CLASH Wrestling: CLASH vs. CHIKARA 2011

Taylor, MI – 3.26.2011

CLASH vs. CHIKARA Best of 3 Series – Match #1
Ophidian vs. Tommy Treznik

Treznik drinks some sort of elixir prior to the match. His partner Ded Vaughn is ringside. He and Ophidian trade wristlocks. Ophidian takes him down in an armdrag. Treznik backs him to the corner and kicks him in the gut. Ophidian lures Treznik with a headstand in the corner. He rolls out and laughs at Treznik. Treznik knocks him down with two shoulder blocks. Treznik lands a forearm. Ophidian boots him to the opposite corner. He trips Treznik and rolls him in a Gedo clutch. Both men are dizzy when they reach their feet. Ophidian hits a high kick. Treznik rolls him into a slam, then hits a fist drop for two. Vaughn grabs Ophidians leg. He and Treznik bring Ophidian to the floor. Ophidian hypnotizes Vaughn. Treznik forearms Ophidian in the back and brings him back into the ring. Ophidian uses the ropes to hypnotize Treznik too. Turns out Treznik was faking being hypnotized (thanks to the elixir I presume). Treznik eventually kicks Ophidian in the stomach to cut off his dancing. Ophidian responds with a spinwheel kick. Ophidian continues to dance and sends Treznik to the floor. Treznik uses the elixir to un-hypnotize Vaughn. Ophidian dives onto both of them. Treznik gives Ophidian a neck breaker in the ropes, sending Ophidian to the floor. In the ring, Treznik boots Ophidian into a stomp. Ophidian applies the Ophidian Death Grip. Treznik TKO’s his way free. Ophidian rolls up Treznik for two. Treznik delivers a reverse TKO for two. Vaughn stomps Ophidian on the floor. Treznik applies a choke. Ophidian escapes and hits a Sick Kick. Ophidian tries a few roll-ups but only gets two. He leg nelson’s Treznik and stretches back. Treznik delivers a gut buster for two. Ophidian delivers double knees for two. Ophidian hits a spin kick after a couple failed pin attempts. Ophidian hits a moonsault, but grabs his abdomen in pain. Ophidian goes for the Duat Driver. Treznik counters with the Bus Driver for the pin at 14:43. Solid action, but not a very interesting match. **

CLASH vs. CHIKARA Best of 3 Series – Match #2
The Batiri (Obariyon, Kodama & Kobald) vs. Dave Manzo & Too Sweet (Bryce Benjamin & Joey Marx)

Obariyon tries to jump Benjamin before the bell. Benjamin catches him wih a series of right hands. Benjamin rolls him in a waistlock for two. Too Sweet give him a double flapjack. Benjamin hits a slingshot senton for two. Obariyon punches his way free and tags in Kodama. Kodama and Marx both hit armdrag variations. Kodama hits a slingshot rana. Marx replies with his own rana. Marx asks for a handshake. Kodama tries a sneak attack but it backfires. Too Sweet bombard Kodama with moves in the corner. Marx hits a standing shooting star press for two. Too Sweet deliver tandem elbows. Manzo drops one of his own and Kobald breaks the pin. Kobald lights up Manzo with chops. Manzo gives him a flurry of offense. Manzo throws him in an overhead suplex. Obariyon and Kodama attack Manzo from behind. The Batiri beat down Manzo in their corner. Manzo delivers a leg lariat to Kodama, giving him the chance to tag in Marx. Marx drops Kodama with a neckbreaker for two. Kodama pitches Marx to the floor, where Obariyon turns him inside out with a clothesline. Now Marx is the one isolated in the Batiri corner. Marx escapes their grasp by dropping Kodama off the second rope with a neckbreaker. Benjamin tags in and knocks down Obariyon with a dropkick. Benjamin hits a revers Rough Ryder. Marx hits a springboard 450 splash. Kobald breaks the pin. Kodama drops Benjamin with a twisting suplex. Kobald suplexes Marx into a back cracker from Kodama. Manzo suplexes Kobald. He drops Kodama with the Doi 555. Obariyon gives Manzo a back cracker in the corner. Obariyon and Benjamin trade forearms. Benjamin rana’s him out of the corner for two. Obariyon catches Benjamin with his Flying DDT for the pin at 13:40. Now this is more like it. The action was better and much more exciting than the previous bot. The crowd was going bananas for the hometeam for the entirety of the match which added so much to the atmosphere. The Batiri seem to always do well in trios matches. **3/4

