King of Trios 2011, Night II


Philadelphia, PA – 4.16.2011

Commentary is provided by UltraMantis Black, Gavin Loudspeaker, Bryce Remsburg, Leonard F. Chikarason, and Archibald Peck.

Archibald Peck and Veronica make their way to the ring. Peck is the greatest man of all time, in case you were unaware. Peck says he saw a mile long line behind the curtain of people who want to answer his Open Challenge tonight. Peck asks for the “lucky contestant” to make their way out. Answering his challenge is current NWA World Champion Colt Cabana! I guess he just happened to be in town. Peck formally challenges Cabana with a glove slap. Cabana takes off his boot to slap Peck in the face, and with that, the bout is underway.

Archibald Peck vs. Colt Cabana

Peck puts on a side headlock. Cabana shoots him off and Peck hurts himself trying a shoulder block. Peck trips Cabana and celebrates this feat in a very over-the-top manner. Cabana shoulder blocks Peck down and mocks Peck’s celebration. Peck shakes with anger as the fans chant “say you’re sorry.” Ain’t no way Colt’s doing that. He trips Peck and tries a kneeling frog press for two. Cabana lifts up Peck in the air by his feet and then drops him into a bodyscissors. Cabana kicks Peck’s legs apart so that he has little balance and then pulls Peck back by his sash around his waist. Cabana tries a Gedo Clutch for two. Peck boots Cabana and goes up top. Cabana gets up. Peck asks for him to lay down so he can hit his finishing move, a flying headbutt. Cabana obliges, but catches Peck with a punch as he comes off the top. Peck kicks Cabana shoulder first into the ringpost. Peck hits a flipping DDT and goes back up top. Cabana evades Peck’s flying headbutt. Peck nails Cabana with a leg lariat. Peck goes for the headbut but Cabana gets his feet up to block. Peck pokes Cabana in the eye. Cabana retaliates with a series of back elbows and overhand chops. He connects with a Dusty elbow for two. Peck catches Cabana with a boot and Cabana lands the flying hip attack for two. Peck slides out of the Colt 45. Peck hits the Play of the Day for two. Cabana crotches Peck on the top rope and hits the Flying Butthole. Veronica hands Peck his baton. She distracts the referee so Peck can hit Cabana with it. Peck follows with the flying headbutt for the pin at 9:13. Archibald Peck is so out of this world awesome. He plays his character to perfection and never fails to amuse me. Cabana was the perfect foil for him and both guys put together an outrageously fun bout. The star rating is pretty meaningless, but it’s there if you only care about the wrestling. **1/2

King of Trios 2011 Quarter-Final Match
Atsushi Kotoge {O}, Daisuke Harada {O} & Ultimate Spider Jr. {O} vs. Icarus {F}, Chuck Taylor {F} & Johnny Gargano {F}

