New York City, NY – 1.28.2011

Jigsaw vs. Jon Moxley

Jigsaw jumps Moxley right before Moxley attacks Reby Sky. Jigsaw lays into Moxley with a series of chops and sends him to the floor with a huracanrana. Jigsaw follows Moxley out with a tope. Moxley sends Jigsaw up to the stage, and Jigsaw jumps off with a tope con hilo. In the ring, Jigsaw comes in with a crossbody. Moxley knocks Jigsaw off the ropes with a forearm, causing Jigsaw to crash to the floor. Moxley follows out and sends him into the guardrail with a side Russian leg sweep. Moxley works over Jigsaw’s elbow back in the ring. Moxley knocks him down with a back elbow for two. Moxley hits a release vertical suplex for two and transitions into a kimura. Jigsaw double stomps Moxley in the back of the head from the second rope. Jigsaw hits an enzuigiri and brainbuster for two. Moxley responds with a hard clothesline. Jigsaw counters the Hook and Ladder with a prawn hold for two. He superkicks Moxley down and comes off the top with a double stomp for two. Moxley catches Jigsaw with an ace crusher for two. Moxley applies a crossface chickenwing. YAMATO emerges as Jigsaw escapes and hits a superkick. YAMATO attacks Jigsaw on the floor while Moxley distracts the referee. Moxley reapplies the chickenwing with a bodyscissors, causing Jigsaw to tap out at 7:32. This was solid, but nothing extremely special. This really just seemed like fodder to build up Moxley for his match with Homicide on Sunday. **

Read my review of the entire show here.


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