ICW: Impact Cup 2010

Queens, NY – 10.20.2010

2010 Impact Cup Quarter-Final Match
Eddie Kingston & Monsta Mack vs. Christopher Daniels & Xavier

Daniels and Xavier have Prince Nana in their corner. Kingston and Xavier have a very MMA influenced ground exchange to start. Kingston throws him with an overhead suplex. Daniels tags in and gets armdragged right away. Mack then tags in and clobbers Daniels with a right hand. Daniels reverses a wristlock and takes Mack to one knee. Mack reverses and hits a clothesline. Kingston and Mack volley Daniels between them with punches. Mack gets two with a headbutt. Kingston and Mack double back elbow Daniels for two. Xavier kicks Kingston from the apron as he hits the ropes. Daniels sends Kingston to the floor where Xavier and Nana beat him down. Back in the ring Daniels and Xavier continue to beat Kingston down, with some assistance from Nana of course. Kingston catches Xavier with a belly-to-belly suplex after Xavier missed a corner attack. Kingston finally tags in Mack who takes out both members of Team Nana. He powerslams Xavier and forearms Daniels in the corner. He splashes Daniels before delivering a running powerslam. Xavier breaks the pin. Xavier picks up Mack for a gutbuster. He tornado kicks Mack in the back of the head. Kingston comes in and uranage slams Xavier. He calls for the Backfist to the Future on Daniels. Daniels ducks and hits a jawbreaker/STO combo. He takes Kingston and himself to the floor with a Cactus clothesline. Mack suicide dives onto everyone. Nana distracts the referee, which allows Daniels to nail Mack in the head with Nana’s crown. Daniels pins Mack at 10:59. That was a very pedestrian match considering Kingston and Daniels were involved. Xavier’s MMA influenced based offense gives his character a breath of fresh air, and I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing him in EVOLVE at some point. That opening bit aside, it was the usual stuff you would expect given the participants involved. Not bad, but not memorable. **1/4


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