This is a pseudo-rematch from last year’s tournament, just switch out Johnny Gargano and Ultimate Spider Jr. for Gran Akuma and Tadasuke. Icarus and Harada vie for control on the mat. With no clear advantage, Icarus pokes Harada in the eyes. Harada responds with a forearm that sends Icarus into the front row. Spider and Gargano tag in. Gargano boots him in the corner. Spider hits a rolling spin-kick to send Gargano to the floor. Taylor and Kotoge tag in. Kotoge runs the ropes with great speed before kicking Taylor in the face. Kotoge victory rolls Taylor into a headscissors vice. Harada applies a figure four while Spider blocks Icarus and Gargano. He hits Taylor with a rolling thunder while he’s tied up. Taylor catches Spider with a powerslam for two. F.I.S.T. isolate Spider in their corner. Spider eventually fights back and is able to tag in Harada. Icarus and Gargano cut him off, but Harada suplexes Icarus into Gargano in the corner. Kotoge hits a tope con hilo onto Icarus and Taylor on the floor. Harada hits a running forearm to Gargano. A second rope doublestomp gets him two. Gargano rolls Harada into a kick to the head. Gargano drops him with the Diced Bread for two. Taylor hops over Kotoge and yakuza kicks him. Taylor drops him with a powerbomb for two. Kotoge knees Taylor in the back of the head. Kotoge rolls Taylor into a superkick and Icarus stops the referee from pinning. Spider flapjacks Icarus for two. Icarus drops Spider with a Dragon suplex for two. Spider hits an ace crusher. He connects with a running dropkick with an assist from his invisible spider webs. Harada and Kotoge take out Taylor and Gargano with beautiful tandem offense. All three Osaka Pro members attack Taylor in the corner. They hit their own version of Shooty McGee. Icarus breaks the pin. Icarus blocks a hip toss from Harada with a DDT for two. Harada hip tosses Icarus into a knee strike. Kotoge superkicks Icarus and Taylor breaks the pin. Gargano blocks Harada’s boot and hits an enzuigiri. He lawn darts Harada into the corner and connects with a superkick. Kotoge rolls into an ace crusher on Gargano. Taylor drops him with a uranage. Spider hits a missile dropkick. Icarus hits Spider with the Shiranui. Harada tosses Icarus off the top rope with a release suplex. Taylor breaks the pin. Gargano nails Harada with the slingshot spear, and Taylor follows with a quebrada for two. Taylor pops-up Kotoge into an ace crusher from Gargano. Spider breaks the pin. Spider eats stereo kicks from F.I.S.T. in the corner. Icarus doublestomps Spider into a DDT from Taylor. Taylor pops Spider into the Hurts Donut from Gargano. Out of nowhere, Harada breaks the pin. Kotoge and Harada hit stereo pescado’s onto Icarus and Gargano. Taylor rolls up Spider and holds his tights for the pin at 19:15. I absolutely love how the finish mirrors the finish from the Osaka/F.I.S.T. match last year. Speaking of, this match topped that without question. This was all four guys at their A game, and the fans were with them the entire way. The Osaka Pro guys are so good and it’s happy to see that CHIKARA has fostered a relationship with them. ****

The English wrestling sensation Zack Sabre Jr. is backstage and is in the Rey de Voladores tournament tonight. Sabre says his plan is to defeat all his opponents tonight with armbars, win the finals with an armbar, rename the tournament “King of the Armbars”, then take out Los Ice Creams for a “jolly good time”. Okay Sabre, I liked you before this promo, but now you’re even more awesome.

Rey de Voldores Qualifier; Elimination Match
Pinkie “Pink Ant” Sanchez {BDK} vs. Marshe Rockett {ST} vs. El Generico vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

BDK official Derek Sabato is the referee for this match. Sabre teases Sanchez by refusing to lock up in a test of strength. Sabre stretches Sanchez’s arm out and puts Sanchez’s gum into his mouth (gross). Sabre playfully releases a lock-up. Sabre ties up Sanchez’s arm and slams his knee into the mat repeatedly. Sabre gets a two count with a Skayde schoolboy. Sanchez forearms Generico on the apron. Sabre pops Sanchez into an armbar. Sanchez forearms Rockett off the apron now. Sabre kicks Sanchez in the head, sending him to the floor where Generico chops him. Sabre kicks Sanchez out again and Rockett gives him a big time chop. Sabre kicks him in the chest. Sanchez hops into the crowd to avoid further punishment. Rockett and Generico tag in. Generico and Rockett go back and forth until Rockett catches him with a crossbody for two. Rockett lands a legdrop for two. Generico takes him down with a few armdrags. Sanchez blind tags himself in. Sanchez rams his buttocks in Rockett’s face. Rockett chops the living daylights out of him. Rockett dropkicks him to the floor. Sabre comes in and eats a leg lariat for two. Sabre headbutts Rockett in the chest and he comes back with chops. Sabre headbutts him again and knocks Rockett to the floor. Generico tags in and knocks Sabre down for two. Sabre does damage to Generico’s arm, surely setting up for an armbar. Generico catches him with a quebradora. He hits a more traditional backbreaker. Sanchez drops the top rope down to send Generico to the floor. Sanchez beats down Sabre as revenge for earlier. Sabre hits a dragon suplex. Rockett comes in but Sabato didn’t see Sabre tag him in (although Sabre hit the floor so it makes no difference). While Rockett’s distracted, Sanchez nails him with a flying hip attack. Rockett powerslams Sanchez and tags in Generico. Generico yakuza kicks Sanchez to the floor. Sabato blocks Generico from diving through the ropes into a DDT. Rockett dives onto Sanchez. Rockett keeps on top of Sanchez in the ring. Sabato helps Sanchez drop Rockett with a springboard bodyscissors DDT. Sanchez pins Rockett at 13:19.

