CZW: Déjà Vu 5

Tyngsboro, MA – 10.16.2010

Amasis & Ophidian vs. Rich Swann & Ryan McBride

Lucha Rules apply, meaning tags are not necessary to switch partners. Amasis and McBride feel each other out to start. Amasis does a little dancing and tags in Ophidian. Amasis assists Ophidian into a crucifix pin for two. Swann tags in and looks for a dance off. Instead, Ophidian looks for a waistlock. Swann breaks, so Ophidian does a handstand on the top rope. He small packages Swann for two. Amasis tags in. He and Swann do some dance related antics. Ophidian tags in and hits a double elbow drop with Amasis for two. Swann hits Ophidian with a Northern Lights suplex for two. McBride tags in. Swann comes off his back with a double stomp to Ophidian, and McBride follows up with a handspring moonsault for two. Ophidian rolls to the floor, tagging in Amasis. Amasis hits a stomp and elbow for two. Ophidian tags back in and small packages McBride for two. Amasis tags in and sends McBride to floor. He sends Swann out as well. Amasis dances before Ophidian flies out with a corkscrew tope con hilo on the Irish Drive-By. Amasis pins Swann for two. The Portal team up to pummel Swann in their corner. Swann finally escapes their grasp and tags in McBride. He knocks down both Amasis and Ophidian with forearms. He dropkicks Ophidian and slams Amasis for two. Swann tags The Portal over simultaneously with a hurricanrana. Swann does the Worm into a standing double moonsault for two. McBride tags in and hits a double suplex. Ophidian hits a top rope dropkick on McBride and Swann. Ophidian wheelbarrows McBride into a pin for two. He tries a fisherman’s suplex, but Swann breaks the pin with a moonsault. The Irish Drive-By hit a wheelbarrow lung blower combo, into a German suplex on Ophidian. Amasis throws Swann into McBride and forces McBride to DDT Swann. Ophidian flies in with a quebrada for two. The Portal drop Swann with a double flip slam for two. McBride knees Amasis to the floor. He drops Ophidian with a flipping Death Valley Driver for two. McBride twists him into an Irish Cloverleaf. Amasis breaks the hold. He nails McBride with punches and a sliding clothesline for two. Swann lays in rapid fire shots to Amasis. Swann hits a knee strike and a front face kick. He hits a Falcon Arrow for two. A series of moves leads to all four men to be knocked down. The bell rings at 15:00, as the time limit has expired. This was a fun showcase for both teams, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see these two teams meet again in the tournament finals. ***


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