AIW: Guys Night Out

Lakewood, OH – 1.28.2011

Kobald vs. Greg Iron vs. Justin Lee vs. K. Fernandez vs. AERO! vs. Corey Winters

Many people ringside for this; Hobo Joe, Ben Fruith, Dave The Potato, and Joey The Snake. I believe this Kobald’s professional debut. Iron and Fernandez go back and forth quickly. Fernandez forearms him to the floor. Winters comes in with some hard elbows to send Fernandez out. Fernandez and Winters brawl on the floor. Iron gives Kobald a pair of armdrags. Kobald comes off the top rope with an armdrag. Kobald spears Iron and delivers a diving elbow for to. Iron sends Kobald to the floor. Lee blasts Iron with a yakuza kick. AERO chops Lee in the corner. AERO tries to throw Lee of the top, but Lee catches him with a headscissors. Lee wheelbarrows himself into a backbreaker from AERO. Fernandez boots AERO into a stunner from Winters. Winters and Fernandez keep preventing each other from pinning AERO. Fernandez gives Winters a rope-assisted backbreaker for two. Fernandez ducks a clothesline and flips Winters onto his back. Winters connects with a basement dropkick for two. They spill out to the floor, bringing in AERO and Kobald. AERO delivers a step-up enzuigiri and a legsweep for two. He puts Kobald in a modified Anaconda Vice. Iron breaks the hold. Kobald puts on an abdominal stretch. Kobald switches into a Rings of Saturn type submission, which Lee breaks. Kobald sends Lee to the floor and Lee takes out Fernandez on his way down. Kobald flies out with a tope. Winters dives to the floor with a top rope splash. Iron backdrops AERO to the floor onto the wrestlers out there. Iron then flies out with a springboard plancha (using his knees instead of his feet). Hobo Joe distracts Iron, allowing Lee to forearm him in the back. Joe holds Iron. Iron moves so that Lee accidentally kicks Joe instead of him. Iron rolls through a German suplex for two. Iron hits a fisherman’s suplex for two. Iron drops Lee with Handicap Parking for the pin at 10:19. This moved at a frenetic pace and kept the action constant and exciting throughout. The best part was that enough time was alloted for all six guys to make an impression and look good. ***

Tim Donst vs. Sonjay Dutt

Donst takes Dutt to the mat in a butterfly stretch. Donst turns it into a chickenwing of sorts. Dutt escapes but gets taken over with a fireman’s carry. Dutt trips Donst into a front facelock. Once on their feet, Donst drops Dutt neck first on the top rope. Donst gives Dutt a purple nurple in the corner. Donst traps Dutt in the rope and nails a running back elbow. Dutt connects with a yakuza kick. He kicks Donst whilst using the ropes then legdrops Donst across the second rope. Dutt hits a springboard splash for two. Donst looks for a Gator Roll. Dutt breaks and superkicks Donst. Dutt connects with a dropkick. Donst comes back with a bulldog. Dutt sweeps Donst’s leg and hits a standing shooting star press for two. Donst flips Dutt out of a chokehold. Dutt comes in from the apron with a sunset flip. Donst sits down on it and grabs the ropes to secure the pin at 8:38. This was another really fun match and a unique bout as well. Dutt’s been so-so elsewhere but delivered here. Donst’s reign of dominance continues. ***

Donst kicks Dutt out from the ring, saying nobody wants him there. Donst says he has continued to show outsiders who “the man” in AIW is. He says next month he’ll show Colt Cabana who the man is. He then turns his attention to Mad Man Pondo who is sitting at a nearby merch table. Donst talks some trash which brings Pondo into the ring. Donst challenges Pondo for a match in the near future. Pondo agrees and shakes Donst’s hand. Donst attacks Pondo from behind and gives him a suplex. Pondo drops Donst with a Death Valley Driver. With Donst on the floor, Pondo mentions that AIW is holding some sort of tournament of May 20th. Pondo challenges Donst to face him in the first round.

“Guys Night Out” was the pre-show of AIW’s “Girls Night Out 3” event. Check out my review of that show here.


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