Generico looks for a brainbuster on Sabre. Sabre escapes and rolls up Generico for two. Sabre lays in some kicks to Generico’s chest. Sabre gives him some palm strikes to the chest. Generico kicks Sabre twice and connects with a Dragon suplex. Sabre evades a yakuza kick and hits the Sankakugeri for two. Generico catches Sabre with a yakuza kick. As he goes for a second, Sabre catches him with a running knee strike for two. Sabre comes down with double knees onto Generico’s arm. He rolls into an armbar. Sanchez flies in with a springboard whoopee cushion to pin and eliminate Sabre at 15:59. Generico puts Sanchez up top for a top rope brainbuster. Sabato stops him, allowing Sanchez to put him in a tree of woe. Sanchez comes down with a whoopee cushion. Generico kicks out at two. Sanchez slaps Generico. Generico retaliates with a Michinoku Driver. Sabato slow counts him for two. Sanchez superkicks Generico, and now both men are down. With that, out comes Director of Fun Wink Vavasseur who hands Sabato a CHIKARA referee shirt. He makes Sabato take off the BDK referee shirt and put on the CHIKARA one. Sanchez recovers and freaks out at Sabato for the shirt he’s now wearing. Generico sends Sanchez into the corner with an exploder suplex. Generico nails him with a yakuza kick. He puts Sanchez up top. He drops him with the top rope brainbuster for the pin at 20:47. Lots of great action here by all four guys. The story with Sabato was a nice touch, and it’s good to see that his shenanigans may be over for good. Sabre is a guy who I am hoping comes back for the Young Lions Cup tournament; he’s so talented and would fit right in. Generico should be fantastic in the finals. ***1/2

The Osirian Portal are backstage. Amasis says the role that they have been on lately feels really good. Ophidian says that they have been undefeated for months now which has led them to their match with Dragon Gate tonight. Ophidian says Dragon Gate will not stop them tonight and that they will go on to win the tournament.

King of Trios 2011 Quarter-Final Match
Amasis {OP}, Ophidian {OP} & Hieracon {OP} vs. Akira Tozawa {DG}, KAGETORA {K} & Super Shisa {Z}

Shisa and Hieracon wrestle to a stalemate. KAGETORA and Amasis pick up the speed. Amasis makes KAGETORA do a little wave before knocking him down with a leg lariat. Tozawa and Ophidian tag in. Ophidian does a handstand in the corner which freaks Tozawa out. Ophidian comes down and boots Tozawa. Tozawa hits a bicycle kick and a dropkick. Tozawa mocks Ophidian’s slither, allowing Amasis to put on a waistlock. Tozawa breaks and trades slaps with Amasis. Shisa tags in and helps Tozawa choke Amasis in their corner. Amasis breaks a submission from Shisa and tags in Hieracon, who focuses his attack on Shisa’s arm. Hieracon wrenches on a chinlock. Ophidian tags in and thrusts Shisa’s throat. Ophidian stretches out Shisa’s back. Tozawa breaks the position and gets into a scuffle with Amasis. In the meantime, KAGETORA and Shisa bring Ophidian to their corner. Ophidian brings Tozawa to the Portal corner. Hieracon tags in and chokes Tozawa with his boot. Amasis and Ophidian give Tozawa the Slave Initiation. Amasis gives him a spinebuster and Hieracon pins him for two. Tozawa catches Amasis in the stomach with double knees and tags in KAGETORA. KAGETORA and Tozawa clear the apron of all Portal members, allowing for Dragon Gate to wear down Amasis uninterupted. Amasis is finally able to escape once he hits KAGETORA with a flying shoulder block. Tozawa and Hieracon trade quick forearm strikes. Shisa grabs Hieracon. Tozawa accidentally hits him in the face. Hieracon sets up Shisa to give Tozawa a dragonscrew leg whip. Shisa gets knocked off the apron. Hieracon German suplexes Shisa into a pin on Tozawa. KAGETORA breaks it up. KAGETORA punches Hieracon and nails him with an enzuigiri for two. Heiracon drops him with an ace crusher. A standing shooting star press gets him two. Hieracon transitions into an armbar which Shisa breaks. Shisa gives Amasis a headstand splash for two. Amasis catches Shisa with a kick up top. Shisa sunset flips Amasis for two. Amasis tries a jackknife pin for two. Shisa drops him with a piledriver for two. Shisa applies the Alejandro Lock. Ophidian breaks Amasis free. Tozawa knocks Ophidian down and goes for Apron Kara Tozawa. He catches himself and hits Ophidian with a bicycle kick. Ophidian blocks Ganki and kicks Tozawa in the head. Ophidian sends KAGETORA and Shisa out with spinwheel kicks and flies out onto them. Amasis gives Tozawa s spinebuster. Ophidian hits a springboard somersault senton for two. Shisa takes Amasis off the top with a huracanrana. KAGETORA drops him with the Genkonitteki for two. Tozawa nails Amasis with a bicycle kick and drops him with a Saito suplex. All men are knocked down after a sequence of everyone striking everyone else. Shisa hits Amasis with a rebound dropkick. He goes for the Yoshi Tonic, but Ophidian stops him with a lungblower. The Portal triple team Shisa. Ophidian gives him the Duat Driver, and Amasis follows up with a 450 splash for the pin at 21:08. All this match did was reinforce how badly the Portal need to be in Dragon Gate USA. They fit in perfectly with everyone on the opposing team. I’m glad we got to see the entire Dragon Gate team show their stuff, as opposed to it just being “the Akira Tozawa show”. When it boils down to it, we need more CHIKARA and Dragon Gate crossover. ***1/2