CLASH vs. CHIKARA Best of 3 Series – Match #3
Amasis vs. Gavin Quinn

Amasis makes Quinn dance in a full nelson. Amasis dips Quinn then dances ito a slap. Quinn shoves Amasis a few times. Angry, Amasis clotheslines him and nails a dropkick. Quinn sends Amasis to the apron. Amasis forearms him but then gets brought in with a rope-assisted piledriver. Quinn stomps Amasis in the corner. He mocks Amasis’ dancing. Amasis delivers some elbows. He gets kneed in the stomach. Quinn hits a powerslam for two. Quinn slams Amasis, then connects with an Arabian press for two. Quinn nails a rolling clothesline to block Amasis’ clothesline. Quinn hits a senton from the top rope for two. Quinn goes for the Killswitch, telling the crowd to say goodnight to Amasis. Amasis counters with That Move I Beat Moses With for two. Amasis hits a chinbreaker and an enzuigiri. A running elbow strike gets him two. Amasis delivers a spinebuster for two. Quinn small packages Amasis for two. Amasis nails Quinn with a right hand for two. Amasis goes for a top rope crossbody, but Quinn puts his knees up to catch him. Quinn then hits a low superkick for the pin at 10:35. Quinn is really boring on offense. I was so not interested in seeing anything he was doing to Amasis. Thankfully Amasis’ charisma and fiery comeback made this match not a complete waste of time. *1/2

The Osirian Portal (Amasis & Ophidian), Cameron Skyy, Dave Manzo & Too Sweet (Bryce Benjamin & Joey Marx) vs. The Batiri (Obariyon, Kodama & Kobald), Gavin Quinn, Tommy Treznik & Tyler Elkins

This is an impromptu match. Skyy backs Treznik to the corner and chops him. Skyy attacks all the Rudos as Benjamin punches Treznik in the Tecnico corner. Skyy delivers ten punches to Treznik as well. Benjamin tags in. Treznik puts him in a headlock. Treznik knocks him down and tags in Kodama. Kodama attacks and tags in Quinn. Quinn delivers ome punches and a powerslam. Skyy breaks the pin. Benjamin gives Elkins a crossbody. Marx tags in and doublestomps Elkins. Marx hits him with a tornado enzuigiri. Quinn breaks the pin. Skyy punches Elkins while Marx hold his arms. Elkins backs Skyy to his corner where he and his teammates gang up on him. Skyy gets worn down (with his leg being the primary target) until he knocks down Elkins. Ophidian tags in and knocks down everyone from the opposing team. Amasis tags in, and the Portal give Kobald the Slave Initiation. Amasis then hits a spinebuster. We get four stereo corner dives from the Tecnicos to the Rudos on the floor. The Rudos get brought together on the floor, and Marx dives onto them with a tornado plancha. Elkins slams Benjamin in the ring. Skyy gives Elkins the Sin City Sparkling. Quinn superkicks Skyy and sends him to the floor. Manzo drops Quinn with the Doi 555. Kobald hits a butterfly DDT to Manzo. Ophidian gives Kobald the Duat Driver. Kodama slams Ophidian and Amasis hits Kodama with a flying elbow. Treznik drops Amasis with the Bus Driver. Treznik goes for it on Marx but eats an enzuigiri instead. Marx drops Treznik with a Yoshi Tonic. Marx elbows Obariyon. Obariyon dropkicks him and heads up top. Obariyon hits the Flying DDT, but right after Benjamin catches him with a top rope splash for the pin at 11:42. This was a really fun, neat way to end the show. Just lots of fast, fun action, highlighted by Too Sweet (especially Marx) flying around like mad men. ***


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