CZW: Cage of Death XII

Philadelphia, PA – 12.11.2010

CZW Tag Team Championship Tournament Finals
Amasis & Ophidian vs. Sabian & Joker

The Osirian Portal won their quarter-final match against The Best Around. They would then go on to the semi-final round where they beat The Runaways. Tonight, The Portal face Philadelphia’s Most Wanted, Joker & Sabian, in the finals of the tournament. The winners will be crowned the brand new CZW Tag Team Champions.

Amasis and Sabian reach a stalemate on the mat. Ophidian and Joker tag in. Joker and Ophidian go at a fast, lucha style pace, ending with Ophidian sending Joker to the floor and baseball sliding into a headscissors takedown. Amasis and Sabian go back and forth in the ring now. Each go for a pinfall but don’t prevail. Sabian cuts Amasis off with a dropkick. Ophidian tags in and hits Sabian with an enzuigiri. The Portal double team Sabian in the corner. Amasis hits a spinebuster for two. The Portal hit Joker with strikes. The Portal attempt to hypnotize Joker, but Sabian dropkicks Ophidian out of Amasis’ arms to stop it. Joker and Sabian hit Amasis with a double flapjack for two. Joker and Sabian isolate Amasis and wear him down. Amasis slides out of the ring and trips Joker. Ophidian flies in with a quebrada. Sabian breaks the pin and gives Ophidian a bodyscissors DDT. Sabian and Amasis fight on the floor. In the ring, Joker and Sabian go back to wearing down Amasis. Amasis comes back with a shoulder tackle and spinebuster to Sabian. Ophidian tags in and nails Joker with an enzuigiri. This fires up Joker, but Ophidian sends him to the floor with a sick kick. Ophidian hits a twisting tope con hilo onto Joker and follows up with a slingshot body press to Sabian in the ring for two. Ophidian applies the Ophidian Death Grip. Sabian backs Ophidian into the corner and elbows him in the face. Ophidian wheelbarrows Sabian into a facebuster for two. The Portal hypnotize Sabian in the corner. Joker comes from behind and moonsaults Amasis and Sabian simultaneously. Sabian hits Amasis with a lungblower, and Joker slams Amasis back first onto Sabian’s knees. Joker giant swings Amasis into a dropkick from Sabian. Ophidian breaks up the pinfall. Ophidian gets mauled in the corner and Amasis saves him from being pinned. Amasis avoids a double stomp and victory rolls Joker forward. Ophidian comes off the top rope with double knees to Sabian. The Portal hit stereo kicks to Joker and then Sabian’s head. The Portal hit Joker and Sabian with stereo 450 splashes for two. The Portal hypnotize Sabian and Joker and call for music to play. The Portal dance while their opponents are stunned. All four of them do the MC Hammer dance at the same time. The Portal break the trance and hit Joker with the Osirian Sacrament. Joker stuns the Portal and the fans by kicking out. Joker kicks Amasis in the groin behind the referee’s back. Sabian rips Ophidian’s mask off and pins him with a kneeling frog press at 17:36. This was a great match with both teams putting on a fun, aggressive contest where it looked like a pin could believably happen at any time. Almost every nearfall had the fans going nuts and they kept a great pace the entire time. I hope The Portal isn’t gone from CZW after this, because they had a great showing overall. ***1/2


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