A video package is shown, teasing the impending 12 person tournament to crown CHIKARA’s first ever singles champion.

Eddie Kingston vs. Arik Cannon

Kingston comes out to “Highway Man” by Johnny Cash/Willie Nelson and wears a Sweet N’ Sour shirt in tribute to Larry Sweeney. This a rematch from “Aniversario Delta” back in 2006. Kingston gives Cannon a Saito suplex and follows out with a suicide dive. They fight for a brainbuster on the floor, as a throwback to their 2006 match. Kingston whips Cannon into the guardrail and mafia kicks him. Cannon sends Kingston into the crowd. Canon hits a flurry of forearms. Cannon gives him the Total Anarchy on the concrete! Kingston is able to get up somehow and makes it back into the ring. Kingston and Cannon trade forearms and open hand strikes. Kingston hits a running mafia kick. Cannon nails two discuss forearms, a mafia kick, and a t-bone suplex for two. Kingston blocks another forearm and tosses Cannon with a suplex. He hits uranage suplex for two. Cannon ducks a backfist but gets met with a lariat for two. Cannon evades the sliding D and superkicks Kingston. Cannon hits a brainbuster for two. Cannon drills Kingston with a Saito suplex. He hits the Total Anarchy again for two. Kingston rolls out of Cannon’s moonsault projectory. Cannon connects with his hard right hand. Kingston backfists him. Kingston hits another and the Sliding D for the pin at 9:18. These two packed a heck of a slugfest into just nine minutes. There was no wasted time or motion, just pure brawling from these two. This is exactly what I wanted to see. **3/4

Kingston breaks down after the match. Cannon takes Kingston’s Larry Sweeney shirt and dangles it on the top rope in commemoration. Kingston and Cannon embrace as “Highway Man” continues to play.

We then cut to the Colony backstage. Green Ant says everyone knows that the BDK robbed them of the King of Trios crown last year. He says tonight is when they get revenge for last years transgressions. There’s a little more backstory to this match that those who attended “King of Trios” were privy to. At the Fan Conclave that took place on the afternoon of this show, Tursas held a “Body Slam Challenge”. Just as things were wrapping up (and no challenger able to slam Tursas), Green Ant came out dressed like Lex Luger when he bodyslammed Yokozuna on the USS Entrepid. He was wearing the gold necklace, fanny pack, US flag workout pants, etc. Green Ant was just about to slam Tursas when Hammermeier chop blocked him from behind. The BDK then bailed and Green Ant never got his chance to slam Tursas. Now that you know all of that, we can get into the match itself.

