CZW: It’s Always Bloody In Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA – 10.9.2010

Amasis vs. Ryan Slater vs. Rich Swann vs. Sabian

All four of these guys are involved in the CZW tag team championship tournament, which is now in the semi-final round. Amasis represents the Osirian Portal (with Ophidian), who beat The Best Around in round one. Ryan Slater represents the Runaways (with Joe Gacy), who beat Cheech & Cloudy in round one. Rich Swann represents the Irish Drive-By (with Ryan McBride) who beat Team Macktion in round one. Finally, Sabian represents Philly’s Most Wanted (with Joker), who beat Adam Cole & Tyler Veritas in round one.

Amasis hops onto Slater and Joe Gacy (Slater’s partner) on the floor while Swann and Sabian battle elsewhere. Swann misses a moonsault off the barricade. Amasis armdrags Slater to the floor. Sabian and Amasis go back and forth, and Sabian dropkicks Amasis to the floor. Sabian follows with a baseball dropkick. Swann moonsaults off the apron onto Sabian. Slater beats down Swann in the ring. Swann superkicks Slater. Sabian clubs Swann from behind and hits a back suplex. Amasis breaks his pin. Sabian hits him with a dropkick. Sabian chops Swann in the corner. Swann sunset flips Sabian for two. Slater throws Sabian to the floor. Swann kicks Slater to the floor. Sabian doublestomps Swann, and Amasis breaks the pin. Amasis cracks Slater with an enzuigiri, but Slater dropkicks Amasis off the apron to the floor. Swann slips as he tries to hop off Slater’s buck. Sabian hits a reverse STO on Swann, and again Amasis breaks the pin. He hits a spinebuster for two. Slater hits a powerbomb for two. Swann hits the Trouble in Paradise. Slater crotches Swann on the top rope and hits a neckbreaker. Sabian baseball slides Slater, and Amasis hits Sabian with a top rope crossbody for two. Sabian hits double knees and a top rope dropkick on Amasis, and Slater breaks the pin. Slater hits a reverse DDT variation. Amasis hits Slater with an kick to the head. Slater hits a fisherman’s brainbuster for two. Slater goes up top, but Amasis pushes him onto Gacy. Amasis hits a running pescado onto Gacy and Slater. Swann schoolboys Sabian for two. Sabian drops Swann with a backbreaker for two. Swann rolls up Sabian for two. Swann hits a superkick and a Falcon Arrow. Swann hits a pele kick and a standing reverse 450 splash for the pin at 9:41. This was all a bunch of moves, but it was a nice showcase to see what each guy could do. It was also nice to see that each guy focused on who they would face in the second round (Amasis with Slater and Swann with Sabian) cuz hey, that makes sense! **1/2


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