RCW: The Bash Before the Bowl

Baltimore, MD – 2.5.2011

RCW Cruiserweight Championship
Shiima Xion (Champion) vs. Jigsaw

They vie for control on the mat then exchange wristlocks. Jigsaw crucifix pins him for one. Xion takes him over with an armdrag. He dropkicks Jigsaw when Jigsaw drops down. Xion chops him against the ropes. Xion leapfrogs over Jigsaw, delivers a Manhattan Drop and then pops him into a falling double thrust kick. Jigsaw comes back with a toreador and a dropkick to send Xion to the floor. Jigsaw follows with a suicide dive. Jigsaw snapmares Xion into a kick to the neck for two. Jigsaw takes Xion down in the corner. Xion however fights back and hits a top rope dropkick for two. Jigsaw escapes Xion’s arm hold but meets him mid-ring with stereo crossbody’s. Jigsaw elbows and enzuigiri’s Xion in the corner. He comes in from the apron with a rope-assisted double stomp for two. After eating multiple chest kicks, Xion gives Jigsaw the Hostile Makeover. Xion misses a second rope monsault. Jigsaw catches him with a German suplex for two. Jigsaw gives him a flurry of kicks. Xion powerbombs Jigsaw. Jigsaw slips out of a brainbuster attempt and hits a superkick. Xion hits one as well and follows with a Crucifix Driver for two. He puts Jigsaw in a modifed Fujiwara armbar for the submission at 4:36. Really short match, but they used the time wisely and kept it entertaining. **1/2

RCW Tag Team Championship
Amasis & Ophidian (Champions) vs. Hallowicked & Frightmare

Incoherence cuts off the Portal’s opening bell dance. Hallowicked and Amasis go back and forth. Amasis knocks him down with a leg lariat and Frightmare kicks him from behind. Ophidian blind tags in as Amasis is whipped to the ropes. Ophidian is caught with a crossbody, but armdrags Hallowicked to the floor and engages in a Lucha sequence with Frightmare. That sequence ends with a crucifix pin from Ophidian for two. He Skins the Snake and Frightmare responds with a step-up Frankensteiner and a neckbreaker for two. Ophidian prawn holds Frightmare after an armdrag off the middle rope for two. He stretches Frightmare’s arm in a legged full nelson. Frightmare escapes and Ophidian leans back on Frightmare’s neck. Hallowicked breaks it up. Ophidian baits Frightmare into a slingshot shoulder tackle from Amasis. The Portal deliver the Slave Initiation. Amasis follows with a spinebuster for one. The Portal double team Frightmare some more until he bails to the floor. Hallowicked comes in and also gets taken down. The Portal hypnotizes him, but Frightmare hits the Kneecolepsy on Ophidian to break it. Hallowicked drops Amasis with the Rydeen Bomb for two. Incoherence isolates Amasis and wears him down. Amasis slides out of the ring and trips Hallowicked, leading to Ophidian coming with a slingshot quebrada for two. Frightmare however spikes Ophidian on his head with a Frankensteiner, and Hallowicked brings Amasis back in so they can go back to work. Amasis catches Frightmare with a shoulder tackle and Hallowicked with a spinebuster, giving him the opening to tag out. Ophidian sends Hallowicked to the floor and takes out Frightmare with a dropkick and headscissors. Ophidian dives onto Frightmare on the floor, ducking Hallowicked’s clothesline. Amasis sends Hallowicked out with a shoulder tackle. The Portal knock down Frightmare with a series of strikes but Hallowicked breaks the count. Amasis elbows Hallowicked and Ophidian knocks Frightmare down. The Portal look for stereo 450 splashes, but Incoherence stop them. Frightmare hits them both with a simultaneous standing shooting star press for two. Amasis and Frightmare get sent to the floor. Ophidian puts Hallowicked in the Ophidian Death Grip. Hallowicked tries to escape with a super snapmare, but Ophidian holds on. Frightmare enzuigiri’s him free. All four men get knocked down with a series of kicks. Once on their feet, Amasis positions Hallowicked so that he DDT’s Frightmare when given a shoulder tackle. The Portal finally connect with stereo 450 splashes for the win at 13:25. That was consistently good, exciting action from bell to bell. It was all the usual stuff from both teams, but done with such precision and crispness that it really took things to the next level. It’s matches like this that make me realize how much I will miss Amasis. ***1/4

After the match, The Runaways make their way to the ring. They are embarased that the video from CZW in which The Portal hypnotized the Runaways went viral and was seen by millions of people (literally, that is no hyperbole). They want a title match against the Portal right now. As the Runaways attack, the Portal hypnotize them and another dance off is held between the two teams. I’m amazed that the only company to really take advantage of the viral video was RCW (CZW did a minor thing with it at their 12th Anniversary Show, but I digress).


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