ICW: Final Impact 2010

Queens, NY – 11.26.2010

Eddie Kingston & Monsta Mack vs. Ricky Reyes & Joel Maximo

Julius Smokes in Reyes and Maximo’s corner. Kingston and Maximo fight for control on the mat. Kingston escapes a headscissors and brings things to their feet. Maximo enzuigiri’s Kingston and Kingston responds with a dropkick for two. Mack tags in and overpowers Maximo. Mack forearms Maximo in a test of strength. Maximo enzuigiri’s Mack before tagging in Reyes. Reyes’ offense has no effect on Mack. Mack forearms Reyes on the back. Reyes ducks a clothesline and fails at an O’Conner Roll. Kingston tags in to continue the control Mack had over Reyes. Kingston puts him in the Rings of Saturn. Maximo breaks it up. Kingston and Mack continue to maul Reyes in their corner until Reyes O’Conner rolls Kingston. Kingston kicks out, sending Reyes to his corner. Maximo tags in. He knee strikes Kingston in the corner and follows with a DDT. Maximo hits a moonsault for two. Mack catches Maximo with a spinebuster. Reyes cuts off Mack as he goes to the top rope. Maximo and Reyes miraculously double superplex Mack, causing the ring to shake. Kingston throws Maximo into some guardrails. Mack catches Reyes with a falling powerslam. Kingston and Mack double flapjack Reyes and Maximo breaks the pin. Kingston overhead suplexes Maximo onto his head. Reyes tries putting Kingston in a Dragon Sleeper. Kingston snapmares him forehead but takes an enzuigiri. Reyes ducks a Backfirst to the Future. Mack clotheslines Reyes to the mat. Kingston then hits the Sliding D for the pin at 12:05. Mack and Reyes had a very sloppy exchange mid-match that really took the already average match down a notch. Kingston and Maximo did not nearly get enough time either. This was just four guys muddling around for 12 minutes. **


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