King of Trios 2011 Quarter-Final Match
Fire Ant {C}, Soldier Ant {C}, & Green Ant {C} vs. Tim Donst {BDK}, Delirious {BDK} & Jakob Hammermeier {BDK}

Tursas accompanies the BDK team. The Colony evade a full on attack from the BDK. The BDK end up in a strike circle with The Colony volleying them back and forth. The Colony hit Delirious with a triple seated dropkick. They form G.I. Ant and flapjack Soldier Ant onto Donst. Green Ant and Soldier Ant Antapult Fire Ant onto all three BDK members on the floor. In the ring, Fire Ant takes Delirious down with a fireman’s carry. Donst comes in and his attack is thwarted. Delirious pushes Donst into Fire Ant. Donst drops Fire Ant with an STO. The BDK cut the ring in half and wear down Fire Ant. Fire Ant escapes by hitting Hammermeier with an antzuigiri and hitting the floor. Soldier Ant hits a saluting headbutt to Hammermeier and Donst in the corner. He sends Delirious out with a Samoan Drop. Solider Ant suicide dives onto Delirious. Donst lifts up Green Ant in a vertical position. He holds him up for too long, allowing Green Ant rolls up Donst for two. Green Ant puts on the cloverleaf. Hammermeier and Delirious break the pin. All six men trade forearms. The BDK pitch Green Ant and Soldier Ant to the floor. Donst says the next attack is for Claudio. The BDK set up Fire Ant for the Ragnarok. Soldier Ant and Green Ant save Fire Ant and help him deliver tandem ace crushers to Donst and Delirious. The Colony give Hammermeier the Ant Hill and Donst breaks the pin. Fire Ant gets caught with the Donstitution for two. Fire Ant brings Donst off the top rope with a fireman’s carry. Soldier Ant misses a headbutt and Delirious gives him the Shadows Over Heck. Green Ant sends Delirious to the floor. Hammermeier grabs Green Ant with a waistlock. Donst comes in with a chair to distract the referee. Tursas goes for a splash and ends up splashing Hammermeier. Green Ant picks up and slams Tursas! Green Ant then puts Hammermeier in a Lugeresque torture rack. Hammermeier taps out immediately at 13:05. I wish this would have included video of the Fan Conclave to make this just s awesome for the people who only saw this on DVD. As it was, it was still a good match with a great story. The Colony pick up retribution for last year and we’re assured the BDK won’t win Trios two years in a row. ***1/4

Rey de Voldores Qualifier; Elimination Match
The 1-2-3 Kid vs. Frightmare {SE} vs. Obariyon {B} vs. The Amazing Red {TNA}

Obariyon refuses to shake Kid’s hand before the bell. Frightmare and Red trade wristlocks. Frightmare recreates Red’s stomp made famous from his match with Jay Briscoe way back when. Red takes him over with a huracanrana. Frightmare connects with one of his own. Red cartwheel armdrags Frightmare to the floor. Red springboards out with senton. Kid and Obariyon tag in. Kid takes Obariyon down. Referee PJ Drummond prevents Kid from making the “suck it” arm gesture. Obariyon catches Kid with a flying double forearm strike. Kid turns him inside out with a clothesline. Obariyon avoids the Bronco Buster, but Kid flies right out onto him with a pescado. Kid kicks Red in the stomach. Red sends Kid to the floor with a headscissors and a dropkick. Red sends Obariyon out as well. Red follows out with a corkscrew plancha. Red comes back in the ring and Frightmare catches him with a crossbody. Frightmare scares Red out to the floor. Obariyon cuts off Frightmare’s dive by dropkicking his legs out. Frightmare hits an enzuigiri and Obariyon suplexes him overhead. A string of sleeperholds is formed by all four participants. Frightmare breaks it with a chinbreaker. Frightmare and Red attack Obariyon in the corner. Kid clotheslines them down before giving Obariyon a Bronco Buster. Kid knocks Frightmare down with a spin kick. Kid slams Frightmare and Obariyon foolishly breaks the pin. Frightmare and Obariyon exchange forearms. Obariyon gives Frightmare a reverse Go To Sleep. Red places Obariyon up top. Obariyon fights Red off, but Red nails him with a tornado kick. Red looks for a Spanish Fly. Obariyon knocks him off and connects with the Flying DDT to eliminate Red at 13:59. Kid knocks Obariyon down with a spin kick. Kid chops and kicks Obariyon in the corner. Kid gives Obariyon the X-Factor. Frightmare pushes Kid to the floor and gives Obariyon the Kneecolepsy for the elimination at 15:15. Frightmare dives out onto Kid with a tope con hilo. In the ring, Kid evades a somersault senton. Frightmare crotches Kid on the top rope. Kid catches Frightmare with a super X-Factor for the pin at 16:29. The 1-2-3 Kid continues to impress. This was a good match, but the previous Rey de Voladores match just had a little more to sink your teeth into. That’s no real slight as this match was still very good. ***

Kid apologizes after the match as he forgot about CHIKARA’s family friendly policy for a second. Kid says he’s got two words for the crowd: thank you. Kid will face El Generico in the finals tomorrow night.

