AIW: Nightmare Before X-Mas 4

Lakewood, OH – 12.17.2010

Tim Donst vs. Jimmy Jacobs

Jacobs breaks a wristlock and applies a half crab. Donst uses the ropes to break. Jacobs points out that his Twitter handle is on his buttocks. Jacobs sends Donst to the apron with a headscissors. Donst gives Jacobs a slam. It has little effect, and Jacobs rams Donst’s head into three corners of the ring. Donst responds with some elbows. Donst chokes Jacobs with his boot. Donst pie faces him before hitting a suplex for one. Jacobs sends Donst to the floor and follows with a tope con hilo. Donst trips Jacobs on the apron and brings him to the floor with a back breaker. Donst continues to damage Jacobs’ back on the floor. He gets a two count back in the ring. Donst gives him a trifecta of gutwrench suplexes for two. Donst suplexes Jacobs from the apron back into the ring for two. Donst puts on a full nelson which Jacobs breaks with a chin breaker. Donst gives him a bulldog for two. Donst pie faces Jacobs while telling him that he’s the better man. Jacobs fires up as Donst elbows him in the back. Jacobs fires up after being kicked in the face and knocks Donst down with a clothesline. He drops Donst with a neckbreaker for two. Jacobs comes off the top with a senton for two. Donst crotches Jacobs in the corner to avoid the Contra Code. He German suplexes Jacobs out of the corner for two. Donst drops Jacobs with a uranage for two. Jacobs tries a sunset flip for two. Jacobs spears him down for two. Jacobs blocks a clothesline and goes for the Contra Code. Donst turns it into the Donstitution for two. Jacobs slingshots into an ace crusher. He hits the Contra Code for two. Donst rolls through a suplex and gives Jacobs a Gator Roll for the pin at 14:35. Tim Donst has been on a roll in AIW and this match was no exception. A victory over an independent veteran like Jimmy Jacobs is exactly what he needed to truly break out to the next level. Jacobs put on an awesome performance as usual and had a really exciting match with Donst. ***1/4

Read my review of the entire show right here.


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