gives Generico the Bronco Buster. He then connects with the X-Factor for two. Generico side steps a splash, causing Kid to crash into the corner. Kid evades a yakuza kick, though Generico tags Kid with it just slightly. Generico connects with a yakuza kick full force and then drops Kid with a brainbuster for two. Generico signals for the Razor’s Edge. He hits it, but Kid transitions Generico’s pin into a crucifix pin for two. Kid delivers another X-Factor and heads up top. Generico looks for the top rope brainbuster. Kid takes him down with a super X-Factor for two. Kid goes back up. He misses a somersault senton. Generico blasts him with a yakuza kick right underneath the jaw. Generico delivers the top rope brainbuster for the pin at 17:47. It’s safe to say that this was the best Rey de Voladores finals ever. This was great story telling, great action, and just a number of jaw dropping moments. It’s amazing to think that the 1-2-3 Kid had this type of weekend after being an active wrestler for nearly 23 years. Phenomenal match, and probably one of the best you’ll see in CHIKARA this year. ****

Wink Vavasseur presents El Generico with the 2011 Rey de Voladores plaque. He and 1-2-3 Kid embrace. Kid puts over the crowd and CHIKARA big time. He states that this will likely be his last year in professional wrestling and that if tonight were his last match ever, he couldn’t think of a better way to go out than with a match against El Generico. He leaves with the fans clapping and his head held high.


2011 King of Trios Tournament Finals
Fire Ant {C}, Soldier Ant {C}, & Green Ant {C} vs. Icarus {F}, Chuck Taylor {F} & Johnny Gargano {F}

Both Trios stand toe to toe, trading forearm strikes. They fight spills to the floor. Taylor hits Green Ant’s arm with a chair against the ring post. So hard in fact that the chair flies into the crowd. In the ring, Soldier Ant gets bullied by F.I.S.T. Icarus accidentally sends Soldier Ant to the floor, legally tagging in Fire Ant. Icarus snaps his neck on the top rope, Gargano nails him with the slingshot spear, and Taylor delivers a quebrada for two. Now Fire Ant gets worn down by F.I.S.T., with Icarus threatening to unmask him in the process. Fire Ant turns a powerbomb from Taylor into a stunner. Green Ant headbutts Taylor from the apron. Taylor slams Green Ant’s arm across the top rope and brings him back into the ring. F.I.S.T. target their attack on Green Ant’s injured arm. Green Ant headbutts his way free and tags in Soldier Ant. He delivers some back elbows to Icarus before pitching him to the floor. Soldier Ant suicide dives onto him. Fire Ant comes in with a crossbody to Taylor and a Yahtzee kick to Gargano. He sends Taylor to the floor with a headscissors and dives onto him. Soldier Ant flies onto Gargano with a top rope headbutt for two. The Colony deliver their triple dropkick to Gargano. They form G.I. Ant and flapjack Soldier Ant onto Gargano. Icarus breaks the pin. Soldier Ant takes F.I.S.T. Kicks. Taylor and Icarus hit Shooty McGee and Gargano gives Soldier Ant a low ace crusher for two. Taylor pops up Green Ant into an ace crusher from Gargano for two. Soldier Ant gets Icarus on the top rope. Taylor positions a table ringside. Taylor looks for an Awful Waffle through the table. Fire Ant cuts him off and looks for a Beach Break through the table. Bryce moves the table and Taylor delivers the Awful Waffle on the ring apron. Soldier Ant hits Taylor with a discuss forearm for two. He puts Taylor in the CHIKARA Special. Icarus pulls Bryce out of the ring and Gargano superkicks Taylor free. Icarus hits the Blu-Ray for two. Icarus puts an armbar on Green Ant’s bad arm. Green Ant frees himself and Icarus brings him to the apron. He gives him a Shiranui, landing on Soldier Ant. Gargano lawn darts Soldier Ant into the ring post. In the ring, Taylor drills Fire Ant with the Awful Waffle for two. Taylor applies a Cross Crab. Green Ant fights off F.I.S.T. and breaks Taylor’s hold. Green Ant puts Gargano in a torture rack. Icarus kicks Green Ant in the groin behind Bryce’s back and hits the Pedigree for two. F.I.S.T. hit a double stomp/DDT/Hurts Donut combination and only get two. Taylor goes for the baby powder. He accidentally throws it into Gargano’s eyes! Fire Ant and Soldier Ant give Taylor and Gargano a Beach Break and TKO simultaneously for two. Icarus tries a double Shiranui but gets thrown off. The Colony give him the Ant Hill and Icarus kicks out. The Colony go up top. They hit the Super Mega Antapult Splash for the pin at 20:51. Finally, after four years of the fans demanding it, The Colony win a King of Trios tournament. There’s a lot to love in this match; the great false finishes, the call backs to F.I.S.T’s matches in this tournament and from two years ago when they won the whole thing, and The Colony finally winning what’s rightfully there’s after having the tournament stolen from them the year before. This was a fantastic end to the best King of Trios weekend ever. ***3/4


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