Mike Quackenbush is backstage with Jigsaw. Quack says they’ve got to win tonight. Jigsaw has his doubts, but Quack says there is no quit this weekend. Quack says they also made it to Night 2 with Manami Toyota in their corner. When Quack asks if Jigsaw’s ready, Jigsaw retorts “Ain’t no doubt about it, baby.”

King of Trios 2011 Quarter-Final Match
Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw & Manami Toyota vs. The Great Sasuke {MP}, Jinsei Shinzaki {MP}, & Dick Togo {MP}

Sasuke and Jigsaw wrestle to a stalemate. Quackenbush and Shinzaki tag in. They fight for control on the mat. With no true victor, they tag out to Togo and Toyota. Togo bullies Toyota with a hard kick and a chop to the chest. Toyota stays standing as Togo tries a running shoulder block. Toyota boots Togo down and stomps him on the head. Toyota connects with a top rope dropkick and tags in Jigsaw. Shinzaki tags in. He knocks Jigsaw down with a shoulder block and a superkick. Shinzaki walks the ropes and comes down with a chop to Jigsaw’s head. Togo and Quackenbush tag in. Quackenbush resists an Irish whip and forearms Togo. Quackenbush rolls back and Jigsaw flies in with a crossbody. Quackenbush pops Jigsaw up into a headscissors that sends Togo to the floor. All six participants come in and out each hitting a strike. Of course, we get the good ol’ M-Pro comedy spot. Togo and Shinzaki throw Quackenbush and Jigsaw to the floor. Sasuke follows with a baseball slide. Toyota dives from the top onto the pile of guys on the floor. In the ring, the Michinoku Pro team trap Jigsaw in their corner and prevent him from tagging out. Jigsaw manages to side step an attack from Togo and then hits a suicide dive. This legally tags in Shinzaki and Quackenbush. Quackenbush knocks Shinzaki down and hits a single leg basement dropkick. Quackenbush gives Sasuke a quebradora. Toyota and Quackenbush deliver a double shotei to his face. Quackenbush dives onto Shinzaki on the floor while Toyota rolls Sasuke around the ring. Shinzaki attacks Toyota. Sasuske sets up a chair and puts Toyota’s neck on the edge of it. Toyota moves and Sasuke senton splashes himself through the chair. Toyota delivers a moonsault and Togo breaks the pin. Togo clotheslines her down. Jigsaw gets in Togo’s face and trades chops with him. Togo delivers a fallaway kick. He drops Togo with a brainbuster for two. Jigsaw delivers a superkick and Togo gives one right back. He hits a rolling ace crusher for two. Togo applies a crossface after Jigsaw kicks out of a Magistral cradle. Togo delivers the Pedigree. Jigsaw superkicks Togo as Togo goes up to the top rope. Jigsaw connects with a coast-to-coast dropkick for two. Quackenbush comes in and is met with a flying chop from Shinzaki. Shinzaki also hits a flying shoulder tackle. Toyota breaks a powerbomb and Shinzaki dragon screw leg whips her. Toyota reverses a powerbomb into a Yoshi Tonic for two. Quackenbush huracanrana’s Sasuke off the top rope. Sasuke slams Quackenbush and goes up top. He tries a setnon but Quackenbush evades it. Sasuke blocks the Black Tornado slam but takes the Quackendriver III for two. Quackenbush puts Sasuke in the CHIKARA Special. Shinzaki breaks it and delivers a chokeslam. Togo drops Quackenbush with the Pedigree. Sasuke comes off the top with a dropkick to Quackenbush on the mat. While Shinzaki and Togo have Jigsaw and Toyota in stereo submissions, Sasuke powerbombs Quackenbush for the pin at 21:28. A great main event to top off another fantastic night of action. Everything transitioned well and the different combinations of wrestlers in the ring made for a truly special bout. ***3/4


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  1. Quack mentioned “Jose and the two Franks” in his team’s pre-match promo. Of course, they would come back as the Swarm.

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