JAPW 13th Anniversary Weekend

Rahway, NJ – 12.10.2011

Eddie Kingston vs. The Necro Butcher

Brodie Lee accompanies Necro. Kingston goes to attack Lee, but Necro chokes him with his t-shirt from behind. Kingston dumps Necro to the floor and trades chops with him. Burtcher rubs his forearm and gauntlet across Kingston’s forehead. He crotches Kingston on the ring post. In the ring, Necro hits a chair-assisted slam onto another chair. Necro slams Kingston back first onto the back of two chairs for a two count. Necro digs his fingers into Kingston’s eyes. Lee delivers a cheap shot from the floor. Necro knees Kingston multiple times in the corner. He applies a Camel Clutch, pulling on Kingston’s face in the process. Kingston’s arm drops twice, but forcefully crawls his way to the ropes to break the hold before his arm can drop a third time. Kingston lights up Necro with chops in the corner. He nails a yakuza kick and grabs a chair. Kingston headbutts Necro while Necro sits on the top rope. Kingston slams Necro through a chair. Lee grabs Kingston to prevent him from making a full cover. Kingston comes back with an exploder suplex. Necro headbutts Kingston to block a German suplex. He punches Kingston and asks Lee to get a guardrail. Necro puts it on top of Kingston and senton’s onto it. Necro bulldogs Kingston onto it for two. Kingston delivers a Saito Suplex onto the guardrail. Necro blocks a backfist and chokeslams Kingston onto the guardrail. He then drops him in a butterfly position onto it. Necro wins a punching war and pins Kingston at 13:01. Typical nonsense fight that these two usually have. Of course, both men are on their feet as soon as it’s over making all the punishment they went through pointless. *1/2

Philadelphia, PA – 12.11.2011

Eddie Kingston vs. B-Boy

B-Boy doesn’t flinch at Kingston’s strikes. B-Boy hits a running boot for two. They shove one another and slap each other in the face. B-Boy double stomps the back of Kingston’s head. B-Boy lays in some forearms. Kingston catches him with a uranage suplex for two. Kingston pokes B-Boy in the eyes, then lights him up with chops in the corner. B-Boy blocks a yakuza kick and hits a blockbuster. They throw furious strikes to each other on the mat. B-Boy lands an enzugiri and an STO for two. Kingston hits another uranage suplex. A shotgun lariat gets him two. B-Boy blocks a backfist. He hits two running knee strikes for two. B-Boy nails the corner Stuff. He goes for a second, but Kingston blocks. He hits the Backfist to the Future for the pin at 7:38. Right when this was kicking into the next gear, the match abruptly ends. A few more minutes, this could have kicked into a second gear and been much better than it was. **

JAPW Light Heavyweight Championship
Jushin “Thunder” Liger (Champion) vs. Mike Quackenbush

A little feeling out on the mat sees Liger tie up Quack’s elbow and neck. Quack breaks free and locks Liger in a grapevine stretch. Liger grabs the ropes to break. Liger and Quack each get a couple quick pin attempts before Quack sinches on Liger’s leg once more. Liger reverses the pressure, forcing Quack to grab the bottom rope to escape. Quack hops out of the corner and puts Liger in an STF. When that doesn’t work, he turns Liger over. Liger however escapes and puts Quack in the Romero Special. Quack escapes only for Liger to chop him against the ropes. Quack backdrops Liger and sends him to the floor with a superkick. He follows with a tope con hilo. Back in the ring, Quack hits a super huracanrana and a somersault senton for two. Quack immediately turns Liger over into a reverse cloverleaf. Liger gets to the ropes to break. Quack kicks Liger’s knee in order to successfully hit the Black Tornado Slam for two. Liger palm strikes Quack off the apron and dives onto him from the top rope. Liger palm strikes Quack back in the ring. He hits the Running Liger Bomb for two. Liger catches Quack with a quebradora. Quack blocks an Irish whip and elbows Liger in the face. Liger catches Quack climbing the ropes and delivers a superplex for two. Quack rolls Liger into the Lightning Lock Beta. Liger gets the ropes. Quack kicks Liger in the leg before hitting Quackendriver III for two. Liger blocks a palm strike and hits two of his own. He hits a running variation for the pin at 12:15. Like the last match, this was getting ready to really it’s peak and then it ended. I loved Quack working over the leg early, then kicking it whenever Liger would resist some of his bigger moves so he could hit it. This wasn’t the classic I’m sure the fans and participants wanted, but still a pretty darn good bout. ***1/4


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