2010 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup Tournament


Crystal River, FL – 12.4.2010

2010 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup Quarter-Finals
Frightmare vs. Sami Callihan

In the first round, Frightmare defeated Jake Manning and Callihan defeated Chris Dickinson. Frightmare avoids Callihan’s charge to the corner. He also evades some of his initial offense. Frightmare sneaks in a pop-up clothesline. Callihan rolls to the floor. Frightmare looks for a dive but gets caught with a jab to the throat. Callihan chops him into the crowd. Frightmare uses the barricade to flip back over into a headscissors. In the ring he tries for a dropkick. Callihan catches him mid-air with a Rydeen Bomb instead. He gets two with a basement lariat. Frightmare grabs the ropes to break an attempted Dragon Sleeper. Callihan chops him up in the corner. Frightmare slaps him in the face and kicks him away. He spikes Callihan in a reverse Frankensteiner. Frightmare nails a few yakuza kicks. He ducks a lariat and drops Callihan with a neckbreaker. Once again Callihan retreats to the floor but this time Frightmare’s tope con hilo attempt is successful. Callihan however headbutts Frightmare and brings two chairs into the ring. He tries powerbombing Frightmare onto them. Frightmare slips out of it and gives Callihan a headbutt. He gives Callihan Kneecolepsy onto the chairs! He follows up with the Here It Is Driver for two. Another Kneecolepsy has the same result. Callihan rolls Frightmare into the Stretch Muffler. Frightmare taps out at 9:33. Well that made no sense. Frightmare destroyed Callihan for the last few bits, then Callihan just happens to catch him with that submission and it’s over? One could argue that Frightmare did some damage to his knees with those moves but that’s a bit of a stretch. The Kneecolepsy on the chairs was pretty sweet though. **½

2010 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup Quarter-Finals
Jigsaw vs. Rich Swann

In the first round, Jigsaw defeated Christopher Gray and Rich Swann defeated Grizzly Redwood. Jigsaw kicks Swann in the buttocks at the request of the fans. Swann is upset. He does the “Ronin” call on the second rope. Jigsaw dropkicks him in the buttocks which sends him to the floor. They exchange wristlocks when Swann comes back in. Jigsaw stretches him in a Gory Special. Swann uses the ropes to turn Jigsaw’s hip toss into his own armdrag. When he tries it again, Jigsaw lets go of his arm and dropkicks him in the face. Swann takes a break on the floor. He comes in trying a quesadora. Jigsaw shows him how it’s done, sending him back out with an armdrag and following with a suicide dive. When Jigsaw goes to the top rope, Swann dropkicks his leg out. Swann puts on a figure four and uses the ropes for extra leverage. He continues focusing his attack on Jigsaw’s leg. Jigsaw kicks him in the posterior to stop the attack. After delivering ten punches in the corner he gets two with a Michinoku Driver. Swann trips him into a leg vine. Jigsaw rolls him up to escape. Swann kicks out and nails a tornado kick. Jigsaw flapjacks Swann and German suplexes him. His hurt leg doesn’t make for an effective bridge, so Swann is able to kick out. Jigsaw drops him with a brainbuster for another two count. They trade forearms and slaps to the face. Swann kicks Jigsaw’s bad leg and spikes him on his head in a headscissors. Jigsaw kicks out before a one count can be made. Swann gives him a Sick Kick for two. He tries for Swann on Fire but Jigsaw gets his knees up. Jigsaw nails an enzuigiri and a superkick. When he tries the Jig N’ Tonic, Swann rolls through and grabs the tights to get the pinfall victory at 10:37. This was a lot of fun. Both Jigsaw and Swann were over with the crowd and got them to be receptive. Swann’s work of Jigsaw’s knee was well done and it played a significant role throughout the course of the match. Easily the best of the first round bouts. ***

These matches were bonus content on EVOLVE 14 and EVOLVE 15. You can read my reviews of those shows here.


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