AIW: Gauntlet for the Gold 6

Lakewood, OH – 2.18.2011

Tim Donst vs. Colt Cabana

South Side St. Clair is in Cabana’s corner. Cabana backs Donst to the corner and breaks the lock-up cleanly. Donst forearms Cabana, so Cabana knocks Donst down with one of his own. Cabana dodges a few attacks from Donst and victory rolls him for two. Cabana chops Donst in a couple corners. He hits a wind up palm strike for two. Donst throws Cabana out of a front chancery into an ankle pick. Cabana rolls out and shoulder blocks Donst for two. He does it a second time and again gets two. Cabana reverses Donst hip toss into one of his own for two. Donst pulls on Cabana’s ears while pressing his knees on Cabana’s legs. Cabana escapes and delivers a pair of clotheslines. Donst rolls to the floor and brings Cabana from the apron down into a backbreaker. Donst throws Cabana shoulder first into the ring post. In the ring he delivers a gut-wrench suplex for two. Cabana evades a drope toe hold. Donst sends Cabana crotch first into the corner to avoid a Flying Asshole. Donst hits the Donst Cap for two. Donst twists Cabana’s nipples before suplexing him for two. Cabana escapes a floored abdominal stretch. He hits a flying clothesline. Cabana delivers the Flip, Flop & Fly along with some overhand chops. Cabana springboards into a crossbody for two. Cabana is ableto to land the Flying Asshole. Donst however drops him with a bulldog. Cabana turns a flying hip attack into a pin for two. Donst hits an STO for two. Donst then delivers the Gator Roll for two. Donst misses a top rope senton, only for Cabana to miss a moonsault. Donst locks Cabana in the Inverted CHIKARA Special. Cabana taps out at 13:27. Cabana had no gaga to speak of, which is amazing with St. Clair around ringside. This was two guys who know mat wrestling putting on a good mat and strike based contest. I think in the ring, Cabana is at his best when he’s all business. This match helped proved that point. ***

Tim Donst gets on the mic, mentioning how in the past few months he’s beaten some of the best in the business (Jimmy Jacobs, Sonjay Dutt, and now Colt Cabana). Tim Donst says he has eyes set on Mad Man Pondo in May, but for next month decides to call out Kevin Steen. That match ended up being scheduled, but Steen had to drop out. El Generico ended up replacing him, and Donst beat Generico as well.

2011 Gauntlet for the Gold

This match has thirty competitors total. After the first two are introduced, a new wrestler enters every 90 seconds. You eliminate your opponent by throwing them over the top rope and to the floor. The last man standing will get a shot at the Absolute Champion at “Absolution VI” in June.

The order of entry is:

1. Ben Fruith
2. Super Oprah
3. Isaac Montana
4. South Side St. Clair
5. The Kombat Kidd
6. Tim Donst
7. Matt Classic
8. Dave The Potato
9. The Duke
10. Luis Diamante
11. “Mr. RBI” Izaeh Bonds
12. Dave Crist
13. Josh Emanuel
14. Joey The Snake
15. Corey Winters
16. Lamont Williams
17. Hobo Joe
18. Marion Fontaine
19. Justin Lee
20. Gregory Iron
21. Louis Lyndon
22. K. Fernandez
23. Shawn Blaze
24. Jake Crist
25. Facade
26. Flip Kendrick
27. Shane Hollister
28. Trik Davis
29. Bobby Beverly
30. Shiima Xion
31. Chest Flexor
32. Chad Williams

Order of Elimination

1. South Side St. Clair by Tim Donst
2. Ben Fruith by Tim Donst
3. Isaac Montan by Tim Donst
4. Super Oprah by Tim Donst
5. The Kombat Kidd by Tim Donst
6. Dave The Potato by Matt Classic
7. Matt Classic by Tim Donst
8. Luis Diamante by ???
9. Josh Emanuel by Izaeh Bonds
10. Joey The Snake by Marion Fontaine
11. Lamont Williams by The Duke
12. Corey Winters by Justin Lee
13. Hobo Joe by Gregory Iron
14. Justin Lee by Gregory Iron
15. K. Fernandez by Dave Crist
16. Shawn Blaze by Façade and Marion Fontaine
17. Jake Crist by Shane Hollister (with an accidental assist from Dave Crist)
18. Flip Kendrick by Trik Davis
19. Louis Lyndon by Shane Hollister
20. Dave Crist by Izaeh Bonds
21. Trik Davis by Façade
22. Shane Hollister by Façade and Marion Fontaine
23. The Duke by Shiima Xion
24. Izaeh Bonds by Chest Flexor and Chad Williams
25. Chad Williams sacrificed himself to try and save Flexor.
26. Chest Flexor by Façade and Marion Fontaine
27. Marion Fontaine by Bobby Beverly
28. Façade by Shiima Xion
29. Shiima Xion by Tim Donst
30. Bobby Beverly by Gregory Iron
31. Gregory Iron by Tim Donst

So you may notice that there were 32 entrants when there were only supposed to be 30. Once Xion entered, Chest Flexor and Chad Williams strong armed the ring announcer into making them official entrants. Once they came in, the ring stood off with the six members of Flexor Industries (Chest Flexor, Chad Williams, Shane Hollister, Trik Davis, Shiima Xion & Bobby Beverly) standing off with the AIW crew. When all was said and done, Gregory Iron eliminated Bobby Beverly thinking he had won. Donst had not hit the floor when he eliminated Xion (as it looked like he did from the hard camera), so he ran in and dumped Iron from behind. Donst officially won the match at 53:59. There were tertiary stories at the get go with mini allegiances being formed, but the big AIW vs Flexor Industries story was the crux of the situation. The fans loved that Donst won in the end and it will be great to see the crowd for his match with Johnny Gargano in June. ***1/2

Read my review of the entire show here.


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